More citizens should be on the public comment committee

Smith County commissioners are showing respect for free speech by forming a committee to revise the county’s Rules of Decorum for public comment, but I’m very concerned that only one private citizen, Richard Blake, was assigned to the rules committee. …

Employers can help their workers with financial literacy

A recent Tyler Morning Telegraph editorial takes on the subject of retirement savings, offering in conclusion that 401(k) enrollments should be automatic. In Thursday’s Wall Street Journal a new report finds that U.S. workers rank dead last among 18 industrial countries in their ability to evaluate information and perform practical tasks.

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Cornyn: GOP must ensure voters have a say on appointees

In her March 26 letter to the Tyler Paper, Brenda McWilliams disagrees with the decision to wait and give voters a say this November in who fills the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. While the president has a Constitutional…

02 April 2016 [08:13 PM]
President should get Social Security like the rest of us

President Obama is asking for an 18 percent increase in his $200,000-plus annual pension after he leaves office, even after his family has spent millions of our money on vacations. Why doesn’t he just receive Social Security like the…

26 March 2016 [09:01 PM]
University of Texas system gives bonuses, hikes tuition

In the Tyler Paper on March 2, there was a front page article headlined, “UT Tyler to raise tuition by 3.4 percent.” If I was connected to UT Tyler, I would find this embarrassing. A day or so ago, there…

05 March 2016 [08:06 PM]
Readers offer endorsements in upcoming primary races

I thank Rep. Dan Flynn for his pro-life stand, but I am voting Bryan Slaton for State Representative. Elected officials need to be judged on the totality of their actions not just a few issues. After 14 years in office,…

20 February 2016 [08:18 PM]
Readers offer endorsements in upcoming primary races

We strongly support Sheriff Larry Smith for keeping his promises to voters. With no additional staffing, he put more deputies on patrol, improving service-call response time. Making good on his pledge to fight corruption inside the agency, Sheriff Smith arrested…

13 February 2016 [11:32 PM]
Readers offer endorsements in upcoming primary races

It is my privilege and joy to fully endorse the re-election of Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith. I have known Larry Smith for the past 25 years, and his track record as a law enforcement officer is impeccable. Larry Smith’s…

06 February 2016 [07:18 PM]
Candidate for Senate District 1 deserves consideration

While attending Tuesday’s BBB Award Luncheon at Green Acres Crosswalk Conference Center, I had the unexpected pleasure of speaking directly with Senate District 1 candidate David Simpson. I’ll admit I haven’t researched the candidates in this race, but over the…

30 January 2016 [09:03 PM]
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