Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me: Words that stump us

Before we get into today’s topic, it was brought to my attention last week a correction was necessary regarding my story about John Noble’s lawn mower. Thanks to my readers in the men’s grill at Willow Brook Country Club and Mr. Noble himself, I can report to you the granular substance placed in his gas tank by Andy Bergfeld and Leslie…

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? My bracket is busted

Last week we discussed the upcoming presidential election for the first time and I went out on a limb and made some predictions. The best way to be right about such things is to wait until they are over and then turn to folks in the postgame phase and as nonchalantly as possible with raised eyebrows mention you thought that was what would happen

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? The art of the deal

Is it just me or are we getting to the point in the race for the White House that people should start paying attention a little? The problem is too many things can happen in 15 months for us to take any frontrunner in either party seriously. If anyone is taking Trump seriously, we should consider history. Ross Perot made a famous run for the

Nelson Clyde: Is It Just Me? Living in God's country

If you go outside this morning around 6 a.m., you may feel that first little sense of fall in the air. The temperature is projected to be in the low 60s. For me, it is cool enough if I stay in it long enough it might just put a little tickle in the back of my throat. It seemed like that sensation always happened in my high school days at the

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11 April 2015 [09:51 PM]
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