United Airlines: No more free overhead bin for luggage with cheapest fares

Gone are the days of the free sandwiches, the complimentary pillows, the headphones that didn't cost $5. The in-flight comforts that were once a given are now nothing more than a nostalgic reminder of decades past. Out went the free checked bag, in came the fees for those few extra inches of leg room. Want to make sure you sit next to your…

Planning a trip to New York City? Here are the 12 rules for not getting in trouble at Katz's Deli

If there is an official deli season, it's right about now. The weather is cool, the bathing suits are gone (at least until winter break), and it's not yet roast-every-food-you-can time of year. It's also full-on tourist season in New York, which means that the lines at Katz's Deli are going to become even longer than they are. Jake Dell, the

Visiting Texas' Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Hiking in canyon country, you can drive yourself nuts spotting phantom creatures among the cliffs. That bobcat skulking along a ridge? Actually a pile of rocks. The golden eagle eying rodents from above? Just a gnarled tree stump. But on this walk in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, what I saw high atop a nearby mesa was no Texan trompe l'oeil: A Barbary sheep sat silhouetted against the midday sun.

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