Gucci regrets 'misunderstanding' over warning letters sent to Hong Kong funeral offering shops

Gucci and its parent company apologized Friday after drawing heavy criticism for warning some Hong Kong shops not to sell paper offerings for the deceased that resembled the fashion brand's luxury products. The brand and its Paris-based owner, Kering, also said in a statement that they regretted any misunderstanding caused by the…

At many companies, Chatbots are your newest, dumbest co-workers

Starting this July, when customer service employees at are too sick to come to work, they'll tell Mila they're not feeling well using an app on their phones or computers. "I'm sorry to hear that," Mila will respond. After a short exchange about logistics, Mila will send a message to the appropriate manager, who will adjust the

The unloved business that's saving big oil from low energy prices: Petrochemical

Big Oil is suddenly Big Chemical. For years, the business of turning gas and crude into the chemicals used to make everything from plastic bags to paint has been a mostly unloved corner of the world's largest oil companies. Now, it's shining, cushioning companies from Exxon Mobil to Royal Dutch Shell from the worst energy price slump in a decade.

French man sues his former employer because his work was 'too boring'

The French government recently faced huge protests against unpopular changes to the country's labor law. Most of its critics would argue that French workers increasingly face burnout and exhaustion. But one employee has had far different problems: He sued his former company because his job was allegedly extremely boring. The plaintiff,

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Drilling Report for May 1, 2016

(For activity April 17-23) DEVELOPMENTAL (County; Operator; Lease/Well; Field; Survey; Type; Depth; Location) Cherokee: Tanos Exploration II, LLC; McElroy 'A'-Murray (Alloc)…

30 April 2016 [07:29 AM]
Environmental activists have more power than ever before

The public’s image of environmental groups has long been one of “little old ladies in tennis shoes” who are committed to protecting such things as baby seals. The public perceives their actions to be admirable, and believes they will have…

24 April 2016 [10:21 PM]
New mentoring program featured this week

On this week’s Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce radio show, Henry Bell explains the new “business leaders mentoring program” for high school students to help them apply for college or trade schools. Listen to the details online at Jellystone…

24 April 2016 [10:09 PM]
Business Notes 4-25

CHAIRPERSON Carter BloodCare has named Rebecca Berkley, ETMC director of public relations, as their chairperson of the year. Berkley, who has been…

24 April 2016 [10:07 PM]
Drilling Report for April 24, 2016

For activity April 10-16. DEVELOPMENTAL (County; Operator; Lease/Well; Field; Survey; Type; Depth; Location) Cherokee; Valence Operating Co.; Thompson 2H; Overton…

22 April 2016 [02:42 PM]
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