Christmas story: birth of the Savior

The holiday season has inspired many stories about Christmas and its spirit of peace and goodwill to all, but none will ever approach the Biblical account of the event that this annual observance commemorates. Here is that story as recorded in Luke 2:1-19:   “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from C…

A classic editorial says ‘Yes, Virginia’

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following editorial, among the most famous ever written, appeared in The New York Sun in 1897 and remains appropriate for this holiday season more than a century later.   IS THERE A SANTA CLAUS? We take pleasure in answering at once and thus prominently the communication below, expressing at the same time our

Is St. Nick behind the coal industry?

If Robert Kennedy Jr. is correct, and “coal is an outlaw enterprise,” shouldn’t we be concerned about the worst outlaw of them all — one who has been purveying demon coal to unsuspecting children for hundreds of years? Kennedy was writing in the New York Times about the industry.

Bob Garrett worthy of Boy Scout award

The Boy Scout Oath is very clear; it’s filled with simple statements about what to do, rather than what to be. As one speaker last week pointed out, it begins with the pledge to “do my duty” — rather than to be dutiful.

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Christmas story: birth of the Savior

The holiday season has inspired many stories about Christmas and its spirit of peace and goodwill to all, but none will ever…

23 December 2014 [07:01 PM]
Is St. Nick behind the coal industry?

If Robert Kennedy Jr. is correct, and “coal is an outlaw enterprise,” shouldn’t we be concerned about the worst outlaw of them…

21 December 2014 [10:04 PM]
Academics abandon the pursuit of truth

What makes a recent lament about the decline of the American academy — more specifically, the vaunted University of Virginia — even…

19 December 2014 [08:04 PM]
Electric cars aren't always very "green"

Here’s a statement you don’t see made often, and especially by environmental scientists: “It’s kind of hard to beat gasoline” when it…

18 December 2014 [07:19 PM]
The marriage gap worsens inequality

Concerns over rising income inequality often focus on prescriptions before a proper diagnosis is even made. Any doctor will tell you that’s…

17 December 2014 [08:19 PM]
Dickens of a tale about real charity

At this time of year, we’re subjected to countless versions of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” The musical version with Albert Finney…

16 December 2014 [07:09 PM]
Religious freedom in Hanukkah story

America is inseparable from the concept of religious freedom. Perhaps no other society in the history of the world, surely no other…

15 December 2014 [10:38 PM]
Lower gas prices benefit Americans

Now we know — the “worst thing in the world” is, in the opinion of San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford, inexpensive…

14 December 2014 [11:05 PM]
It's common sense to protect oneself

Rape on a college campus — like rape everywhere — is a crime and a tragedy. It’s the most personal violation imaginable…

11 December 2014 [06:53 PM]
News flash: GOP discovers big data

For all of the breathless front-loading of big numbers and big names, a new “investigative” piece by the left-leaning has remarkably…

10 December 2014 [08:58 PM]
Free markets help eliminate poverty

For some reason, capitalism always takes a drubbing during the holidays (when the real villain most folks mean is consumerism). It’s unwarranted,…

08 December 2014 [11:25 PM]
Nation met attack with firm resolve

Editor’s note: The following address was given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt exactly 73 years ago, following the attack on Pearl Harbor:…

07 December 2014 [10:00 PM]
County was wrong with surprise plan

In a surprise move, the Smith County Commissioners Court took action on an issue last week their leader had previously promised would…

06 December 2014 [07:09 PM]
U.N. agencies pose bigger health risks

Ebola has dropped out of the headlines and largely out of the consciousness of Americans, but the United Nations warns that Ebola…

05 December 2014 [07:11 PM]
Body cameras will help citizens, cops

Here’s a positive thing that might come out of the controversy surrounding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri — a…

04 December 2014 [08:40 PM]
Don't take advice on how to argue

There’s an odd trend in some of the trendiest magazines this holiday season. Many are publishing articles about how to win arguments…

03 December 2014 [07:18 PM]
Venezuela fails its economics lessons

How’s the Christmas season going in Venezuela? Not so good, according to news reports and now even the Washington Post editorial page.…

02 December 2014 [07:26 PM]
Voters are willing to hike some taxes

Americans need to learn how to stop worrying and love taxes. That’s the conclusion reached by the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell, in…

01 December 2014 [09:55 PM]
Local government more accountable

One of the worst ideas to come out of the national conversation regarding Ferguson, Missouri is this one: All law enforcement should…

30 November 2014 [09:29 PM]
Legislature should reform margins tax

As Texas lawmakers ready for the upcoming legislative session, they should be mindful of some of those down-ballot propositions in the March…

29 November 2014 [07:10 PM]
Small businesses need your support

Black Friday need not be blacker than it must for small businesses. As the burgeoning Small Business Saturday movement points out, small…

28 November 2014 [07:16 PM]
War on Christmas in our own hearts

Any day now, we can expect the first salvos in the “war on Christmas.” It might come from the Liberty Counsel’s…

27 November 2014 [07:32 PM]
Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following proclamation was issued by President George Washington in 1789. It is the first official presidential proclamation issued by…

26 November 2014 [07:29 PM]
Capitalism is the cure, not the ill

Activist Naomi Klein gets it exactly wrong. In her new bestseller, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate,” she asks if climate…

25 November 2014 [09:38 PM]
Licenses to work limit opportunity

As lawmakers prepare legislation to submit for the upcoming 2015 Session, they should take aim at our state’s obstructive and counterproductive occupational…

24 November 2014 [09:40 PM]