Are you there, God?

Do you ever read the Bible and feel — well, nothing? Is that sacrilegious to say? It’s a common issue, especially for people who have been Christians most of their lives. Even John Piper, a renowned pastor and Christian author, admits he struggles with this. Piper’s solution? He prays what he calls his “I.O.U.’s.&rd…

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Don't be your own worst enemy

"A friend loves at all times…" Proverbs 17:17 (NASB) We really are our own worst enemies. We second guess ourselves. We say meaner things to ourselves than we say to the guy who cuts us off in…

19 July 2014 [12:00 AM]
Award-winning Christian musician to perform in Liberty City

Though he’s an award-winning artist, singer and songwriter Jason Crabb said he hopes his audience can identify with him through his music. “I think they can tell that I’m just like them,” he wrote in an email exchange. “I go…

18 July 2014 [11:59 PM]
Are you there, God?

Do you ever read the Bible and feel — well, nothing? Is that sacrilegious to say? It’s a common issue, especially for…

18 July 2014 [11:49 PM]
Reader sounds off on being guest preacher

To the Religion Editor, 50 years ago this summer, Pine Springs Baptist Church of Tyler invited my wife and me — right out of Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth — to plant our lives there as their pastor and wife.…

11 July 2014 [11:32 PM]
Memories of a special teacher

“Well done, good and faithful servant!” Matthew 25:23 (NIV) My ninth-grade physics teacher at Shackelford Junior High in Arlington stands out among many terrific teachers I have been blessed to know. Mr. Geddie made a big impression on…

11 July 2014 [11:20 PM]
The Evil One challenges us

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. — James 1:2-3 (NASB) A few years ago, I was out of work. That was bad enough. Then in the…

04 July 2014 [11:40 PM]
What would you do?

It’s been a somber few days for me in light of our reporting about a Methodist minister in Grand Saline who set…

04 July 2014 [11:31 PM]

1. A woman praying is reflected against a large crowd of men who also attended dhuhr, a mid afternoon service at the…

04 July 2014 [11:30 PM]
Event will honor Korean War veterans

An event this weekend at Green Acres Baptist Church will honor Korean War veterans. “Most of what people know about the Korean War comes from M.A.S.H.,” said senior pastor David Dykes. “The Korean War is known as ‘The Forgotten War’…

27 June 2014 [11:12 PM]
A dog can't save your soul

I got a big surprise on my birthday in 2009. We were living in Atlanta (the city in Georgia, not Texas), and I co-hosted a morning television program. My husband walked onto our set, live on the air, with a…

27 June 2014 [11:06 PM]
Conflict: what is it good for?

If there’s one skill I’ve honed over the years that is probably to my detriment, it’s avoiding conflict. Just the word “conflict”…

27 June 2014 [11:01 PM]
East Texans mark start of Ramadan

Muslims begin the celebration of Ramadan today, which includes fasting, praying five times a day and nightly dinners, called Iftars, with family…

27 June 2014 [10:59 PM]
God is a gardener

Our neighbors Tom and Brenda spend almost every evening and weekend working in their yard. The labor has paid off. Their lawn is a fantasy. One area boasts Texas wild flowers grown from seed. Another pathway is lined with diverse…

20 June 2014 [11:55 PM]
'Godspell' - Teens re-enact Jesus' story

A 12 member cast of teenagers reenact the story of Jesus Christ in “Godspell,” presented by the Pollard Theater Center, June 27…

20 June 2014 [11:42 PM]
Convicts are people, too

There’s nothing better than a good redemption story. This week, NBC reported a story about an ex-convict in Georgia who rescued a…

20 June 2014 [11:38 PM]
How we are like bathtubs

The bathtub did not seem clean, despite Scrubbing Bubbles, elbow grease and repeated scouring. In addition to the dirt stains, a water drip had worn the enamel away near the drain, forming a dark blue circle. The surface was so…

13 June 2014 [11:28 PM]
Troup: Church celebrating centennial

Henry’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Troup will hold a ceremony today to celebrate its centennial and unveil its historical marker it…

13 June 2014 [11:23 PM]