College campus lunacy

As the fall semester begins, parents, students, taxpayers and donors should be made aware of official college practices that should disgust us all. Hampshire College will offer some of its students what the school euphemistically calls “identity-based housing.” That’s segregated housing for students who - because of their race, culture,…

On 20th anniversary of welfare reform, let's celebrate its success

This is the 20th anniversary of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act - what we know as welfare reform. It was signed just a few months after President Bill Clinton declared “the era of big government is over.” Did it work? Did welfare reform help or hurt? The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector says the

Texas Oilfield Relief Initiative will reduce bureaucracy, save oil patch jobs

Oil and gas is not only a big part of our state’s economy - it is a Texas way of life. In certain areas of the state, entire communities either work within or are connected to the oil and gas industry. In fact, today it is impossible to separate Texas from discussions about U.S. energy production and the prolific strides our nation has made as

EPA has no idea whether biofuels help the environment

Results matter. That’s an important concept in public policy, where intentions often matter far more. But fiscal responsibility means measuring how well a policy works. At least, it should. It doesn’t in the Environmental Protection Agency, which has now exempted itself from the requirement of showing whether biofuels help or hurt the

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College campus lunacy

As the fall semester begins, parents, students, taxpayers and donors should be made aware of official college practices that should disgust us…

22 August 2016 [02:00 PM]
Soda tax is bad policy, bad science

Philadelphia has become the first large city in the nation to pass a special tax on sweet soft drinks. In June, the…

18 August 2016 [02:39 PM]
Don't tax Olympic gold

Let’s show our Olympians our appreciation - by not taxing their hard-earned medals. You heard that right; Uncle Sam takes his cut…

17 August 2016 [03:39 PM]
Somebody stop the madness

Why can’t people just leave well enough alone? Now they’ve gone and made a remake of “Ben Hur.” It will be out about Friday. I won’t be going. Is it just me or wasn’t the original good enough? You could…

15 August 2016 [12:17 AM]
Good news about the U.S. Constitution

Here’s something both amazing and uplifting: The “Pocket Constitution” is the top-selling book on’s listing of books about the United States.…

13 August 2016 [05:14 PM]
Wind, solar subsidies are hurting the electricity market

The West Texas oilfields have an energy problem. Reliance on wind energy in West Texas - an energy source that is itself too reliant on government subsidies - has threatened the reliability of the energy market in that region and…

08 August 2016 [04:16 PM]
Why Donald Trump must release his tax returns

Writing in the New York Times, Boston University journalism professor Mitchell Zuckoff makes perhaps the strongest case possible for demanding that Donald…

06 August 2016 [03:35 PM]
Truth in labeling

Truth in labeling “If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell.” There has been a tremendous movement worldwide to reveal what is in products by listing ingredients or even origins. Beef was put…

06 August 2016 [12:55 PM]
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