Grow your own onions and enjoy flavor variety

There are few things more satisfying to me than unearthing one of the most useful kitchen vegetables out of my garden beds. I’m talking about onions, of course. They make a welcomed addition to so many dishes in so many cuisines, it’s hard for me to imagine cooking without them. Why bother growing your own onions when you can pick up pounds…

Watch for root circling in trees, potted plants

Around this time of year, some gardeners might find themselves getting ready to plant the last of their woody perennials before spring temperatures send them into a green frenzy. One thing gardeners should always be vigilant of is root circling, both with bare-root trees and potted plants. Planting a woody perennial without checking for and

Christmas cacti bloom right on time for the holidays

Schlumbergera x hybrid, or simply Christmas cactus, is a beautiful holiday houseplant that will give you much-needed color in winter. The one in the photo is called Firecracker. It is Christmas red in color and lovely to decorate with. The most common is the one called Lilac Beauty, a rather hard color to use during the Christmas season. It would

Oakleaf hydrangeas spread their from spring through fall

Oakleaf hydrangeas are such pretty plants from spring through fall. Their huge white blooms in spring turn pink as summer approaches, unless it turns extremely hot very quickly. In that case, they turn brown. Fall brings on the rich reds in their huge magnificent leaves, which must rival any of nature’s largest leaved plants. And just look at

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Learn some new things at the Garden Lecture Series

The East Texas Garden Lecture Series is a six-lecture educational program sponsored by the Tyler Water Department, Smith County Environmental Horticulture Committee and the Smith County Master Gardener Association. All but one lecture will be at the Tyler Rose Garden…

27 January 2016 [11:01 PM]
Master Naturalist East Texas Chapter to offer 2016 classes

The East Texas Chapter of Master Naturalist, a nonprofit organization, will have its 2016 classes beginning Jan. 19, the chapter announced. Classes will be from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Tyler Nature Center, 11942 Farm-to-Market Road 848 in Tyler.…

16 December 2015 [09:43 PM]
It'd hard to top the holiday sparkle of poinsettias

Holiday plants bring much needed “sunshine” into our homes during winter. Poinsettias - perhaps the most popular Christmas plants - provide so much color for so little. I love getting some to put in a large basket on my fireplace.…

16 December 2015 [09:43 PM]
Hardy Mexican bush sage likes it hot

Salvias are some of the most important perennials in all of our gardens. Some begin blooming in spring, but most of the…

29 October 2015 [04:42 AM]
Welch to speak Saturday at Garden Lecture Series

The East Texas Garden Lecture Series will continue on Saturday in the Tyler Rose Garden Center with guest speaker Dr. William C. Welch. Registration will be at 8:30 a.m., with the program beginning at 9 a.m. Tickets are $15 at…

22 October 2015 [05:40 AM]
Quitman Arboretum sets plant sale

The Friends of the Arboretum at the Quitman Arboretum & Botanical Gar-dens announced it will have its annual Fall Plant Sale from 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Stinson House. Offerings will include trees, azaleas, Black Diamond crape myrtles,…

08 October 2015 [04:39 AM]
Blue butterflies stay hardy during winter

Do you like butterflies? Well, take a look at this nodding cluster of lovely blue butterflies in the IDEA Garden. Clerodendrum ugandense…

01 October 2015 [05:24 AM]
SFA professor Barnes to help kick off Garden Lecture Series

Dr. Jarod Barnes will open this season of the East Texas Garden Lecture Series with “Herbaceous Design - Incorporating Annuals & Perennials into Your Garden,” at 9 a.m. at the Tyler Rose Garden Center, Texas AgriLife Extension announce. Barnes is…

17 September 2015 [04:39 AM]
Pomegranates bring delicious beauty

Pomegranates grew on my grandparents’ place, and we children as well as many neighborhood children loved to eat them. The softball-sized orbs…

10 September 2015 [05:10 AM]
Get ready for seasonal change

Keith Hansen, Keeping It Green This will be my last Keeping It Green column I write for the Tyler Morning Telegraph as…

27 August 2015 [05:15 AM]
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