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Story on economic impact of beer, wine was incomplete

Regarding your recent article on the economic impact of alcohol sales in Tyler, Brookshire Grocery Co., Wal-Mart, Barbara Bass, Tom Mullins, and all who voted for alcohol sales in Tyler city just make me sick as they laud the so-called…

27 June 2015 [07:44 PM]
Political leaders have lost the trust of American people

Trust is a fleeting thing. It has to be earned by continuing deeds and actions — not mere promises and fanfare. After earning trust, it becomes invaluable beyond belief in rewards and ease of accomplishing most any worthy goals. These…

20 June 2015 [08:01 PM]
Why does the FCC force Dallas stations on East Texas?

I remember some of the Van victims saying that they had no local weather warning before the tornado hit and this reminds me of one of my peeves. The FCC requires Van Zandt, Henderson and at least parts of Anderson…

06 June 2015 [08:20 PM]
On Memorial Day, let's unite to recall those we have lost

Letters0525 / cq rm On Memorial Day, many Texans will be enjoying the company of their families and friends, a holiday some use as an indicator of summer’s arrival. Memorial Day is more than that, a reminder of the sacrifices…

23 May 2015 [11:28 PM]
The Affordable Care Act is burdening small businesses

A recent article reported that complying with the Affordable Care Act costs “small businesses more than $15,000 a year,” on average. See “Health care law paperwork costs small Businesses,” March 22 in The Tennessean. Washington can relieve this mounting burden…

11 April 2015 [10:05 PM]
Thanks to a benefactor, Lindale Library will stay open

I read with great interest your recent article in the newspaper about the Lindale Library. Due to the loss of several key donors, and a decline in individual donations, the library was in dire danger of closing. That would have…

21 March 2015 [09:18 PM]
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