Editorial: Vaping reduces the harm of smoking, so why is the FDA cracking down on it?

Public health scientists and physicians agree - harm reduction is an important element of public health. And that’s why the federal government’s war on vaping - a tobacco-free alternative to smoking - makes no sense. Vaping saves lives. But the Food and Drug Administration, through an administrative decision unsanctioned by Congress, is…

Editorial: Republicans are balking on spending cuts in Trump budget

President Trump’s proposed budget is in trouble, and not just because Democrats oppose the cuts he’s calling for. Some Republicans - including several who call themselves fiscal conservatives - are letting bad publicity and pressure from special interest groups sway them. “Some of President Trump’s best friends in Congress sharply

Editorial: Don't 'save' coal at the expense of natural gas, free markets

President Trump has promised to “save coal.” But any governmental intervention on behalf of coal, just like intervention on behalf of solar power or ethanol or wind energy, is the wrong approach. If coal is a viable business, it can save itself. Trump can lift some of the burdensome regulations imposed by previous administrations. But even

Editorial: Venezuela shows that price controls don't work

The glorious workers’ revolution marches on in Venezuela, but it’s no longer fueled by brownies. That’s right, the socialist government is now arresting bakers for making brownies (and croissants) in the latest skirmish in its war on economics. “Venezuela this week arrested four bakers making illegal brownies and other pastries as

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Walter Williams: Liberty isn't for wimps

Most Americans, whether liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican, do not show much understanding or respect for the principles of personal liberty.…

14 March 2017 [01:56 PM]
Walter Williams: College Campus Disgrace

While college administrators and professors accept disgraceful behavior, we as taxpayers, donors and parents should not foot the bill. Let’s look at…

07 March 2017 [12:19 PM]
Editorial: Protectionism harms consumers

Writing in the Conservative Review, Logan Albright offers a simple lesson in economics. Taking away choices takes away freedom. And efforts by…

02 March 2017 [11:57 AM]
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