Editorial: Bad energy policies result in energy poverty for some

Great Britain’s environmentalists mean well, but the unintended consequences of their policies are devastating. For example, the government is quite proud of its efforts to reduce the burning of coal. But the result has been a level of energy poverty not seen in that country in decades. “Friday was the first full day since the height of the…

Editorial: We endorse the TISD bond, Bob Westbrook for city council

It has taken a lot of work and a number of years, but Tyler school officials have regained the trust of voters - something they discovered was lacking in 2010, when an ambitious bond package was narrowly defeated. The superintendent at the time of the 2010 defeat blamed the “political climate,” but it was something else - trust. But in

Editorial: Hey Earth, happy People Day

Now that we have Earth Day (April 22) out of the way, how about a People Day? Can we celebrate all the good things people have achieved, for themselves, for those less fortunate, and even for the environment. In doing so, we should thank the same benefactor that has given us ever-improving Earth Day observations - capitalism. Let’s take

Editorial: On this Earth Day, let's celebrate capitalism

Today is Earth Day, and we can celebrate it by thanking the environment’s best friend: capitalism. The progress we’ve made since the holiday’s inception in 1970 is largely due to the free market. “Earth Day is traditionally a day for the Left - a celebration of government’s ability to deliver the environmental goods and for threats

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Walter Williams: Worse than racism

As a group, black Americans have made the greatest gains - over some of the highest hurdles and in a very short…

18 April 2017 [12:16 PM]
Editorial: Good Friday in Scripture

Good Friday is celebrated by Christians around the world today, but its message spreads far beyond Christianity. Not merely historical events, the…

12 April 2017 [11:36 AM]
Editorial: 'Free college' isn't free

The state of New York will now offer free college tuition to all students, in what many Democrats are already saying is…

10 April 2017 [11:39 AM]
Gohmert: The AHCA was a flawed bill

Republicans have promised to repeal Obamacare for seven years. We passed a bill that would’ve been more of a repeal than this…

31 March 2017 [01:39 PM]
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