Eat like a lineman

The average woman needs about 1,800 or 2,000 calories to get through her day. For the average man, it is more like 2,400 calories. But what if you’re an athlete? What if you’re, say, an offensive lineman on a professional football team? The more you physically exert yourself, the more calories you need for fuel. The average offensive lineman…

Collards are the new Kale

  Who’s been messing with our mess of collards? For a couple of hundred years in the South, cooks have been content with the same plan: Cut out the tough stems, cut up the big leaves, cook them for a long, long (long, long) time, until they’re falling apart and intensely collardy. Serve them up with a little pepper vinegar. It was good

Take this opportunity to feast on late seasonal produce

Signs that summer is wrapping up have arrived. Kids have started going back to school; NFL preseason games are underway; night temperatures are dropping; and prices of strawberries and blueberries have hit $4 and change. Soon yellow squash and zucchini will be giving way to their cool-weather cousins such as butternut and spaghetti, and apples

Blue Bell resumes selling ice cream after listeria recall Video

(UPDATED August 31, 2015 at 2:35 pm CT) BRENHAM, Texas (AP) - Blue Bell ice cream is back. Blue Bell Creameries resumed selling its products at some locations Monday, four months after the Texas-based retailer halted sales due to listeria contamination at some plants prompted health concerns that drew the regulatory scrutiny of federal and state

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Eat like a lineman

The average woman needs about 1,800 or 2,000 calories to get through her day. For the average man, it is more like…

16 September 2015 [05:06 AM]
Collards are the new Kale

Who’s been messing with our mess of collards? For a couple of hundred years in the South, cooks have been…

16 September 2015 [05:04 AM]
What do chefs pack for their kids?

Restaurant chefs are like every other parent when it comes to wanting to give their children specially prepared, tasty and…

26 August 2015 [05:44 AM]
Compounding makes butter better

In many cases - such as when talking about money or sentences - compound is the opposite of simple. But butter is…

19 August 2015 [06:12 AM]
Where's the beef? And what is it?

Spencer Tracy famously appraised Katharine Hepburn like this: “Not much meat on her, but what there is is cherce.” That’s probably the…

19 August 2015 [06:07 AM]
Hatch chiles: A welcome heat spell

It’s time for Southern California to once again be blanketed with the perfume of roasting green chiles - Hatch chiles,…

12 August 2015 [05:59 AM]
Tomato Man's tasty tips

Andrea Weigl, Tribune News Service Craig LeHoullier is in his element among the potted vegetable jungle in his North Raleigh, N.C. driveway.…

04 August 2015 [11:30 PM]
Very cherry treats

In the American South, we have plenty of peaches, strawberries, blueberries and figs, often in our own backyard. Cherries, not so much.…

21 July 2015 [09:57 PM]
The flavors of Peru are vibrant

My interest in the foods of Peru began with a colleague. Carlos Ayulo has lived in this country since he was young…

21 July 2015 [09:35 PM]
A fresh approach to ricotta

Fresh ricotta cheese is like the man of my daydreams — suave, flexible, accommodating and rich. No wonder I’m always…

14 July 2015 [08:52 PM]
Snapper that isn't really snapper

I don’t know what whitefin weakfish is, but there is a good chance I have eaten it. The problem is, if I ate it I probably thought I was eating grouper. According to studies conducted in the last few years,…

07 July 2015 [08:10 PM]
Cookout condiments that create sparks

Holidays are all about tradition, so there’s little surprise that July Fourth remains the most popular day of the year for grilling.…

30 June 2015 [09:10 PM]
Basil is the king of herbs

Basil and tomatoes are among those flavors that always go well together, like strawberries and cream, like chocolate and banana, like cinnamon…

30 June 2015 [08:55 PM]
Should you adhere to ‘sell-by’ dates on food?

How often has this happened to you? You’re digging through the refrigerator looking for something to eat when suddenly you notice the “sell-by” date on the package. It’s several days past, so you toss the food out. Americans throw away…

23 June 2015 [08:12 PM]
More women are taking over the grill at home

Who mans the grill at home? In many households across the U.S., it may very well be Mom. “Women cook, men grill” — a phrase coined in a Forbes article just five years ago — is one gender stereotype that…

16 June 2015 [11:19 PM]
The time is now for the berry best

Now is the best time of the year. It’s strawberry time. So juicy. So sweet. So delicious. So soft-tender on your tongue. No sensation in the world can compare to eating a plump, sun-warmed strawberry straight off the vine. It…

09 June 2015 [08:53 PM]
Brussels sprouts lighten up for spring in slaw recipe

If it’s winter, oven-roasted, even slightly charred Brussels sprouts are my jam. But as we transition to warmer weather, my thoughts turn to spring and summer slaws. Although slaw is most typically made from cabbage, just about any sturdy vegetable…

02 June 2015 [08:49 PM]
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