Measles outbreak with Disney park origins grows to 95 cases Video

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A measles outbreak whose spread originated at Disneyland has grown to 95 cases. The California Department of Public Health tells the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday that 79 of those infections are in California and 52 of them can be linked directly to Disney Parks. The rest are in Michigan, Arizona, Utah, Washington, C…

East Texas ophthalmologist helps restore patients' vision throughout the world

When Dr. Glenn Strauss, of Tyler, was training to become an ophthalmologist at The University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston, he didn’t foresee a career of traveling the world helping the most vulnerable see again.

Precision medicine aims to transform medical treatments

During the State of the Union address Tuesday, President Barack Obama briefly spoke about a new initiative that emphasizes “precision medicine.” It’s not exactly a new idea but with advances in technologies, research and increased knowledge about genomics, the initiative joins in the shift away from a one-size-fits-all approach

One dose, then surgery: A new way to test brain tumor drugs

Lori Simons took the bright orange pill at 3 a.m. Eight hours later, doctors sliced into her brain, looking for signs that the drug was working.

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UT Health Northeast to hold diabetes classes

UT Health Northeast will host Empower Diabetes classes to help patients find effective ways to cope with the disease. A series of four free sessions begins Feb. 3, in Hudnall Auditorium on the UT Health campus, 11937 U.S. 271 in…

24 January 2015 [09:36 PM]
Emergency medicine physician leads this week's walk

Dr. Evans Smith, an emergency room physician at East Texas Medical Center and medical director at ETMC Wound Healing Center, leads this week’s Walk With a Doc event on Thursday and will discuss environmental health hazards. Walk With a Doc…

24 January 2015 [09:34 PM]
Study recommends earlier screenings for young cervical cancer survivors

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, a designation made by Congress to raise cervical cancer awareness and education and encourage research into its cause, prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. This month, we especially celebrate the lives of women who have…

24 January 2015 [09:23 PM]
Take measures to stay awake at the wheel

We all know the feeling. Your head is feeling heavy. You open the window for more fresh air and turn the radio up louder. You are driving and beginning to feel sleepy. A 2012 poll conducted by the National Sleep…

21 January 2015 [10:39 PM]
For some people, cutting is a complex problem

Cutting is one of several types of self-injurious behaviors that some teens and young adults may practice. Self-injury is the deliberate mutilation of a body part with the purpose of managing emotions that are perceived as too painful to express…

17 January 2015 [09:13 PM]
Care for the skin you're in

Think a hot shower is just the right remedy to cap a long day during the wintery months? In a new report…

17 January 2015 [09:11 PM]
Cutting is a way some people manage painful emotions

Cutting is one of several types of self-injurious behaviors that some teens and young adults may practice. Self-injury is the deliberate mutilation of a body part with the purpose of managing emotions that are perceived as too painful to express…

14 January 2015 [10:14 PM]
Flu season hurts local blood banks Video

TYLER (KYTX)-It's a bad combination: a bad flu season, which we're having, and local blood banks low on supplies. The reason: the…

14 January 2015 [02:41 PM]
Kick personal fitness and health up a notch with martial arts

Kung Fu like many martial arts can improve the hand-eye coordination and reaction time of its practitioners. However, students of Kung Fu not only learn a complex new skill, but they may also get in shape during the process. “Kung…

12 January 2015 [11:38 AM]
Get fit without breaking the bank

Getting fit shouldn’t mean a thinning wallet, too. But if you don’t think through your fitness plan, that’s exactly what will happen. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a gym membership, you have to be creative at home.…

10 January 2015 [07:10 PM]
2 leading Ebola vaccines appear safe, further tests starting

LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization says the two leading Ebola vaccines appear safe and will soon be tested in healthy volunteers in West Africa. After an expert meeting this week, WHO said there is now enough information to…

09 January 2015 [10:08 AM]
How to create a successful company wellness program

Don’t do it. Seriously. If you are the leader of an organization and you want a successful wellness program don’t design it or tell employees how important their health is to controlling runaway costs to your health care plan or…

03 January 2015 [09:46 PM]
Oncologist leads this week's walk

Dr. Gary Gross, an oncologist at Blood and Cancer Center of East Texas, leads this week’s Walk With a Doc event on…

03 January 2015 [09:41 PM]
Ebola tops 2014's health stories

The Ebola outbreak dominated national news coverage from late summer through the fall season after American workers were infected. In August, a…

03 January 2015 [09:29 PM]
Fresh15 set for March 7

Preparations are underway for the second annual Fresh15 slated for March 7., and race organizers are issuing a challenge to area residents. The challenge: Run the 5K or 15K races and be part of a fitter Tyler. Trent Brookshire,…

03 January 2015 [09:22 PM]
Lighten Up East Texas set to kick off Friday

Lighten Up East Texas, the regional weight loss contest, will return with a kickoff event 5 to 8 p.m. Jan. 9 at Broadway Square Mall. Another opportunity to register will be held there from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Jan.…

03 January 2015 [09:20 PM]
Gray areas abound in obesity fight

If you’re poor, you are less likely to see a doctor, less likely to breathe fresh air, less likely to live in…

03 January 2015 [09:18 PM]
Flu season may soon peak

Local public health officials said they are hopeful the flu season will soon peak and are pleased that East Texas residents may…

02 January 2015 [09:51 PM]