Man's best friend? Speaker Lou Holtz narrows it down

Lou Holtz was in town Friday night to talk about life and leadership. He is a very entertaining speaker. For those who don’t know much about the man, Holtz is one of the more successful college football coaches of the last 45 or so years and now enjoys a life as an expert commentator, motivational speaker and erstwhile comedian. His practical…

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me: Rising tides of promised prosperity

Here’s a quick trivia question. Which presidential candidate promised a “Chicken in every pot and a car in every garage?” Was your answer F.D.R? If it was, you were probably thinking it is such a Democratic notion, right? Well a quick Google search will reveal it was the campaign slogan of Republican Herbert Hoover back in 1928. The

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? Please Pass The Pepper

Some friends and I were visiting recently and I discovered it was not just me when several annoying topics came up. During a meal, the chap next to me reached for one of those mini pepper shakers that was made in such a way that makes it almost impossible to dispense pepper.

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Manning versus Newton versus Bonneville

It feels like I’m turning into my father. My children say it is happening mostly in expressions and reactions, both facial and…

06 February 2016 [09:12 PM]
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