Beautiful Clematis is one good vine to have in garden

Vines can make or break a garden. Most of us enjoy seeing a beautiful vine in full bloom, and every garden needs vertical interest. Vines, in most cases, though, are thugs, so be sure what you are planting when you plant vines. …

Inspiring programs, plant suggestions help welcome June

Spring is holding on with relatively mild temperatures and abundant rainfall. Of course, Texas summer time conditions are right around the corner with hotter and usually drier weather. To help you get ready for gardening in June, here are some tips to help you be more successful in your garden.  

Lime mound spirea perfect small shrub

Spireas come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Lime mound spirea is one of our all-time favorites in the IDEA Garden. Growing in our garden since the first day, lime mound, makes a lovely show with its lime-green leaves and little clusters of pink flowers. This is certainly a perfect little shrub for those wanting

Ferns are ideal plants for areas with full or partial shade

One of the simple pleasures in life is visiting preserved woodlands and forests where towering trees create quiet, shady, often damp environments. Not many plants can grow in the low light levels cast by groves of large trees. Mosses often cover the ground, and of course, the signature plant of many forests — the

Recent News

Unidentified small rose no doubt Lady Banksia

Dear Neil: When we purchased our home in 1972, there was a mesquite tree that was covered with a vine. The vine sported many tiny pale yellow blooms that looked like little roses. I believe they even smelled like roses,…

27 May 2015 [08:59 PM]
Lime mound spirea perfect small shrub

Spireas come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Lime mound spirea is one of our all-time favorites in the IDEA Garden. Growing…

20 May 2015 [07:53 PM]
Gulf Coast Penstemon displays beauty

I love this little native wildflower. Penstemon ten-uis, or Gulf Coast Penstemon, blooms all the month of April and way into May…

13 May 2015 [08:46 PM]
'Jewels in the Garden' set for June 6

Three horticulturists will speak at a one-day gardening conference, “Jewels in the Garden,” on June 6 at the Tyler Rose Garden Center, Smith County Master Gardeners, the organizing entity, announced. The conference is to inspire gardeners and provide practical information…

12 May 2015 [08:21 PM]
Palestine woman named President of Texas Garden Clubs

(TNS) -- Gardeners across the state will soon know the name of Carol Moore as Texas Garden Clubs' newest president. Though she will not take office until June, Moore was installed in April and will be the second woman from…

01 May 2015 [02:17 PM]
Japanese plum yew great groundcover

I’d like to introduce you to a different kind of evergreen groundcover that may fill a niche in your landscape. If you…

22 April 2015 [11:23 PM]
Group to meet Sunday on chartering local iris society

The American Iris Society is scheduled to charter a new group in East Texas at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Purple Pig Restaurant, 19785 Frankston Highway, south of Noonday Hardware, organizers announced. Those attending will receive an iris plant, and…

15 April 2015 [09:36 PM]
Baits good way of treating fire ants

With the recent warmer, rainy weather, fire ant mounds have begun popping up again. This is an ideal time to treat fire…

15 April 2015 [09:12 PM]
Fall in love with Chinese snowball

There are so many beautiful shrubs and trees blooming right now, not to mention all the lovely bulbs and flowers, making it…

08 April 2015 [08:01 PM]
Mistletoe usually just weakens trees

Dear Neil: Is it possible that all of this mistletoe (see photo attached) will kill my old red oak tree? A. Mistletoe is a parasite, so it’s not a good thing to have on your trees, but it usually just…

18 March 2015 [09:40 PM]
'A carnival of orchids' coming to Tyler

East Texans may be surprised to know orchids have substantial use other than just being pretty to look at. Although there is not much economic value to the orchid plant, other countries find orchids plenty useful when it comes to…

16 March 2015 [04:08 PM]
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