Offbeat humor and upbeat messages dominate Super Bowl ads

NEW YORK (AP) - From a strange creature called "Puppymonkeybaby" to a tear-inducing Audi ad, Super Bowl ads ran the gamut this year from offbeat humor to heartfelt messages. On advertising's biggest night, Chrysler celebrated Jeep with an ad featuring black-and-white portraits of veterans, kids and pop icons. In Audi's spot, a depressed, aging

Businesses advised that con artists sometimes target them, not just individuals

Individual consumers aren’t the only ones targeted by scam artists. Businesses are frequently attacked as well. Con artists often "move in" to a certain area and wreak havoc, then move on when it’s no longer fruitful. BBB is sounding the alarm for East Texas business owners to be cautious of requests which seem out of

Kickstarter campaign is allowing a brewery to open on Fridays

When Greg Lewis poured the first public pint at the new True Vine Brewing Co. tap room, it was the culmination of an innovative effort to combine crowdfunding with community. True Vine’s owners have wanted a tap room, and so have their customers. But last year, equipment upgrades and a brewery

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Super Bowl 50 ads: Winners and losers

NEW YORK (AP) - The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers during Super Bowl 50 - and there were clear winners and…

08 February 2016 [07:04 AM]
Winter bugs can be treated safely with application of oils

There are insects we see around the home and landscape during the winter months. Depending on the insect species, control may or may not be warranted. Some may cause economic damage while others are more of a nuisance. Scale insects…

07 February 2016 [09:41 PM]
Be prepared financially good remedy for market correction

As an investor, you may be gaining familiarity with the term “market correction.” But what does it mean? And, more importantly, what does it mean to you? A correction occurs when a key index, such as the S&P 500, declines…

07 February 2016 [09:02 PM]
Upcoming business breakfast on this week's show

On the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce radio show, COO Henry Bell promotes the upcoming Business Breakfast on Feb. 17 at Traditions Restaurant with special speaker Lorraine Brock, founder and president of Get Organized. Listen to the details at…

31 January 2016 [10:37 PM]
Business Notes 2-1

NEW PRESIDENT The Lindale Economic Development Corp. welcomes Susan Gill as president and general manager. Ms. Gill has over 14 years of experience in all facets of economic development. Ms. Gill earned her Economic Gardening Professional designation in 2013 and…

31 January 2016 [10:29 PM]
Crude oil crisis still building momentum

The oversupply of crude oil and natural gas dropped commodity prices in January to levels not seen in 15 years. As prices declined in Texas, so did the rig count, drilling permits, well completions and employment. And the pain is…

31 January 2016 [09:19 PM]
Retirement is not what it used to be

The late, great Yogi Berra supposedly said, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” And the same could be said of retirement. Due to several factors, such as advances in health care, today’s retirees are living longer, more active…

31 January 2016 [09:10 PM]
Cumberland Park Verizon store interactive and ultra high-tech

Verizon’s new store in The Village at Cumberland Park is ultra high-tech and interactive, the company says - matching the ever-upgrading cellular industry. Michelle Miller, Verizon’s vice president of retail sales and operations for the South Central region, said the…

31 January 2016 [09:07 PM]
Mineola woman wins lottery Video

AUSTIN (KYTX) – A Mineola woman is now a millionaire. Gloria Tuck, of Mineola, claimed a second-tier Powerball prize worth $1 million…

26 January 2016 [04:45 PM]
Cole crops grow well in Texas gardens if planted at right time

Cole crops include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. They are all cool season crops that can be grown successfully in Texas home gardens if the right varieties are planted at the right time. For most gardens, broccoli and cabbage…

24 January 2016 [11:13 PM]
Candidates' comments reveal energy views

Energy issues have not been discussed very much in any of the debates - Democratic or Republican - during the past six months. However, the candidates have made several comments on various energy issues that will give a strong indication…

24 January 2016 [11:07 PM]
Better Business Bureau to present 2016 Awards for Excellence

Special to the Tyler Morning Telegraph   The Better Business Bureau will host its annual awards program to honor businesses and charities for their outstanding achievements. The luncheon will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday at the…

24 January 2016 [11:03 PM]
Credit card scam tries new angle

A new twist on the classic overpayment scam is targeting business owners. Scammers posing as hearing-impaired clients are misleading business owners by…

24 January 2016 [10:37 PM]
Business Notes 1-25

NEW HIRE Roseman Wealth Advisors is pleased to announce that Billy J. Braly, CPA, MBA, CFP is joining the Roseman team.Billy has…

24 January 2016 [10:30 PM]
'Business Expo' featured on this week's show

On this week’s Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce radio show, the Chamber’s own Henry Bell promotes the three different classes and speakers at this week’s Business to Business Expo at Harvey Convention Center on Thursday. Rouse Realty & Investment is…

24 January 2016 [10:22 PM]
Beware of email survey scammers

It’s not uncommon for consumers to fall victim to email survey scams. Paid online surveys have become a haven for Internet scam…

23 January 2016 [09:40 PM]
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