Garage sales and good finds

I love garage sales. Some habits you pick up from family and some you don’t. Going to garage sales is one I picked up. As a kid, my family went to garage sales and estate sales almost every weekend. Part of the reason, I suspect, is that my grandfather was a blacksmith and went to Canton Texas Trade Days each month…

The '70s had the best bands

Kids nowadays may have cooler toys, but my generation had the best bands. The 1970s produced some of the best music this country has ever seen. The bands that carried myself and other teens through that great decade are still as solid sounding in an mp3 file now as they were from an LP then. The Beatles broke up in

Family vacations are not for the faint of heart

Vacations are not for the faint of heart. Anyone who has ever taken children on a trip across country in an automobile knows exactly what I’m talking about. Planes have certainly helped when it comes to travel, but it wasn’t always so easy. Before air travel was common for the masses, when the school year would

We should encourage Vietnam veterans to start talking

He had survived the bloody battle of Tarawa. And now, 70 years later at the base of the Marine Corps Memorial, he tried to describe it. With a gentle smile, he patiently shared the historical details, but when asked about what it was like, he struggled. Robert “Chick” Lewis, of Tyler, went ashore with the 2nd

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Garage sales and good finds

I love garage sales. Some habits you pick up from family and some you don’t. Going to garage sales is…

02 May 2015 [10:54 PM]
Readers sound off on Chapel Hill ISD bond vote

TOO MUCH DEBT Raising taxes, bond elections and debt, issues that can potentially unite or divide a community. Depending on too much or too little information, it can create frustration and mistrust. A vote based purely on emotions could lead…

02 May 2015 [08:27 PM]
Readers offer their endorsements in upcoming elections

As a Tyler ISD board member for nine years, board president for two years, and parent of three TISD graduates (as of June 2015), I appreciate a candidate like Aaron Martinez, who has stepped into this race with genuine reasons…

02 May 2015 [08:26 PM]
The '70s had the best bands

Kids nowadays may have cooler toys, but my generation had the best bands. The 1970s produced some of the best music this…

25 April 2015 [10:39 PM]
Readers weigh in on upcoming school, city elections

Here we go again. In November 2013 Chapel Hill ISD proposed a $31.2 million bond issue to modernize the middle school and make millions of dollars in improvements to other campus, sports and theater venues, and build a maintenance facility.…

25 April 2015 [09:26 PM]
Free market reform can improve dental care in Texas

In recent years, the national debate over the Affordable Care Act has drawn the attention of more Americans to our health care system and its problems. But for all the debate over Medicaid and Medi-care, a major area of health…

14 April 2015 [07:54 PM]
Southerners and how we drink our tea

There are many things that separate Northerners from Southerners, but the way we drink our tea has to rank near the top…

11 April 2015 [10:36 PM]
Single-ply karma

Life is full of unanswered questions. It seems that there are just some things we’ll never understand. I’m not referring to ‘What…

04 April 2015 [10:47 PM]
Same-sex marriage would affect even 'people of faith'

I am writing in response to the recent editorial concerning marriage. I want to focus on the supposition that if same-sex marriage becomes enshrined in law throughout this country, it won’t affect “people of faith.” Whether or not anyone’s individual…

04 April 2015 [10:20 PM]
Art is subjective

I know art when I see it. Recently, pranksters planted a $10 Ikea print in a Netherlands Museum and told visitors it…

29 March 2015 [12:08 AM]
Senate bill would penalize responsible cities like Tyler

This week the City Council passed a resolution to encourage our Legislative delegation to vote against S.B. 182. This is an unusual move on our part as we prefer to leave state level matters to those elected to serve in…

28 March 2015 [11:42 PM]
Texans should make hunting, fishing rights permanent

Hunting and fishing are more than just traditional lifestyles or weekend hobbies in Texas. They’re an economic force. Consider current statistics: — 2.7 million people hunt or fish in Texas — more than the population of Houston (2.1 million). —…

25 March 2015 [07:47 PM]
Time to update product prizes

I’d buy more products if they still put prizes in the box. I used to tell my mom that I didn’t want…

21 March 2015 [11:37 PM]
Thanks to a benefactor, Lindale Library will stay open

I read with great interest your recent article in the newspaper about the Lindale Library. Due to the loss of several key donors, and a decline in individual donations, the library was in dire danger of closing. That would have…

21 March 2015 [09:18 PM]
Democrats seem determined to shut down oil business

I wrote the following letter back in 2007. It’s amazing how relevant it is today: Just when the domestic oil business gets up a head of steam, the good old liberal Dems chomp at the bit to derail it. It…

07 March 2015 [11:44 PM]
Private schools should resist the temptation of vouchers

In the beginning, temptation appeared as a fruit. Today, it appears in the shape of a voucher. As tempting as it may be for private, religious schools to pluck the low-hanging fruit of “free” public money, the cost is too…

05 March 2015 [08:53 PM]
Say what? Can you repeat that?

As a kid, I remember old people being hard of hearing. When I say old, of course I mean people who were…

28 February 2015 [10:20 PM]
Abbott: Proposed budget focused on state's priorities

Jobs are growing in Texas, and more families in Tyler are sharing in the promise of Texas. But there’s more work to do. Last week, as Governor of this great state, I submitted a budget charting a course to keep…

28 February 2015 [08:10 PM]
Eric Broughton: Cenikor facility would benefit the city

Will the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) Syndrome cause the city of Tyler to miss out on a blessing — again? As I read the article published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Feb. 4, my mind raced back…

24 February 2015 [08:39 PM]
Residents speak out about Van Zandt County sheriff

Regarding last Sunday’s editorial, Van Zandt County Sheriff Lindsey Ray’s integrity both as a person and a professional peace officer is beyond reproach. Is he guilty of political opportunism? I will agree that he could have chosen better wording in…

21 February 2015 [08:46 PM]
Biofuels will never be a viable replacement for petroleum

I usually find humor on the comics page, but you tickled my funny bone with the Feb. 8 biofuels letter from, of course, someone making a living from biofuels. I can only believe you were trying to provide a different…

14 February 2015 [07:55 PM]
Fried baloney sandwiches hit the spot

I miss fried baloney sandwiches. I’m not sure what happened, but at some point over the last 45 years while I wasn’t…

07 February 2015 [11:21 PM]
Aggressive foreign policy won't protect us from the chaos

I lived through the Cold War. I am still traumatized by the A-bomb drills we had at Gary Elementary. “Don’t look at the windows because the flash will blind you.” Even at the tender age of 6 or 7, I…

07 February 2015 [07:32 PM]
Local school boards are more accountable to parents

Every year citizens throughout the state decide to volunteer their time for community service to benefit friends, neighbors and fellow community members. The desire to pass along benefits to others, to pay forward help that was received in the past,…

03 February 2015 [11:43 PM]
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