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Crinums are long-lived, bulletproof beauties for East Texas gardens

Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:44 pm

By ANDIE RATHBONE, Smith County Master Gardeners
Crinums are a plant that I had never heard of until I moved to Texas, and they are rarely seen in the…

Heirloom bulbs display blooms of local heritage

Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:15 pm

By PAT TURNER, Smith County Master Gardeners
The Smith County Master Gardeners will have their annual Bulbs and More Sale on Oct. 8. The event, at Harvey Hall, 2000…

Like it or not, August is busy gardening time

Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:27 pm

Andie Rathbone, Smith County Master Gardeners Of all the months in the year, my least favorite is August. It’s hot, it’s dry…

Science: How sunflowers follow the sun each day

Mon Aug 8, 2016 8:08 am

Science: How sunflowers follow the sun each day By Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post
Young sunflowers follow the sun, their still-green buds arcing from east to west across the summer sky as dawn turns to noon…

Mulch helps create good growing environment

Wed Aug 3, 2016 9:05 pm

By Smith County Master Gardener Association
Mulching is adding a protective layer on top of your soil that offers weed suppression, moisture retention and temperature protection. For best…

Texas Superstar plants have been deemed proven superstars for the garden

Wed Jul 27, 2016 7:14 pm

Smith County Master Gardener Association Texas Superstars are plants that are highly recommended by Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service. They earned this Texas-tough recognition after extensive evaluations by the Texas Superstar Executive Board, comprised of Texas A&M horticulture specialists.…

Beautiful, blue Vitex might remind you of lilacs

Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:17 pm

ANDIE RATHBONE Smith County Master Gardener I’m partial to blue flowers. In our blazing hot summers, they give me the illusion…

You can make a vertical garden from a wooden shipping pallet

Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:00 pm

You can make a vertical garden from a wooden shipping pallet By Holley Simmons, The Washington Post
Are you a gardener who is short on space or time? Take your plants vertical.

Ben Friton founded Can YA Love, a…

City arborist to illustrate the value of Tyler’s urban forest at Bergfeld Park

Thu Jun 16, 2016 4:23 pm

By Special to the Tyler Morning Telegraph
The Parks and Recreation Department, Tyler Trees Committee and Texas A&M Forest Service are hosting an educational tree identification and valuation event…

The perpetual appeal of the peony

Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:15 am

The perpetual appeal of the peony By Adrian Higgins, The Washington Post
Fashion and taste come and go in the garden like anywhere else, but peonies are the rarest of blooms - they have…

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