Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me: Matchbook collectors respond

Thanks for the responses from our matchbook collectors: I was a collector. I have matchbooks from Vegas back in the early ‘70s such as Juliet Prowse in Mame playing at the International casino. Also, Splash at the Riviera and Cabaret. I would sell my collection. Eve Yes, my favorite is the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Many famous…

Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me column: The best chocolate pie ever

“Mr. Clyde. Are you gonna come and get your things?” “Yes ma’am. I’m so glad you called. I never want to assume anything, you know.” “Well, I’ll be here when you get here.” It was the one call on Christmas Eve day that made me “little boy on Christmas morning” excited. Laverne Madlock was giving me the signal to come and

Is it just me? Joy, or, lunch with a good friend

It is my hope many of you have experienced the privilege of knowing someone older than yourself who chose to invest in you. Some of the greatest blessings have been men and women who were contemporaries of my parents and even grandparents who took the time and interest in sharpening my personhood. Some tenets of the Christian faith call for

Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me: A Christmas Prayer

May we be mindful of the truly precious gifts in our lives. Sustain and guide our thoughts and actions. Let us bless others with joyful hearts. Grant us your presence as we gather. In gratitude and hope,

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How much efficiency can we really take?

A visit with my son Cal, during his drive home from work, recently revealed something that caught my attention. He was extolling the virtues of his fingernail clippers. He was clipping and driving. Not at the same time, I’m sure.…

25 March 2017 [04:42 PM]
The cure for common Senior-itis

NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me? The finish line is now in sight for my youngest child to complete high school. This is the fourth time I’ve witnessed senior-itis. The symptoms are pretty consistent. Checking out. Inndifference. Lack…

04 March 2017 [11:41 AM]
The first world challenges with artificial intelligence

NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me? A longstanding personal policy of mine has been to avoid assigning human qualities to machines or inanimate objects. Case in point, many years ago it was time to turn off our mainframe computer…

10 December 2016 [03:59 PM]
The search for authenticity

NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me? My dad was one of those people who fainted at the sight of blood. He had to look away when his finger was pricked at the doctor or he was out cold. An…

26 November 2016 [02:22 PM]
Weeding out the fakes and the flakes

A few headlines of the last days (not the literal “last days” although it’s getting hard to tell) are too surreal to gloss over. Actual headlines from my Editor and Publisher email: “Facebook is banning fake news publishers from its…

19 November 2016 [09:55 PM]
On being a Cubs fan

It’s hard to remember if this has ever come up, but every year in the third week of October I attend the…

29 October 2016 [01:57 PM]
Is it just me? Travel stop memories

When was the last time you thought about that Stuckey’s store formerly at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Highway 110? I…

15 October 2016 [05:10 PM]
Some weeks life is a Captain's Platter Video

NELSON CLYDE, Last week was my first opportunity to spend time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It is a beautiful town with much history…

08 October 2016 [10:25 AM]
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