John Moore: Out to the outhouse

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used an outhouse. During a recent discussion with friends, the topic of outhouses came up. I honestly don’t remember why it made its way into the conversation, but boy, did it ever. So, I posed the question on my Facebook page: Yes or no, have you ever used an outhouse? I was shocked, not only at the number of…

John Moore: Good riddance to 1970s styles, including green and gold shag carpet

I grew up in the land of harvest gold and avocado green. I can withstand anything. As a kid of the 70's, I was surrounded by strong colors and shag carpet. Most kids probably didn't notice or care how garish our surroundings were, but I did. What were we thinking? As a child, I would look at photos from the previous decades and admire the

John Moore: Let’s put the thanks back in Thanksgiving

Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving without a second thought. That’s not how it was intended. Contrary to what many say, America was founded on religious principles. Thanksgiving is proof of that. Those who fled England to come here in the early 1600s did so for religious reasons. The first recognized Thanksgiving was a feast they shared with

John Moore: Spam isn’t a bunch of bologna

If you like bologna sandwiches, you’re all right by me. If you grew up with a dad who worked, a mom who stayed home, one car, no air conditioning, and bologna in the fridge, then it’s likely you also are familiar with lunch meat and other budget-conscious grocery items. When I was a kid, you ate what they put in front of you or you didn’t

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John Moore: Out to the outhouse

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used an outhouse. During a recent discussion with friends, the topic of outhouses came up. I…

30 January 2016 [10:57 PM]
Yes, you can go home again

They say that you can’t go home again. Last weekend, I did. I vividly remember the night of my high school graduation.…

07 November 2015 [11:24 PM]
John Moore: In the tree tops

Before video games and 300 TV channels, kids played outside. And climbed trees. A lot of trees. In the 1960s, tree climbing…

18 October 2015 [05:31 AM]
John Moore: I'll split it with you

While much of America enjoys four equal seasons, those of us in Texas celebrate two: hot and less hot. Between October and…

04 October 2015 [06:38 AM]
John Moore: Homework has my vote

We all need to start doing our homework. The problem with most American voters is they latch onto the promises of a…

27 September 2015 [06:00 AM]
John Moore: Can you smell me now?

Do you smell that? Since the beginning of time, or at least since there’s been advertising, men and women have been willing…

20 September 2015 [04:51 AM]
Avoid 'emotional' college choice decisions

A few years ago, a bright, cheerful student I’ll call Anna came to my office for help in finishing her college applications. She had selected her major and her top schools; she just needed a little extra guidance. As we…

25 August 2015 [05:00 AM]
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