Recipe: Gingerbread panels - Looks great and tastes even better

Gingerbread is always welcome at the holidays, but in tackling The Washington Post Food section's cookie project this year, Amanda Cook has managed to give readers something a little different, simple yet stunning. The pastry chef at Centrolina in CityCenterDC combined a technique she remembers from a cookbook in her childhood with an easy way to display all the handiwork that goes into a decorated cookie. And, oddly enough, she began with a sugar cookie recipe.…

Recipe for a holiday cookie with less sugar: Gingerbread Chocolate Chunk Biscotti

These biscotti have all the appeal of the traditional twice-baked treat: a satisfying crunch that holds up to an enthusiastic dip into cappuccino (or whatever your brew is) and just enough sweet taste and richness that they definitely qualify as a cookie, but not so much that they would seem entirely out of place on a breakfast table. Subtly

Recipe: Do-almost-anything cookie dough - Secret weapon of holiday cookie bakers

Bakers, to your ovens! It's cookie time for real and true. The sweetest time of the year is here, and it's never too soon to start stocking your freezer for the coming weeks and your cookie jar for today. I've got a bunch of ideas for getting batches of cookies prepped ahead of time, but first, here's one of my favorite save-the-season recipes:

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Pumpkin cranberry waffles recipe

These waffles are a smile-inducing way to get you back in gear the morning(s) after your holiday feast, and to use up…

21 November 2016 [09:13 PM]
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