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Corporate tax rate is the real problem

Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:35 pm

With furrowed brows and fever-dreams of what they could do with extra revenue, members of Congress are now looking for ways to keep corporations in the country. Democrats want to punish companies t...

First Amendment trumps ‘publicity’

Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:29 am

Manuel Noriega is upset. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the deposed Panamanian dictator and drug trafficker, he’s now occupying a cell in his native Panama, after having served time i...

Enduring hard times with grace, strength

Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:24 pm

Enduring hard times with grace, strength A recent headline in the Tyler Paper said much more, we believe, than it might seem at first glance: “Homes sales break records, up 26 percent.” The significance in the news that the Ty...

This is no cure for summertime blues

Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:42 pm

This is no cure for summertime blues The article in the influential Politico Magazine this week should chill the blood of every schoolchild in America, as policy analyst Bridget Ansel makes “The case against summer vacation.&rdq...

D.C.'s garbage-gate exposes government

Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:27 pm

D.C.'s garbage-gate exposes government You really can’t make this stuff up. Residents in and around Washington D.C. routinely respond to surveys about government positively. It is, after all, the region’s biggest industry an...

When government falls short of hopes

Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:17 am

Liberals and progressives are having a tough

time of it these days. Even as President

Treating each other fairly in discussions

Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:01 pm

A great starting point for discussion — real discussion — between the left and right is to stop misrepresenting what the other side believes. That’s what’s preventing real discussion about ...

Money in politics isn’t new or fatal

Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:21 pm

Money in politics isn’t new or fatal Once again, the left is pointing to Colorado as an example of the evils of “money in politics,” as if that’s a new thing. The problem is that Colorado has provided the nation with...

‘Global warming’ gloom and doom

Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:51 pm

The alarmists in the climate change community are giving us two new things to fear. Redheads, we are now told, could become extinct. And “curvy” people will become the exception, as the rest of...

Keep your eye on local taxes, too

Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:19 pm

Keep your eye on local taxes, too April 15 seems almost a distant memory in these hot summer days, and taxes are often the last things on our minds. But taxes aren’t just an April 15 issue. Summertime is when counties, cities...

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