Prevent summer slide by reading with your children

When I was growing up, the meaning of summer slide was simple. It involved draping a plastic tarp over the one hill in our neighborhood, spraying it with water and descending into the muddy, grassy sludge that accumulated at the bottom. This provided hours of enjoyment, much to our parents’ delight because it kept us out of the house and out of…

Texas needs a conservative budget

It’s often said - usually by the party without the checkbook - that a budget is a statement of values. And in many ways that’s true. The state of Texas did a great job in the last biennium of reflecting the values Texans hold dear - limited government and economic freedom, but a willing acceptance of the state’s real responsibilities, such

Declaration of Independence changed the world

On Monday we’ll celebrate the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Cato Institute’s Jim Powell has a fascinating essay about how the rest of the world viewed this truly revolutionary document at the time. Most other countries realized the nature of the Declaration, and many sought to emulate it. “Since

FDA continues its assault on goodness, freedom and raw cookie dough

This time they’ve gone too far. The FDA now says that raw cookie dough - that gooey, sweet joy of the impatient everywhere - is unsafe, even if it doesn’t contain eggs. To the FDA we say, you can have our cookie dough when you pry it out… well, you know the rest. “Do you find it hard to resist gobbling up a piece of raw dough when making

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Texas needs a conservative budget

It’s often said - usually by the party without the checkbook - that a budget is a statement of values. And in…

01 July 2016 [03:20 PM]
A reminder to cherish life

Note to readers: This week, my son, Jamie Clyde, writes my column. Jamie is 17 and has been processing the loss of Kendall Spinks, as have many in our community. He asked me if he could express his thoughts on…

25 June 2016 [06:12 PM]
Buc-ee's fuels American dreams

Just in time for summer road trips, National Review’s Kevin Williamson has penned a charming economics lessons on Buc-ee’s - the Texas-based…

24 June 2016 [02:42 PM]
Soda tax would hurt the poor

The worst kind of tax - and there are so many contenders for that title - is a tax that unfairly hits…

20 June 2016 [05:15 PM]
Getting ready for Father’s Day

We’re hitting that dry season when many people start going on trips and normal life (whatever that is) seems to vanish until school starts. It makes it tough on a guy looking for material. This week I started out with…

11 June 2016 [02:09 PM]
Diversity is nice, but so is unity

The history of nations is mostly characterized by ethnic and racial uniformity, not diversity. Most national boundaries reflected linguistic, religious and ethnic…

10 June 2016 [09:36 PM]
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