[VIDEO] Bachs stress person’s worth to at-risk youth

The 12 young men in the room couldn’t believe their ears when they heard what Jerry Bach asked them. He had just shared with them about salvation through Jesus Christ and listened to their prayer requests when he dropped a strange question, “Do you think you’re precious?” A young man shook his head no. “Really,&rdqu…

Griffith finds calling in overseas missions

With President Barack Oba-ma this week announcing his plan to eradicate the Islamic State militants, the eyes of this nation have turned to the Middle East again if they weren’t already there. But for one East Texas resident, the violence overseas hits a bit closer to the heart because of a personal connection.

Nonprofit benefits Peruvian artisans by selling works in U.S.

Brightly colored textiles and richly embroidered items handmade by women in Peru will be available for purchase this month at a trunk show at Christ Church, Episcopal in Tyler. The items are from Threads of Hope, a Dallas-based nonprofit economic development project that supports disadvantaged artisans in Peru.

Goreth to speak about Bible translation at First Baptist South Campus

  When Grace Townsend Goreth was 6 months old, she was thrown from a plane into the air after it clipped trees on the takeoff and made a nosedive into a ravine in Mexico. Mrs.

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Nonprofit to open 2 houses next year for sex trafficking victims

BY EMILY GUEVARA, eguevara@tylerpaper.com A new nonprofit in Tyler is working to meet the needs of female victims of sex trafficking. The PREP Home, a Partners in Action ministry, aims to open two houses next spring to serve…

26 September 2014 [11:25 PM]
Rescue mission completes shelter expansion

The Hiway 80 Rescue Mission in Longview recently celebrated the completion of a $900,000 expansion of the Women and Families Shelter. The project has doubled the number of beds available to mothers and children and given families a separate…

26 September 2014 [11:14 PM]
Jews celebrating creation of the world today on Rosh Hashanah

Today marks the start of the High Holy Days for the Jewish community. Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset followed by Yom Kippur in 10 days. Rosh Hashanah is the day Jews celebrate the creation of the world. Rabbi Neal Katz,…

23 September 2014 [09:59 PM]
No harm in hope

One of my biggest pet peeves happens when I talk excitedly about a prospect, an adventure or an idea and someone says, “Don’t get your hopes up.” When someone says that, I tell myself, “He thinks I am not talented…

22 August 2014 [10:57 PM]
Cemetery dedicates Catholic section

Rose Lawn Cemetery in Tyler recently dedicated a Catholic section on its 30-acre site in south Tyler. Bishop Joseph Strickland blessed the…

22 August 2014 [10:53 PM]
An only child finally fits in

Some were tall, others short. Some skinny, others chubby. Many freckled and blue-eyed. But we were all family. It was the Williams’ reunion, and I loved it. I was related to all these nice people I’d never met before. They…

15 August 2014 [11:11 PM]
Diocese of Tyler hires first communications director

After 11 years with The University of Texas at Tyler, Peyton Low, the assistant athletic director of public relations and operations, has resigned to become the first director of communications with the Diocese of Tyler, the University announced on Friday.…

15 August 2014 [11:06 PM]
No matter who you are, you have a story to tell

Everyone has a story. Some people have more than one. Some people don’t want to share theirs. Some can’t wait. When I worked as a talk show host, I was blessed to hear stories from famous people like Max Lucado…

08 August 2014 [09:37 PM]
Thank you all

In the words of the late, great philosopher, Groucho Marx, “Hello, I must be going.” Now, I have accepted a position at…

01 August 2014 [11:42 PM]
Whitehouse - Latter-Day Saints: Church getting new Bishop

Sam Anderson has been called to serve as the new Bishop of Whitehouse Ward, a congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A bishop is the leader of a local congregation (known as a ward). In the…

01 August 2014 [11:39 PM]
Dayspring United Methodist: Christian singer to perform concert

By REBECCA HOEFFNER rhoeffner@tylerpaper.com Christian singer Phil Wickham will perform in a concert Aug. 8 at Dayspring United Methodist Church — a church that has come a long way from meeting in a movie theater during its first few years. Tickets…

28 July 2014 [10:51 AM]
Don't be your own worst enemy

"A friend loves at all times…" Proverbs 17:17 (NASB) We really are our own worst enemies. We second guess ourselves. We say meaner things to ourselves than we say to the guy who cuts us off in…

19 July 2014 [12:00 AM]
Award-winning Christian musician to perform in Liberty City

Though he’s an award-winning artist, singer and songwriter Jason Crabb said he hopes his audience can identify with him through his music. “I think they can tell that I’m just like them,” he wrote in an email exchange. “I go…

18 July 2014 [11:59 PM]
Are you there, God?

Do you ever read the Bible and feel — well, nothing? Is that sacrilegious to say? It’s a common issue, especially for…

18 July 2014 [11:49 PM]