Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me: Keep calm and give thanks on our special day

You could just hold your breath until things get better, but that is not a long-term strategy. Our enemies would most like us to panic and live in fear. It is the days when terror becomes real, such as in recent world events, when we have to think through the way we react. The British mantra in WWII was Keep Calm and Carry On. Perhaps we need an…

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me: 'Rock of Ages': Name the top tunes from the good ol' days

We’ve been discussing the distinctive musical voices of our day for a couple of weeks now and pretty well exhausted the topic. On a road trip a while back, my 17-year-old decided to play some music on his phone to entertain us. Many parents would cringe at listening to their kid’s music, but Jamie’s playlist is something I can definitely

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me: Readers choose voices with most distinction

Last week we discussed the question of who owns the most distinctive voice in music. You really had some opinions on the matter. I probably left out Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for harmony with the Eagles being a close second, if not an absolute tie. Feel free to weigh in if you missed the party last

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me: The voice to stand the test of time

I remember it almost like it was yesterday. It was the summer of 1982 and I was freshly graduated from high school and already enrolled in summer school at The University of Texas. Together with school, there were fraternity rush activities, which kept my social life pretty busy. The KA’s had put a trip

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