Welfare shaming isn’t the answer

If the Great Recession taught us anything, it should have taught that we’re all vulnerable — no one industry, no one sector, and no one person is immune to economic hardship. We’re all in this together, and we never know if we might be the next to need a helping hand. That’s why a new essay in The Federalist magazine misses the mark. It ca…

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Welfare shaming isn’t the answer

If the Great Recession taught us anything, it should have taught that we’re all vulnerable — no one industry, no one sector,…

01 September 2014 [10:35 PM]
There is no threat of GOP shutdown

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is sounding an “early warning” about a government shutdown that she contends Republicans are planning. On the contrary,…

30 August 2014 [10:02 PM]
United Nations is failing the world

As dozens of United Nations peacekeepers are captured in the Syrian desert, as Russian forces are reportedly entering Ukraine in numbers amounting…

29 August 2014 [11:37 PM]
The evidence is in: the ACA costs jobs

No need for prognostication, prediction or dire warnings anymore. Studies by Federal Reserve Banks and surveys completed by businesses themselves are clear:…

28 August 2014 [10:31 PM]
To stop inversions, fix corporate taxes

In the parlance of Washington these days, Burger King’s decision to improve its margins by purchasing a Canadian corporation and moving its…

27 August 2014 [11:02 PM]
What GOP lacks is simple optimism

It’s the August “silly season” for pundits, so it’s more common now, but diagnosing problems and prescribing solutions for your political opponents…

26 August 2014 [10:57 PM]
Venezuela proves socialism’s failure

Even as popular culture continues its revival of fascination with socialism, history and current events continue to disprove its most basic tenants.…

25 August 2014 [10:05 PM]
We don’t need these militarized agencies

There’s some healthy discussion now about demilitarizing the police. This is the result of people seeing scenes from Ferguson, Missouri’s police in…

25 August 2014 [12:13 AM]
Success in school depends on us all

What’s the most important thing we can do to ensure East Texas students get the most from school in the coming year?…

23 August 2014 [10:00 PM]
Obama's speech worthy of praise

President Barack Obama should be commended for his speech on Wednesday condemning the slaying of journalist James Foley. His words were forceful,…

22 August 2014 [09:53 PM]
School is starting, so watch for kids

Tyler school children will soon be back in school, and drivers must be alert now for school zones and school kids. Staying…

22 August 2014 [12:34 AM]
Outlawing dissent doesn’t win debate

The battle between proponents of religious liberties and supporters of gay rights is raging down in Houston, and it won’t be settled…

20 August 2014 [09:43 PM]
Defund UNRWA to help Palestine

It’s time to defund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. It must be done now, before the agency steps in to…

19 August 2014 [10:20 PM]
Government rules protect cronyism

To see the true heights of government cronyism, look to the lowly catfish. The current controversy over catfish inspections is a great…

19 August 2014 [01:39 PM]
The disappointing reality of biofuels

We’re spoiled by technology — we’re used to it exceeding our expectations and wowing us with its new wonders. So it’s a…

17 August 2014 [09:32 PM]
Governor shouldn't hide travel receipts

The governor’s spending is the public’s business. With very few exceptions, the public has a right to see any government official’s receipts.…

16 August 2014 [09:19 PM]
Scientists shouldn't silence the skeptics

Science is a rough-and-tumble sport; underneath its genteel veneer of peer-reviewed articles and conferences, scientists challenge each other’s most basic assumptions and…

15 August 2014 [11:24 PM]
Clinton resurrects Third Way politics

When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized her old boss’s foreign policy last week, many saw it as her first step…

14 August 2014 [09:10 PM]
Nurse practitioners can ease shortages

The doctor shortage is here. But good policy decisions can help alleviate it — such as allowing nurse practitioners to bear more…

13 August 2014 [09:33 PM]
Obama dismisses dangers to Israel

President Barack Obama’s recent comments on Israel say far more about his own worldview than Israel itself. He dismisses any notion that…

12 August 2014 [09:09 PM]
High-speed rail’s broken promises

Nothing seems as eternally optimistic as government’s faith in high-speed rail, despite its many broken promises, expensive over-runs and its negligible effect…

11 August 2014 [09:28 PM]
There isn’t a real ‘war on whites’

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” isn’t a strategy, it’s a surrender. That’s why Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is wrong to…

10 August 2014 [09:29 PM]
'Most transparent' administration?

It’s time for the Obama administration to live up to its pledge to be the “most transparent” presidential administration in history. A…

09 August 2014 [09:25 PM]
Non-profits warn against wage hike

It’s not a new argument: Hiking the minimum wage will mean fewer jobs for the young, the poor and the inexperienced. What’s…

08 August 2014 [09:32 PM]
Doctor shortage could doom ACA

Forget the lawsuits — the real threat to the Affordable Care Act is a looming doctor shortage. It’s not just that more…

07 August 2014 [08:54 PM]
Free trade, rights will aid Africans

President Obama’s focus is on Africa this week, and while his intentions are undoubtedly good, he should keep in mind that we…

07 August 2014 [12:26 AM]
Free market is not cause of inequality

Free markets are under fire these days, with French economist Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st Century” on the New York Times…

05 August 2014 [11:51 PM]
Licenses to work hurt the poorest, August 5

The justification usually given for government regulations is safety, and we fully acknowledge many of these are vital — food inspection rules,…

04 August 2014 [10:11 PM]
San Antonio plan rejected by public

Call it the “Streetcar No One Desired.” A San Antonio transit project being forced onto an unwilling public by political elites has…

03 August 2014 [11:37 PM]
McDaniel leaves exemplary legacy

Tyler City Manager Mark McDaniel will leave behind a city administration that is more efficient, more accountable and more service-oriented for his…

02 August 2014 [10:28 PM]