On Super Bowl Sunday, veggies are most popular food?

CHICAGO (AP) — While the gladiators of the NFL are clashing in Phoenix at the Super Bowl, the titans of food will be fighting for supremacy at spreads across the country. Many parties will have chicken wings and pizza.

Milk industry fights back against 'anti-dairy folks'

NEW YORK (AP) — The milk industry is fed up with all the sourness over dairy. As Americans continue turning away from milk, an industry group is pushing back at its critics with a social media campaign trumpeting the benefits of milk.

Weeknight Chicken Enchiladas take a little effort

Today’s Weeknight Chicken Enchiladas take just a little effort to put together and they’re packed with flavor. You can have them tonight or prep and assemble everything and have for dinner tomorrow or later in the week.

Mock fruitcake if you will...

Did you hear the joke about fruitcake? You can pick just about any one, but Johnny Carson is widely credited with administering the comic punt that haunts fruitcakes to this day: His joke was that there was only one fruitcake in the world, and it kept getting passed around as a gift. The jokes continue: She hated his family so much she gave t

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Mock fruitcake if you will...

Did you hear the joke about fruitcake? You can pick just about any one, but Johnny Carson is widely credited with administering…

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Simple, satisfying soups

I will bow to no one in my affection for holiday cooking. For our Christmas open house every year, I make gallons…

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Healthy slow cooker onion soup

MELISSA D'ARABIAN, Associated Press Talk about a vegetable that's everywhere. The humble onion is one the most common aromatic vegetables, popping up…

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Food Truck Dining in Tyler

The Tyler City Council approved a measure that will open the door to more dining options in the city. The council approved…

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Try chicken soup with orzo

Chilly weather screams for soup. This quick chicken soup with orzo is just all around easy to make and comforting. Serve with…

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The Puck stops here with pizza

Curse you, Wolfgang Puck! Actually, I’ve interviewed Wolfgang Puck, and I liked him immensely. He is warm and generous, kind of the…

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Epiphany: Considering savory sides of the "yam"

The yam doesn’t get a lot of love. Maybe it’s syntax-related; after all, yam is one consonant away from yak. Then there’s the mix-up involving the real yam, which is rarely seen in this country, but a staple in Africa,…

25 November 2014 [10:14 PM]