Children are now Hamas’ weapons

There’s no moral equivalency in what’s happening in Israel and Gaza — no matter how hard the Obama administration and some in the media try to show that there is. It’s no longer beyond doubt that Hamas seeks to use its own children as human shields, even as it continues to lob rockets at Israel to provoke a response. The terrorist group m…

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What ‘tolerance’ no longer means

The executive order signed by President Barack Obama on Monday was relatively narrow in scope, but wide in its implications for the future of religious freedom in this country. The order actually alters two previous orders, which forbid discrimination in…

23 July 2014 [11:27 PM]
Children are now Hamas’ weapons

There’s no moral equivalency in what’s happening in Israel and Gaza — no matter how hard the Obama administration and some in…

23 July 2014 [01:12 AM]
Corporate tax rate is the real problem

With furrowed brows and fever-dreams of what they could do with extra revenue, members of Congress are now looking for ways to…

21 July 2014 [10:35 PM]
First Amendment trumps ‘publicity’

Manuel Noriega is upset. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the deposed Panamanian dictator and drug trafficker, he’s now occupying…

21 July 2014 [12:29 AM]
This is no cure for summertime blues

The article in the influential Politico Magazine this week should chill the blood of every schoolchild in America, as policy analyst Bridget…

18 July 2014 [11:42 PM]
D.C.'s garbage-gate exposes government

You really can’t make this stuff up. Residents in and around Washington D.C. routinely respond to surveys about government positively. It is,…

17 July 2014 [10:27 PM]
When government falls short of hopes

Liberals and progressives are having a tough time of it these days. Even as President Barack Obama continues to push for more…

17 July 2014 [12:17 AM]
‘Global warming’ gloom and doom

The alarmists in the climate change community are giving us two new things to fear. Redheads, we are now told, could become…

13 July 2014 [09:51 PM]
Keep your eye on local taxes, too

April 15 seems almost a distant memory in these hot summer days, and taxes are often the last things on our minds.…

12 July 2014 [10:19 PM]
'American Dream' still within reach

When USA Today put a price-tag on “the American Dream,” it cherry-picked aspects and prices to make the claim that only one…

11 July 2014 [11:00 PM]
Mutual respect is key in budget talks

Last week’s budget presentation by Sheriff Larry Smith to the Smith County Commissioners Court produced far more questions than answers, due to…

10 July 2014 [10:50 PM]
Was revenge the real IRS motive?

Exactly what is the New York Times saying here? If the “real scandal” at the IRS isn’t that agency’s targeting of conservative…

09 July 2014 [10:53 PM]
Big game hunters preserving species

A Texas Tech sophomore is in trouble with the left for shooting animals in Africa — even though evidence shows this is…

08 July 2014 [11:19 PM]
This modest mouse endangered by law

The absolute worst thing that can be done for the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse — aside from traps and cats —…

07 July 2014 [11:21 PM]
Texas must work to keep its lead

The real danger to our state’s economic dominance isn’t just competition — it’s complacency. As other states realize the need to copy…

06 July 2014 [09:41 PM]
Tax policy matters, even in sports world

By almost any measure, LeBron James is the best professional basketball player on the courts today. And with the whole world watching…

05 July 2014 [09:50 PM]
Summer safety is always important

For the moment, let’s stop worrying about politics, the Supreme Court and health care, and instead worry about health — our own,…

04 July 2014 [10:54 PM]
Fourth of July is a time to reflect

Fourth of July celebrations combine observance of the nation’s birthday, spirited displays of patriotism and appreciation for the country’s heritage, salutes to…

03 July 2014 [10:58 PM]
Can insurance still be employer-based?

One unintended consequence the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision could have is the further erosion of our employer-based health insurance model.…

02 July 2014 [11:43 PM]
U.S. Supreme Court protects our rights

The common theme in recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions is a profoundly American one — that individuals are more important than the…

01 July 2014 [11:17 PM]
Democratic donors are getting nervous

You know who must have it rough these days? Democrats with a little money. The left’s latest targets — in a barrage…

30 June 2014 [10:59 PM]
Dullness a virtue in our politicians

The most exciting political essay of the summer has it exactly right — we are in desperate need of boring political leaders. Writing in National Review magazine, Kevin D. Williamson makes a “Case for the Boring Politician.” “The most boring…

29 June 2014 [11:55 PM]
Ed King's lifetime: doing good works

Ed King’s death last week will be felt throughout East Texas. If you don’t know his name, it was because he liked…

28 June 2014 [10:35 PM]
Lessons to learn from Great War

Exactly 100 years ago today, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, of Austria, and his wife were shot to death by a Serbian nationalist. And…

27 June 2014 [09:50 PM]
Reagan was right on missile defense

It was more than 30 years ago, that President Ronald Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative — a bold vision to defend…

27 June 2014 [08:10 AM]