Keep the cards and letters coming

It seems the summer heat has arrived. The upside to the heat is we can get real tomatoes now. If anyone has a favorite place to get them please keep us posted. I’d love to stay for a longer visit but I’ve got to get back to watching the U.S. Open with the only kid I’ve got in town. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Several…

Is It Just Me: Looking back at great storyteller C.W. McCall

Last week we talked a bit about how Willie Nelson was possibly the first suburban (country rapper) on account of his limited ability to carry a tune or keep time. It’s possible though I may have overlooked another pioneering storyteller from my youth named C.W. McCall. Back during the C.B. (Citizen’s Band) radio craze McCall had some albums

Is it just me? Yuengling is truly best of breed

A recent voyage to Shreveport brought some welcome news. Yuengling beer has now come as far west as Shreveport. Some logistics were involved, but we stopped on the way home to relieve a convenience store of a fair amount of their inventory. If you’ve never tried their lager, it is the best of its breed I have ever encountered. Let’s be

The very latest from the world of fashion

It seems socks are the new ties. If you haven’t done any shopping lately, the designs for socks have gone completely over the edge. It’s bad enough, now, that I noticed a sock display in one of the terminal shops at Love Field during a recent trip. Before you know it, they’ll be at the counter at Bucees and maybe even the Blue Store in

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Man’s search for the best taco

NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me? At a recent gathering of friends, the topic of post-modern business came up. No one called it post-modern but that was the nature of the beast. We were discussing the recent purchase by…

24 June 2017 [03:38 PM]
Keep the cards and letters coming

It seems the summer heat has arrived. The upside to the heat is we can get real tomatoes now. If anyone has…

17 June 2017 [02:27 PM]
Sensory overload at Trinity Groves

NELSON CLYDE, Is It just me? If you find yourself in Dallas, there is a new food Mecca worth checking out at the Trinity Groves restaurant complex. Located near the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the compound is an explosion…

29 April 2017 [03:22 PM]
Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me: It's a dog's world Video

Next week we will have to discuss your efficiency replies. Until last week, my thoughts had not crossed paths with Prell shampoo for at least 40 years. Out of curiosit, I wandered into Drug Emporium to see if they had…

01 April 2017 [01:39 PM]
How much efficiency can we really take?

A visit with my son Cal, during his drive home from work, recently revealed something that caught my attention. He was extolling the virtues of his fingernail clippers. He was clipping and driving. Not at the same time, I’m sure.…

25 March 2017 [04:42 PM]
The cure for common Senior-itis

NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me? The finish line is now in sight for my youngest child to complete high school. This is the fourth time I’ve witnessed senior-itis. The symptoms are pretty consistent. Checking out. Inndifference. Lack…

04 March 2017 [11:41 AM]
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