Heinz ketchup is excellence in a bottle

Have you ever seen a person working a room and turned to someone who might know and asked, “Who is that?” Just such an occasion occurred when I first got to know my old friend Joe Arciniega. Joe was one of those guys who seemed to know everyone in the room and if you didn’t know him it wouldn’t be long before you would. He always seemed

Live and let live, or food for thought

Nelson Clyde, isitjustme@tylerpaper.com Nelson, stop being ridiculous!” my mom said. “But mom it’s really good,” I protested. “I don’t want to hear another word about it,” she closed with an unfamiliar finality. Mom was usually the support base of my coloring outside the lines but this time she was adamant. More on that

How sweet it is -- and even sweeter by adding a bit of salt

For some crazy reason, a memory of adding salt to watermelon to enhance the flavor came to mind recently. Maybe it was the dark chocolate we enjoyed with salt added. Other memories came up, including salting cantaloupe but not honeydew melon. Some people salt pineapple to draw out the sweetness.

Is it just me? A lot of baloney

In the past week, we had a lengthy discussion of what things in this life are better or worse than they once were. Readers were encouraged to submit their notions of such things.

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Live and let live, or food for thought

Nelson, stop being ridiculous!” my mom said. “But mom it’s really good,” I protested. “I don’t want to hear another word about…

21 March 2015 [11:13 PM]
Is it just me? A lot of baloney

In the past week, we had a lengthy discussion of what things in this life are better or worse than they once…

28 February 2015 [10:45 PM]
Our changing world

Let’s get right to it shall we? Not what it/they used to be: Relationships with real humans Long distance First class airline…

21 February 2015 [11:02 PM]
Beatlemania and the new world

We had a conversation on Christmas day last year about music. It turned out to be an anthropological survey in the decline…

14 February 2015 [10:22 PM]
The thing about vision

It’s hard to remember when certain things visit you. For example, probably about four years ago it became necessary for me to…

07 February 2015 [10:46 PM]
My grandfather and my hero

Last week my grandfather, O.L. “Buddy” Ferrell, died at the age of 92. He was my hero. My memories of him have…

31 January 2015 [10:48 PM]
Cuban Chocolate Crisis?

It seems Chocoholic is the consensus name for those addicted to the stuff. Several responses came in last week about the possibility…

24 January 2015 [10:44 PM]
A crisis everyone can embrace

Last Friday an editorial appeared in this newspaper warning of a chocolate shortage. What’s that you say? Yes, a chocolate shortage. The…

17 January 2015 [09:03 PM]
Pardon, your Cilantro is showing

Something happened Friday that took me back to my days in the library of my elementary school. It is too difficult to…

10 January 2015 [09:38 PM]
Embracing the new year

For several years my new year has included a theme in addition to a variety of goals, lists and objectives. Last year,…

03 January 2015 [08:12 PM]
Chloe needs a good lawyer

What was your favorite Christmas present this year? Or your least favorite? Don’t answer the latter lest it get caught on “tape”…

27 December 2014 [08:24 PM]
The thing about lists

Much talk takes place this time of year about the making of lists. Most of you are probably thinking about Christmas lists.…

20 December 2014 [08:17 PM]
Shopping 'til you drop

Well, last week I lamented my Christmas angst and asked if anyone else out there ran into the same old issues at…

13 December 2014 [07:35 PM]
My Christmas angst

It is the holiday everyone loves to hate. Yes, I’m talking Christmas. What’s there to hate about Christmas, you ask? Well it…

06 December 2014 [09:05 PM]
Too much information

A friend was telling me about his family gathering this Thanksgiving. He spent the day at his grandparents and they ate a…

29 November 2014 [09:26 PM]
Counting the days

The last couple of years it has felt to me the holidays are arriving sooner than they should. Last week, we discussed…

22 November 2014 [07:25 PM]
A tale of two neighbors

My friend and neighbor Royce Wisenbaker died last week. He was 57. I was trying to remember my first encounter with Royce…

17 November 2014 [11:16 PM]
The Christmas tree genius

Where have all the rules gone? Is there no sense of propriety left? Common decency should and could govern the affairs of…

15 November 2014 [08:59 PM]
Fear and loathing in America

A recent trip to Las Vegas brought the challenge to write something including the “Fear and Loathing” brand established by the late…

01 November 2014 [08:32 PM]

This week is the observance of Halloween on Friday night. The signs are everywhere. I saw a young family with two girls…

25 October 2014 [11:28 PM]
The Wonder Drug

A lot of physicians have shared their feelings on a topic recently that has caught my interest. At the Alzheimer’s alliance luncheon…

18 October 2014 [10:51 PM]
Chicken dinners with a side of life

It seems to be meeting and banquet seasons. Last week, it was my privilege to attend the Quairo Literary Club, the Tyler…

11 October 2014 [09:17 PM]
Minding the gap

Do you remember those tests, which start with the statement ‘you should read through the entire document before beginning,’ only to find…

04 October 2014 [10:06 PM]
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