Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? Snoopy’s Jam

It seems music pervades our existence more than ever. In fact, how could it saturate us any more than technology currently permits? Implants instead of ear buds? Pandora (’s) inventories permanently released inside your head? It seems this started with me at the tender age of 13. Transistor radios were going by the wayside as…

Why grandmas rule: East Texas grandma needs your vote to help granddaughter win a $24,000 AbbVie Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship

Best bumper sticker of the week: Don’t spread my wealth Spread my work ethic - Get a Job!   Last week I had a great visit on the way to lunch with my old classmate, Scott Knight. We exchanged information about our kids and agreed they were leaving the nest quicker than we would have dreamed.

Nelson Clyde: Back to school, Ben Hur and the best Green Goddess recipe

We’ve got a lot to talk about this week. As promised, Karen’s Green Goddess recipe is included inside today. It is currently in the lead as my personal favorite, God rest Mary John’s soul. Be careful what you ask for. After noting that feedback is the fuel by which the engine of this column runs, I got plenty this week, particularly about

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? Ben Hur, quotes, bumper stickers & signs

Last week, we discussed the foolishness behind the idea of a new version of “Ben Hur” being launched. Posted below are some responses with affirmations and other ideas on leaving well enough alone. By the way, feedback is the fuel that keeps this column worth doing. So when my dear friend, Virginia,

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Somebody stop the madness

Why can’t people just leave well enough alone? Now they’ve gone and made a remake of “Ben Hur.” It will be out about Friday. I won’t be going. Is it just me or wasn’t the original good enough? You could…

15 August 2016 [12:17 AM]
Truth in labeling

Truth in labeling “If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell.” There has been a tremendous movement worldwide to reveal what is in products by listing ingredients or even origins. Beef was put…

06 August 2016 [12:55 PM]
Nelson Clyde: An appeal to heaven

We don’t know what to do We don’t know what to say We wonder why but we have no answers We have enemies abroad, but we kill each other Grant us the strength to stop Grant us the capacity to…

09 July 2016 [05:28 PM]
Is It Just Me? A few thoughts on summer

Summer is in full swing by the time the Fourth of July arrives with a bang. It is likely no coincidence the lake traffic begins to wane after the Fourth simply because the heat is so oppressive. It’s hard…

03 July 2016 [12:45 AM]
A reminder to cherish life

Note to readers: This week, my son, Jamie Clyde, writes my column. Jamie is 17 and has been processing the loss of Kendall Spinks, as have many in our community. He asked me if he could express his thoughts on…

25 June 2016 [06:12 PM]
Getting ready for Father’s Day

We’re hitting that dry season when many people start going on trips and normal life (whatever that is) seems to vanish until school starts. It makes it tough on a guy looking for material. This week I started out with…

11 June 2016 [02:09 PM]
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