Lake County, Fla., offers rural charm, relaxed vibe

LAKE COUNTY, Fla., (TNS) — The 1,400 lakes sprinkled throughout Lake County add to the distinct character of a bucolic Central Florida gem. The diverse set of attractions and annual events draws visitors who enjoy the outdoors-y, laid-back vibe. …

Quirky Alabama store lures visitors with kitschy nostalgic items Video

Housed in a century-old building, a nostalgia store in Birmingham, Alabama, draws in shoppers for hours at a time. Featuring vintage and pop items from the 20th Century, What's on 2nd has an eclectic mix of old toys, clothes and an Elvis bathroom.    

AP photo gallery: Antarctica both alluring and forbidding

Their beady little eyes, squarish torsos and adorable waddling make penguins one of the main attractions for tourists who come to Antarctica. But far from the surface waters where they swim with seals and whales, deep in the oceans and across thousands of miles of frozen

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