3 burger recipes: Meatless veggie, basic beef and brioche buns

Three recipes related to burgers for the summertime: A meatless vegetarian burger, a basic beef burger and brioche buns.…

Grilling recipe: Potato, Onion and Bacon Skewers

This is a smack-your-forehead, wish-I'd-thought-of-it, glad-someone-else-did dish that could just as easily be hors d'oeuvres or even breakfast with a side of fried eggs. Farmer Bernard Boyle of Garner's Produce at the market in Bloomingdale was nice enough to allow a little swapping of smaller, same-size potatoes - no larger than table-tennis

Preserving food: 'Hamburger' Dill Pickle Chips recipe

After years of over- and underestimating, I finally know how many quarts of tomatoes we'll use in the course of a year. I've learned to double up on the raspberry jam. Even the most delicious peach preserves go partly uneaten, but we'll finish all the peach pie filling. Seven different chutneys could be too many. Those are among the lessons

Every cool bearded chef's problem: Beards are in, but beard nets aren't

There are two types of beards that can be found in restaurants. The first one is preceded by the word "James" and followed by the word "Award." The second type is where things get, well, a little hairy. When The Washington Post ran an article on its front page about the Michelin Guide's arrival in D.C., several readers wrote to express concern

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