Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 24

Amidst the hysteria over renaming Robert E. Lee High School, you might look into the confederacy credentials of John Tyler - an owner of 70 slaves and an elected member of the Confederate House of Representatives, 16 years after serving as president of the United States. What effect would that research have on the naming of John Tyler High…

Editorial: Texas benefits from Mexico's energy sector reforms

Mexico has made great strides in reforming its energy sector. And now Texas is benefitting from those reforms by supplying that country with homegrown natural gas. “Sending natural gas across the border to Mexico opens the door for an ‘incredible opportunity’ for Texas, a commissioner at a state energy regulator said,” UPI reported last

Editorial: Trump rejects Obama's fanciful globalism

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about President Trump’s speech to the U.N. hasn’t been remarked upon much. It wasn’t the bluster about North Korea or Iran, it wasn’t the call for other nations to carry their weight. It was Trump’s clear departure from the globalist tendencies of his predecessor. President Obama saw a world in which

Editorial: As much as we love them, animals aren't people

It’s over. The long national crisis we all know as “monkey-selfie-gate” has ended, with the announcement of a settlement between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and photographer David Slater. The issue was never the selfie taken - inadvertently - by a grinning macaque monkey. The issue was whether the monkey could hold

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Editorial: Did layoffs in steel mills lead to President Trump?

The New York Post’s Salena Zito wrote an essay that everyone still arguing about the November presidential election should read. Her title, “The day that destroyed the working class and sowed the seeds of Trump,” is of course an overstatement,…

18 September 2017 [11:18 AM]
Editorial: Keep tax cuts simple

Economist Stephen Moore has some good advice for Congress as it responds to President Trump’s call for tax reform: Keep it simple.…

01 September 2017 [11:04 AM]
Editorial: Progressives rediscover the value of federalism

New York magazine makes a valid point; President Trump has been extremely effective at reminding progressives about the value of federalism – the balance of power between states and the national government. “Now that Donald Trump is running the federal…

25 August 2017 [10:59 AM]
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