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Simpson weighs in on pharmacy bill vote

When Dr. Rodney Mabry and Mr. Howard Patterson met with me to share their vision for a privately funded pharmacy school at the University of Texas at Tyler, I immediately expressed my support for the proposal. The idea was good…

15 February 2014 [09:28 AM]
Help a local charity and melt away the Christmastime stress

Are you ready? I mean really ready? For Christmas, of course. Regardless of what kind of year you’ve had, this time of year should fill your heart with joy. Everywhere I look in Tyler and East Texas I see amazing…

19 December 2013 [08:54 PM]
VIDEO: TIME's Top 10 Christmas Specials

If it seems like Christmas special re-runs have remarkable staying power, you're not imagining it. Production studios went on an incredible run…

12 December 2013 [08:05 PM]
Quality of mercy and gravy, strain'd

Unless someone has the courage to speak out, a grave injustice will take place this week. President Barack Obama, following in the…

25 November 2013 [01:23 PM]
Egypt's rare opportunity to form a functioning society

While there is ample reason for concern, the turmoil of today presents a chance to advance democratic and free market norms in Egypt. To understand how this might occur, we must first understand the political context of the contemporary Islamic…

20 November 2013 [11:50 AM]