Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me: In search of the right woman Video

Note from Nelson: My daughter Rachel posted the following analysis on her Facebook page the morning after the election. She is a smart woman. I am proud to be her dad and I would vote for her to be president.   After leaving class this morning with a mix of students who were engaged in a conversation about the election, I feel extremely

Holy Guacamole! Is this the end of the world? Video

Sports Illustrated has long featured a column entitled “Another sign the apocalypse is upon us.” Last week, two encounters drove the point home, neither of which involves Trump or (a) Clinton. First, in a stunning move, a sign in the window of both taqueria Don Juan locations notified customers they

Is it just me? Travel stop memories

When was the last time you thought about that Stuckey’s store formerly at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Highway 110? I loved that place. It’s hard to keep track of how long ago it closed, but last week a stop in the new Bucee’s in Terrell brought back memories of Stuckey’s. Their pecan logs were probably the big draw, but they

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The search for authenticity

NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me? My dad was one of those people who fainted at the sight of blood. He had to look away when his finger was pricked at the doctor or he was out cold. An…

26 November 2016 [02:22 PM]
Weeding out the fakes and the flakes

A few headlines of the last days (not the literal “last days” although it’s getting hard to tell) are too surreal to gloss over. Actual headlines from my Editor and Publisher email: “Facebook is banning fake news publishers from its…

19 November 2016 [09:55 PM]
On being a Cubs fan

It’s hard to remember if this has ever come up, but every year in the third week of October I attend the…

29 October 2016 [01:57 PM]
Is it just me? Travel stop memories

When was the last time you thought about that Stuckey’s store formerly at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Highway 110? I…

15 October 2016 [05:10 PM]
Some weeks life is a Captain's Platter Video

NELSON CLYDE, Last week was my first opportunity to spend time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It is a beautiful town with much history…

08 October 2016 [10:25 AM]
Somebody stop the madness

Why can’t people just leave well enough alone? Now they’ve gone and made a remake of “Ben Hur.” It will be out about Friday. I won’t be going. Is it just me or wasn’t the original good enough? You could…

15 August 2016 [12:17 AM]
Truth in labeling

Truth in labeling “If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell.” There has been a tremendous movement worldwide to reveal what is in products by listing ingredients or even origins. Beef was put…

06 August 2016 [12:55 PM]
Nelson Clyde: An appeal to heaven

We don’t know what to do We don’t know what to say We wonder why but we have no answers We have enemies abroad, but we kill each other Grant us the strength to stop Grant us the capacity to…

09 July 2016 [05:28 PM]
Is It Just Me? A few thoughts on summer

Summer is in full swing by the time the Fourth of July arrives with a bang. It is likely no coincidence the lake traffic begins to wane after the Fourth simply because the heat is so oppressive. It’s hard…

03 July 2016 [12:45 AM]
A reminder to cherish life

Note to readers: This week, my son, Jamie Clyde, writes my column. Jamie is 17 and has been processing the loss of Kendall Spinks, as have many in our community. He asked me if he could express his thoughts on…

25 June 2016 [06:12 PM]
Getting ready for Father’s Day

We’re hitting that dry season when many people start going on trips and normal life (whatever that is) seems to vanish until school starts. It makes it tough on a guy looking for material. This week I started out with…

11 June 2016 [02:09 PM]
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