Art in Amsterdam: By boat or by bike, capital city has lots of beauty to see

AMSTERDAM — One of the most interesting cities in Europe is Amsterdam, the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Although it is the capital city for the Dutch, the seat of government is actually at The Hague — not exactly sure how that works, but the people seem to be OK with it. Cycling and boats are the key forms of transportat…

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Photographs, pranks and petting zoos

On my June trip to Wichita, Kansas, I went to the Sedgwick County Zoo with my high school pal, Richelle Mattson and…

26 July 2014 [10:45 PM]
Finding the soul of Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you want to visit a lively and culture-rich city, Memphis is where it’s at. Famous for its barbeque…

12 April 2014 [09:41 PM]
American Eagle changes not expected to affect Tyler Pounds

Davis Dickson doesn’t expect any changes will be made to Tyler Pounds Regional Airport after the announcement Wednesday that American Eagle Airlines is changing its name and headquarters. The regional carrier is changing its name to Envoy on April 15…

10 April 2014 [05:49 PM]
An Insider's Guide To Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Oh, Santa Cruz, it’s your betwixtness that defines you. Culture and counterculture. Forest and sea. Surfers and professors.…

05 April 2014 [10:26 PM]