Say what? Can you repeat that?

As a kid, I remember old people being hard of hearing. When I say old, of course I mean people who were older than I am now. The men would cup their hand behind one of their ears, turn toward you and ask you to repeat what you had just said. I was a radio announcer for more than 20 years. Wearing headphones six days a week, five hours a day has…

Men have a lot to learn, but we still don't get it

Let’s face it, men are just idiots. Despite the best efforts of most guys, we are going to do something aggravating or stupid, whether we like it or not.

Trying to get a grip on hands-free technology

When do I automatically become adjusted to everything being automatic? The first time I ever saw an automatic faucet was at a Luby’s. I’d gone in to wash up before digging in to my LuAnn Platter when I noticed the sink had no handles.

Fried baloney sandwiches hit the spot

I miss fried baloney sandwiches. I’m not sure what happened, but at some point over the last 45 years while I wasn’t looking, someone stopped making the good stuff.

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Say what? Can you repeat that?

As a kid, I remember old people being hard of hearing. When I say old, of course I mean people who were…

28 February 2015 [10:20 PM]
Abbott: Proposed budget focused on state's priorities

Jobs are growing in Texas, and more families in Tyler are sharing in the promise of Texas. But there’s more work to do. Last week, as Governor of this great state, I submitted a budget charting a course to keep…

28 February 2015 [08:10 PM]
Eric Broughton: Cenikor facility would benefit the city

Will the NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) Syndrome cause the city of Tyler to miss out on a blessing — again? As I read the article published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Feb. 4, my mind raced back…

24 February 2015 [08:39 PM]
Residents speak out about Van Zandt County sheriff

Regarding last Sunday’s editorial, Van Zandt County Sheriff Lindsey Ray’s integrity both as a person and a professional peace officer is beyond reproach. Is he guilty of political opportunism? I will agree that he could have chosen better wording in…

21 February 2015 [08:46 PM]
Biofuels will never be a viable replacement for petroleum

I usually find humor on the comics page, but you tickled my funny bone with the Feb. 8 biofuels letter from, of course, someone making a living from biofuels. I can only believe you were trying to provide a different…

14 February 2015 [07:55 PM]
Fried baloney sandwiches hit the spot

I miss fried baloney sandwiches. I’m not sure what happened, but at some point over the last 45 years while I wasn’t…

07 February 2015 [11:21 PM]
Aggressive foreign policy won't protect us from the chaos

I lived through the Cold War. I am still traumatized by the A-bomb drills we had at Gary Elementary. “Don’t look at the windows because the flash will blind you.” Even at the tender age of 6 or 7, I…

07 February 2015 [07:32 PM]
Local school boards are more accountable to parents

Every year citizens throughout the state decide to volunteer their time for community service to benefit friends, neighbors and fellow community members. The desire to pass along benefits to others, to pay forward help that was received in the past,…

03 February 2015 [11:43 PM]
Lobbyists, tax reform and a local advisor

In Austin, just about every industry, agency and cause has an advocate. Lobbyists roam the halls of the Capitol daily throughout the session, making the case for their particular special interests. Now, let’s be clear. Lobbyists aren’t evil, and the…

31 January 2015 [11:09 PM]
Terrell State Hospital could benefit from privatization

Change is never easy, as recently demonstrated by the state’s move to privatize Terrell State Hospital and the ensuing calls by state Sen. Robert Nichols and the Tyler Morning Telegraph editorial page to put a stop to it. Accountability is…

26 January 2015 [08:22 PM]
How to remember where legislation is

When I’m covering the capitol, and I want to know exactly where a piece of legislation is in the process, I sing. “I’m just a bill; yes, I’m only a bill …” You know the song, and for the record,…

24 January 2015 [11:39 PM]
CDC does a fine job protecting Americans from outbreaks

Regarding columnist Betsy McCaughey’s recent piece on the CDC, I would respond that like the airlines, CDC is not 100 percent perfect, but they make very, very few mistakes considering their huge responsibilities. First, Ms. McCaughey is not a scientist…

24 January 2015 [08:06 PM]
Students make good guinea pigs

By DAVE BERRY, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” —Albert Einstein Students make good…

08 October 2014 [02:08 PM]
The sweet success of less regulation

Sometimes, the right response is “let them eat cake” — or rather, “let them bake cake.” A recent Texas law that lifts…

28 September 2014 [08:44 PM]
Is it just me? Meeting Mr. Smith

ren’t true stories always the best? Are you good or bad with names? The class was asked yesterday morning at the end…

21 September 2014 [12:58 AM]
Clarence Thomas exemplifies class

When U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at The University of Texas at Tyler, he spoke softly. He spoke without…

21 September 2014 [12:57 AM]
Is it just me? Gross negligence?

BY NELSON CLYDE, Have you ever noticed people in ministry frequently make a point with humor? Some members of the cloth…

19 September 2014 [07:23 PM]
Mugs, Kilts and Route 66

“Coffee is a language in itself.” — Jackie Chan The nominations are in, the votes are counted. And your favorite mug is……

19 September 2014 [07:07 PM]
Latest war on terror will take many years

By MICHAEL GERSON, syndicated columnist The most compelling and encouraging parts of President Obama’s Islamic State speech — his intention to “degrade…

15 September 2014 [09:01 AM]