Setting the bar for graduation speakers

It’s been said here before: May is the December of the first half of the year. It has also been said it may be worse due to school ending and kids being out for the longest summers on record, it seems some years. My mom has attended around four graduations this May. Depending on the age of the graduate,…

Man's best friend? Speaker Lou Holtz narrows it down

Lou Holtz was in town Friday night to talk about life and leadership. He is a very entertaining speaker. For those who don’t know much about the man, Holtz is one of the more successful college football coaches of the last 45 or so years and now enjoys a life as an expert commentator, motivational speaker and erstwhile comedian. His practical

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Manning versus Newton versus Bonneville

It feels like I’m turning into my father. My children say it is happening mostly in expressions and reactions, both facial and…

06 February 2016 [09:12 PM]
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