Crinums are long-lived, bulletproof beauties for East Texas gardens

Crinums are a plant that I had never heard of until I moved to Texas, and they are rarely seen in the retail trade. This is unfortunate, because it would be hard to find a more beautiful and bulletproof plant for East Texas gardens. They require very little care, are long-lived and bloom profusely with very little attention from the gardener. …

Heirloom bulbs display blooms of local heritage

The Smith County Master Gardeners will have their annual Bulbs and More Sale on Oct. 8. The event, at Harvey Hall, 2000 W. Front St., includes a conference with Brent Heath, of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, who will present “Bulbs for Southern Gardens.” The sale will follow. A special feature, as always, will be “heirloom bulbs,” flowering

Like it or not, August is busy gardening time

Andie Rathbone, Smith County Master Gardeners Of all the months in the year, my least favorite is August. It’s hot, it’s dry and most people I know are just counting the days until the summer is over. However, your garden does not care that you do not like the heat. There are still things you need to do. As we said last month, plan your

Science: How sunflowers follow the sun each day

Young sunflowers follow the sun, their still-green buds arcing from east to west across the summer sky as dawn turns to noon turns to dusk. Each night they reverse their dance, swinging from west to east in order to be the first to see the sun when it crests over the horizon at daybreak. But do you know how they do it? In a study published in

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Texas Superstar plants have been deemed proven superstars for the garden

Smith County Master Gardener Association Texas Superstars are plants that are highly recommended by Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service. They earned this Texas-tough recognition after extensive evaluations by the Texas Superstar Executive Board, comprised of Texas A&M horticulture specialists.…

27 July 2016 [07:14 PM]
The perpetual appeal of the peony

Fashion and taste come and go in the garden like anywhere else, but peonies are the rarest of blooms - they have…

10 June 2016 [09:15 AM]
Azalea gall can affect neighboring bushes

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service As a horticulturist, it might surprise some that I had never even seen an azalea before moving to Tyler. I had spent all of my life in Central Texas and the Panhandle, and…

19 May 2016 [12:17 PM]
NIH: Health benefits from gardening

Is there anything more delicious and nutritious than vine-ripened tomatoes, just-harvested peaches and corn, or fresh herbs and spices? Growing your own…

11 April 2016 [12:13 PM]
Herbs are great for container gardens

Ever since I started gardening, I have been addicted to growing plants - especially edible plants. When I first got started, I had a 13-by-10-foot space to grow in. Before I started planting, I had multiple sheets of graph paper…

23 March 2016 [10:18 PM]
Rose Garden set for improvements and rose bush replacements

In 2014, a hard freeze killed more than 60 percent of the roses in the Tyler Rose Garden. Over the last two years, restoration efforts have been made with half of the rose bushes being replaced. Tyler Parks and Recreation…

11 March 2016 [01:10 PM]
Take measures to promote healthy turfgrass

While I get lots of emails and phone calls concerning plant issues, the issue I’ve had the most questions about involve diseased turf grass. While there are a number of fungicides that you can apply for infections such as take-all…

02 March 2016 [06:11 PM]
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