Kick personal fitness and health up a notch with martial arts

Published on Monday, 12 January 2015 11:38 - Written by COSHANDRA‚ÄąDILLARD,

Kung Fu like many martial arts can improve the hand-eye coordination and reaction time of its practitioners.

However, students of Kung Fu not only learn a complex new skill, but they may also get in shape during the process.

“Kung Fu, traditionally, the definition is hard work,” Tyler Kung Fu owner Brandon Jones said. “There’s no mistake about it. If you want to get in shape, you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it does take some hard work.”

Jones urges students to have 30-day, 60-day and 90-day goals.

He said in about 30 days, they’d notice changes in the body, such as improved cardiovascular endurance, stronger muscles and toning.

Weight loss may not be noticeable until 60 days later, but by the end of 90 days, students may lose weight and also develop other healthy habits.

“Through getting in shape it was a chain reaction — a good chain reaction — that led them to quit negative habits,” Jones said, noting that some students were propelled to also quit smoking.

Sixty—two-year-old Kung Fu black belt David Sierra said he dropped 15 pounds within two months and now has about 16 percent body fat. His stamina has improved, too.

“You’ve got to tell your mind that it has command over your body and that it will do what your mind tells it to do,” Sierra said. “Your mind says ‘do not quit’ and your body keeps going. Now, that whole mindset applies to everyday life, on everything.”