Smoking is bad, but what about privacy?

Of course it wouldn’t end with choices left up to the public. The left seems driven to take away all but the correct choice. “Mayor Bill de Blasio is ramping up the city’s war against smoking — at home, The Post has learned,” the New York Post reported last week. “The administration is planning to select and pay four health-advocacy…

A win for the private sector in West Texas

Not every problem has a governmental solution. This principle is being played out in the oilfields of West Texas, where petroleum companies are dimming their lights to help out the famed McDonald Observatory, as it searches the night sky. And not because they have to. “Just how dark are the night skies at the McDonald Observatory, the West

If convicted, Charleston killer deserves death penalty

It is fitting, if late, that South Carolina’s political leaders seem ready to evict the Confederate flag from the grounds of their state Capitol in response to the vile shooting that left nine African-Americans dead in Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church (on June 17).

GOP dodges a bullet in SCOUTS opinion

Conventional wisdom suggests the Supreme Court’s ruling — that federal subsidies are not illegal despite the sloppy language of the Affordable Care Act — is a huge blow to Republicans, who have long been trying to dismantle an odious law that conservatives believe will inevitably make health insurance more expensive and greatly reduce

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GOP dodges a bullet in SCOUTS opinion

Conventional wisdom suggests the Supreme Court’s ruling — that federal subsidies are not illegal despite the sloppy language of the Affordable Care…

03 July 2015 [07:18 PM]
Fourth of July is a time to reflect

Fourth of July celebrations combine observance of the nation’s birthday, spirited displays of patriotism and appreciation for the country’s heritage, salutes to…

03 July 2015 [07:15 PM]
EPA must compare the costs to benefits

In the wake of huge U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the Affordable Care Act and same-sex marriage, another ruling has almost been…

02 July 2015 [07:41 PM]
Supremes to judge affirmative action

In any other context — say, that of a left-leaning plaintiff in an important U.S. Supreme Court case — this would be…

01 July 2015 [08:32 PM]
We needn't endorse in order to 'accept'

There’s a difference between asking for acceptance and forcing endorsement. The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on same-sex marriage says states may…

30 June 2015 [07:39 PM]
Government must not overuse force

Government should never step in and force something that’s already happening naturally. Force is a last resort; incentives are almost…

29 June 2015 [11:20 PM]
Children challenge school lunch rules

“Life finds a way,” Jeff Goldblum’s character says in the very first “Jurassic Park” movie. That could be amended to “markets find…

28 June 2015 [08:11 PM]
People respond to tax environments

This is right up there with “A new study finds that Texas experienced higher-than-normal rainfall totals this spring.” CNBC is reporting —…

27 June 2015 [07:39 PM]
Putin cites Texas to justify Ukraine

Did you know you’re on the verge of a violent secessionist movement? According to Russia’s propaganda agencies, Texas will soon secede, thereby…

25 June 2015 [08:12 PM]
EITC successful in assisting the poor

To allow the current level of welfare to become the “new normal” wouldn’t just be fiscally irresponsible — it would be cruel,…

24 June 2015 [07:53 PM]
Sanders generating lots of enthusiasm

It’s time to stop underestimating the threat Sen. Bernie Sanders poses to Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination for…

23 June 2015 [07:43 PM]
'Broken windows' works in New York

Bad police practices are being lumped in with good public policy, and the result could be very, very bad. The policy is…

22 June 2015 [07:15 PM]
Regulation versus real transparency

The most fundamental question in American politics is about power - where it should be centered, who should hold it. Many on…

21 June 2015 [08:10 PM]
Father's Day more than afterthought

Sometimes, Father’s Day can feel like an afterthought — a belated companion to Mother’s Day, which was founded (unofficially) more than 30…

20 June 2015 [07:57 PM]
Industrial farming feeding the world

This is good news to most rational thinkers — fewer people are hungry than ever before in history. Famine hasn’t been eliminated,…

19 June 2015 [10:13 PM]
McDonald's attempts to change with times

In January, McDonald’s, leaning against the winds of fashion, said kale would never replace lettuce on its burgers. In May, however, it…

18 June 2015 [07:20 PM]
Whole nation now marks Juneteenth

Juneteenth holiday holds a special meaning in Texas. Today marks the anniversary of the day in 1865 when slaves in Texas learned…

18 June 2015 [07:19 PM]
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