Rare sheep from biblical times may help kids with deadly Tay-Sachs disease

Two newborn lambs mysteriously fell sick, quickly regressed and died in the spring of 1999 on a Texas ranch named for Saint Jude, the Roman Catholic patron of lost causes. That launched an odyssey for Fred and Joan Horak, retirees breeding rare sheep traced to the biblical era and named after the Jewish patriarch Jacob, who is described in the…

Donated organs kept 'alive' while transported may help ease the transplant shortage

Lloyd Matsumoto awoke from his liver transplant last month to find his surgeon more than pleased with the results. The new organ had begun producing bile almost immediately, a welcome signal that it had quickly started to function well. That may be partly because of the way Matsumoto's liver traveled from Tufts Medical Center across

Hospice choirs sing to provide peace and comfort for the dying Video

The singers enter single file, taking slow, deliberate steps as they intone a soft melody. Norman Doelling, an 85-year-old who recently suffered a stroke, is there waiting, an audience of one, eased into a recliner in the home where he's lived for decades in the Boston suburbs. "I guess I lived too long," he jokes in a

Internet addiction: Treatment for those struggling to look away from the screen

It was group discussion time at reSTART, a woodsy rehabilitation center about 30 miles outside Seattle. Four residents sat around the living room and talked about their struggles with addiction, anxiously drumming their fingers on their legs and fidgeting with their shoelaces. One young man described dropping out of college to

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