Cauliflower steals the spotlight as the new hot food

  Trends are a peculiar thing, especially when you live in a city that doesn’t exactly shape the zeitgeist. Somebody somewhere decides something is the Next Big Thing, and even though you might have previously been totally clueless, suddenly you’ve also got to have it, do it, see it. Call it the lemming effect. It’s especially weird when…

Lena Richard carved a path in segregated, 1940s South

Lena Richard was “a Martha Stewart before there was a Martha Stewart.” The quote from Liz Williams, president of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans, is an apt comparison, for Richard was a chef, caterer, restaurateur, frozen food entrepreneur, cooking teacher, cookbook author, wife, mother, grandmother — and host of her

FDA: Recall expanded for Blue Bell Ice Cream products

Federal authorities say Blue Bell is expanding the recall of some ice cream products because of possible exposure to the listeria bacteria. Blue Bell is recalling 3-ounce cups of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream that have tab lids. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the cups could be contaminated with the

Taco Bell's waffle taco is dead; biscuit taco to replace

The newest weapon in the breakfast wars is a biscuit shaped like a taco. Taco Bell is launching a "biscuit taco" this week and ditching its "waffle taco," which got widespread attention last year when it was included in the rollout of the chain's breakfast menu. The swap comes as the chain

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Make fruits, vegetables easy choice

In Texas, three out of four deaths are attributed to a chronic disease. However, studies show an intake of at least 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and fruits per day as part of a healthy eating pattern can reduce the…

18 March 2015 [11:30 PM]
Can a bowl of ramen change your life?

It was the last meal in Tokyo, after many delicious days in Japan. Emphasis here on delicious, with one meal trumping the next, day after day. A final taste of the island was all we craved, in the form of…

03 March 2015 [10:44 PM]
Food writer inspires a hunger for seasonality

Richard Olney was an American living in France whose cookbooks, notably 1970’s “The French Menu Cookbook” and 1974’s “Simple French Food,” would inspire the birth of what is now called California cuisine, and focus greater attention on the interplay of…

24 February 2015 [09:13 PM]
Chasing Mole poblano perfection

If you find yourself in Beverly Hills, Calif., you should head a couple of blocks south of Wilshire Boulevard to a restaurant…

24 February 2015 [09:11 PM]
Maple Magic: It's not just for pancakes

In coffee, tea and barbecue sauce, with duck, turkey and salads, it’s become a go-to flavor. Growing up, I associated maple flavor…

17 February 2015 [09:41 PM]
XO sauce: Flavor for Chinese New Year

The name is something of a fake — XO sauce. The Asian condiment contains no cognac, which is what the XO (“extra old”) term famously applies to. Nor is it a sauce in the traditional, smooth sense but more of…

17 February 2015 [09:13 PM]
Valentine's Day: Say it sweetly with chocolate

The way to a man’s heart, so they say, is through his stomach. And as Ogden Nash might have put it, candy is dandy, but chocolate is where it’s at. Flowers are fine, if you don’t mind spending a hundred…

10 February 2015 [10:35 PM]
Best Chocolate Dessert contest set for Feb. 21

The Tenth Annual Best Chocolate Dessert in East Texas Contest is scheduled for Feb. 21 at the Tyler Senior Citizens Center, 1915 Garden Valley Road, organizers announced. The Smith County Extension Education Association and the city of Tyler Parks and…

10 February 2015 [07:40 PM]
Fresh citrus to brighten winter meals

Maybe I’m just a grump, but even with that wintry wonderland outside our windows, it’s easy to feel kinda gloomy this time…

03 February 2015 [11:52 PM]
Kitchen tools jog precious memories

It’s February, and I’ve already broken or never picked up most of my New Year’s resolutions. There is one, though, that I’m actually kind of enjoying. I was giving the kitchen a bit more than the usual once-over at the…

03 February 2015 [09:49 PM]
Taking stock in a new year: 4 stock recipes

Some people have skeletons in their closet. I have bones in my freezer. With the recent turn of the Cosmic Calendar, now is the time to take stock in the new year. And when I take stock, I always make…

20 January 2015 [11:28 PM]
Braising a parrot and more useful, odd tidbits

Marcus Gavius Apicius, a Roman gourmand from the first century BC and writer of one of the first known cookbooks, had a recipe for flamingo. You parboil it with salt, dill and a little vinegar and then finish cooking it…

13 January 2015 [11:11 PM]
Mock fruitcake if you will...

Did you hear the joke about fruitcake? You can pick just about any one, but Johnny Carson is widely credited with administering…

06 January 2015 [08:42 PM]
Simple, satisfying soups

I will bow to no one in my affection for holiday cooking. For our Christmas open house every year, I make gallons…

30 December 2014 [10:43 PM]
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