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On Memorial Day, let's unite to recall those we have lost

Letters0525 / cq rm On Memorial Day, many Texans will be enjoying the company of their families and friends, a holiday some use as an indicator of summer’s arrival. Memorial Day is more than that, a reminder of the sacrifices…

23 May 2015 [11:28 PM]
The Affordable Care Act is burdening small businesses

A recent article reported that complying with the Affordable Care Act costs “small businesses more than $15,000 a year,” on average. See “Health care law paperwork costs small Businesses,” March 22 in The Tennessean. Washington can relieve this mounting burden…

11 April 2015 [10:05 PM]
Thanks to a benefactor, Lindale Library will stay open

I read with great interest your recent article in the newspaper about the Lindale Library. Due to the loss of several key donors, and a decline in individual donations, the library was in dire danger of closing. That would have…

21 March 2015 [09:18 PM]
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