On Amtrak's Empire Builder sleeper train, some of the best scenery is inside

Shortly before Memorial Day, my husband, Matt, and I pulled our three children out of elementary school a week early and boarded Amtrak's Empire Builder, which loosely follows the trail of explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. We got on in St. Paul, Minnesota, headed for Portland, Oregon. It promised to be a romantic, slow, idyllic trip:…

Where can you catch a ride in a tank? Virginia's American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum, of course

"Seven ... eight ... zero ... zero ... zero ... three!" Dan Gasser calls out the numbers in a booming, stadium-beer-vendor voice. His wife, Natasha, dips her right hand into a glass bowl and pulls out another winning ticket. "Seven ... seven ... nine ... eight ... three ... six!" Dan shouts. It's raffle time at the family-owned and -operated

U.S. clears eight airlines for flights to Havana, Cuba, including Texas' Southwest Airlines

The U.S. government proposed eight airlines to begin scheduled passenger service to Havana, as carriers hustle to open regular flights to the Cuban capital for the first time in half a century. Flights may begin as early as this fall, the Department of Transportation said in a statement Thursday. The airlines winning approval for Havana service

Answers in Genesis' new Noah's Ark Encounter theme park opening in Kentucky

A 510-foot-long, $100 million Noah's ark attraction built by Christians who agree the biblical story really happened is ready to open in Kentucky this week. Since its announcement in 2010, the ark project has rankled opponents who say the attraction will be detrimental to science education and shouldn't have won state tax

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Japan's Godzilla slide in Yokosuka

YOKOSUKA, Japan - The "Godzilla" series started in 1954. In the middle of the first film, a warning is broadcast as the…

31 May 2016 [06:54 AM]
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