Non-churchgoers share their own beliefs

Carrie Brantley attended church regularly for more than 20 years before deciding to stop after inconsistencies she saw created doubt. Ben Allen worked with the youth and prayer ministries at a church before several negative experiences involving people of faith prompted him to stop late last year. Peggy Downing attended church sporadically as…

Flint Catholic church begins $8M facility expansion campaign

The Flint-Gresham Community Center served as the first site for Mass of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.

Group reaches area inmates through Sunday School services Video

HENDERSON — The sounds of a blues rendition of “Amazing Grace” filled the gym as Gary Frizzell led the congregation in worship. Behind him, the band — complete with digital piano, bass guitar and drums — played and the choir sang.

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Church to hold annual Men's Day

People’s Missionary Baptist Church will have its Annual Men’s Day event at 3 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. E.R. Murrell, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Flint, will be the guest speaker. The Rev. Marcus Jackson is the host pastor.…

23 January 2015 [08:22 PM]
Overcoming life's failures

My future husband had failed in marriage and business before he was 30. But rather than let those losses define or defeat him, he decided to learn the lessons the setbacks could teach. In debt, he couldn’t afford counseling, so…

23 January 2015 [07:57 PM]
Non-churchgoers share their own beliefs

Carrie Brantley attended church regularly for more than 20 years before deciding to stop after inconsistencies she saw created doubt. Ben Allen…

23 January 2015 [06:59 PM]
Church to sponsor free community meal

The evangelism ministry of St. James Missionary Baptist Church, 1020 S. Lyons Ave., will sponsor free food for the community from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today. The public is invited. Call 903-595-6046 for more information. PASTOR ANNIVERSARY…

16 January 2015 [10:46 PM]
Life: The real reality show

So-called reality shows aren’t really real. Racing around the world … surviving on an island … letting a dozen handsome men be chosen by one beautiful woman … these situations are manufactured for TV ratings. But a third of our…

16 January 2015 [08:02 PM]
Churches uniting for youth event

Several East Texas churches are partnering in an effort to reach youth for Christ. Through the LOL4C event scheduled for Jan. 28, organizers aim to bring a message of hope about Jesus Christ to more than 1,000 teens in Wood…

16 January 2015 [07:35 PM]
Winona church to host gospel concert

The Steel Magnolias of San Marcos will present a fully choreographed, upbeat concert of Southern Gospel Music at 10 a.m. Sunday at the First Baptist Church, Winona, 212 Dallas St. Admission is free. For more information, call the church office…

09 January 2015 [07:44 PM]
Being perfect takes time

For years, I tried to be perfect. My logic was I would draw more people to Christ because they would want to be perfect, too, and it was easier to be perfect if you had faith. About the time I…

09 January 2015 [07:43 PM]
Church quilters group to meet on Tuesday

Holly Brook Baptist Church’s Stitchers will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the church, 3219 S. Farm-to-Market 2869, in Hawkins to start working on a quilt. All quilters are welcome. Call 903-769-2091 for more information or visit for more…

02 January 2015 [11:15 PM]
Ministry changes, growth mark 2014

Ministries leaving, growing and merging were among the top local faith-based news stories in 2014. Teen Mania, a youth ministry that had…

02 January 2015 [10:59 PM]
Keep celebrating Christmas all year long

We’ve unwrapped the gifts and eaten all the chocolate. We may have even gone to returning presents, repacking the ornaments and taking down the lights. But I hope you will keep celebrating the miracle that we call “Christmas.” My favorite…

26 December 2014 [08:39 PM]
Diocese of Tyler to host Catholic women's retreat

Staff Reports   Beautiful One: A Retreat for Catholic Women is scheduled for Feb. 13 to 15 at Sky Ranch in Van. Registration is open online at the Diocese of Tyler website or kerygma ens-Retreat.php or call 903-343-3567. The Rev. Michael Scherrey, with the…

19 December 2014 [10:34 PM]
The birth of a baby

Despite a faith heritage that did not celebrate a traditional Christmas, but certainly the birth of Jesus, I love the manger scene. I get it — I’ve been unable to check into a hotel room late at night in a…

19 December 2014 [10:33 PM]
Medical Miracles

Just six years ago, I had one of the best and worst Christmases of my life. It was the worst because the only gift I wanted was a job. And because I had no job, I was not able to…

12 December 2014 [10:39 PM]
Glenwood church to present program

The Glenwood Church of Christ will present Repeat the Sounding Joy: A Christmas Musical Dinner Theater at 6 p.m. today. The five-member a cappella vocal jazz group, Clearly Vocal, is scheduled to make a special appearance and Santa Claus will…

12 December 2014 [10:38 PM]
Religious nonprofits challenge health law

DENVER (AP) — In the latest religious challenge to the federal health care law, faith-based organizations that object to covering birth control…

08 December 2014 [02:41 PM]
A Different Christmas

Christmas was going to be different this year. In addition to Jenny and her parents, a cousin was spending the holiday with them, and he was bringing his 5-year-old daughter. Annie, Jenny’s mom, had gone overboard with cooking, decorating and…

05 December 2014 [08:34 PM]