AP photo gallery: Antarctica both alluring and forbidding

Their beady little eyes, squarish torsos and adorable waddling make penguins one of the main attractions for tourists who come to Antarctica. But far from the surface waters where they swim with seals and whales, deep in the oceans and across thousands of miles of frozen…

Hawaii takes campaign against waterfall trespassers online

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii officials have long been warning people to stay away from Sacred Falls, a dramatic waterfall where a landslide killed eight hikers more than 15 years ago. But hikers keep returning, encouraged by gushing reviews on websites and YouTube.

Delta Air Lines computer outage has passengers frustrated

NEW YORK (AP) — Passengers on Delta Air Lines Monday afternoon were unable to check in for their flights because of a malfunction with the airline's website, mobile app and airport kiosks. Travelers from different parts of the country complained about the problem on Twitter.

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Charter trip to Savannah, Charleston set for late April

Palestine Meals on Wheels will sponsor an eight-day, seven-night trip from April 25 to May 2 to Savannah and Charleston. Travel will be by deluxe motorcoach, Chuck’s Travel of Tyler. The highlights of the trip will include a tour and…

21 January 2015 [11:06 PM]
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