Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? Is it time for a throw down?

It was a sad thing for us locals to see what used to be Fuller’s Cafeteria razed this week. Kenneth Dean brought it to my attention and we reminisced about go-ing there to eat. The place was a typical slice of America. Waitresses with attitudes who knew more about what their customers wanted to eat than…

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? What's in a good egg?

Last week we discussed the notion that many years ago chicken/egg brokers extolled the benefits of eggs from chickens kept in cages. The primary benefit was the eggs were clean and the chickens dieted on Purina chicken feed. Sue Alberts sent the following response: I enjoyed your story on the eggs in last

Nelson Clyde, Is it just me?: Caged vs. uncaged: Happy birds, better eggs?

Some friends have bought a farm and done a nice job fixing up the place. They gave me the nickel tour recently and have really done wonders with the place. There is a main house, a bunkhouse with a pavilion for gatherings and a windmill. Then there are the animals. Throw in a dog for mom and one for dad, some cows and, of course, the chickens. I

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? The raconteurs: Faves who leave them laughing

Over the years you run into some great storytellers. Two of my favorites were kinfolks and another __ quite formidable without being related, but he seemed like family in any event. My grandmother, Jo (mom’s mom), and my grandfather, Calvin (dad’s dad), were both excellent on their feet. Jo was more

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28 February 2015 [10:45 PM]
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