Soup Swap recipes: How a single pot of soup can satisfy a crowd

Six years ago, when my friend Hope called proposing that a bunch of neighbors and friends spend the winter holding soup swap parties, I thought "No way!" before she even had a chance to explain the concept. She was persuasive. "I love making a big pot of soup," she began, "but I don't love eating the same soup all week long."…

Craft beers: More about the latest thing than the old reliable standbys

Beer drinkers are fickle. Put us in a bar in front of dozens of taps - IPAs, goses, saisons, blond ales, stouts, beers from all over the world - and our eyes instantly gravitate to what we've never had before. We will ask the bartender, "What's new?" instead of just ordering the IPA that we've long adored. FOMO? Try Fear Of Missing a Beer. Some

Why more people prefer cold brew coffee than iced coffee

Every day that a Starbucks runs out of cold brew is a day that is ruined somewhere in America. We know, because every day a plaintive soul cries out into the wilderness on Twitter: "The Starbucks is out of cold brew excuse me while the basic white girl in me dies." "One of the Starbucks on campus ran out of cold brew I'm transferring."

Recipe: Making chocolate peanut butter doughnuts healthier - by baking them

Doughnuts are my kryptonite. Fried sweet dough dipped in glaze, and then dunked into a cup of steaming-hot coffee? Yes, please. And I will give this to you straight: once or twice a year, I'm all in. I load up the car and take the kids to our favorite doughnut spot and we throw caution to the wind. But for the average Sunday-brunch-type of

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