Is It Just Me? Million dollar question

Last week it was my good fortune to enjoy a vacation in the Los Angeles area thanks to some generous hosts and lovely companions. Each day held the prospect of watching the setting of the sun. Some days were more dynamic than other days that were filled with more clouds. We took some pictures of the better days, and it reminded me of a topic in a …

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Is It Just Me? My happy place

Chicago may be Sinatra’s kind of town, but Tyler, Texas is my happy place. Last week a survey was revealed that showed…

02 August 2014 [10:15 PM]
Is It Just Me? Naked and Afraid

Last week, my dilemma was how long to go without getting a cellphone activated after mine fell in the water and was…

05 July 2014 [10:29 PM]
Is It Just Me? Mile Markers

You know those little vertical signs on the side of the road with the numbers —right? The signs have numbers every mile…

21 June 2014 [09:54 PM]
Is It Just Me? Go pig or go home

This little piggy went to market, This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef, This little piggy had none.…

31 May 2014 [10:30 PM]
Is It Just Me? The lens of time

My friend Susan buried her father John last week. It seems fitting to share a memory about John because tomorrow is Memorial…

24 May 2014 [10:52 PM]
Is It Just Me? Strange but true

The nicest lady was introduced to me while we watched our boys play in a golf tournament recently. Turns out she was…

17 May 2014 [11:02 PM]
Is It Just Me? Out of Control

Are there any things in this life that makes us feel more out of control than the weather and airline travel? Merge…

10 May 2014 [10:13 PM]
Is It Just Me? Say Anything?

Several recent items in the news have highlighted a need in our society. Perhaps a revival of sorts could come from such…

03 May 2014 [11:19 PM]
Is It Just Me? The Bully Pulpit

The story sounds so familiar. People are having nervous breakdowns at unprecedented levels due to urbanization, overstimulation of the senses by media…

26 April 2014 [10:38 PM]
Is It Just Me? The land of milk and honey

Many of us have perused Old Testament accounts of the children of Israel being promised and ultimately taking possession of the Promised…

12 April 2014 [09:52 PM]
Is It Just Me? Memories of Mr. Frog

Some days our memories are the best part of our lives. My thoughts have taken me back to reflect on the songs…

05 April 2014 [10:56 PM]
Is It Just Me? Sweet or Un-sweet?

At the rate things are going, you might need to be careful how you answer that question. One of our locally-owned eateries…

22 March 2014 [10:32 PM]
Is It Just Me? The games you play

Last week we spoke of the games we play involving time, how we set our clocks, snooze buttons and being on time.…

15 March 2014 [10:51 PM]
Is It Just Me? The game of politics

Let the games conclude. Please. And Quickly. Is it just me? Or do you run into people who drag you down? It’s…

01 March 2014 [09:58 PM]
Is It Just Me? Blaming it on the man

Was it just me or did the story on Wednesday’s front page catch your attention too? The headline read Execution drugs in…

22 February 2014 [11:05 PM]