Good looking grass, yard color selections possible, despite heat

August — typically the hottest month of the year — is upon us. The recent weather has certainly been favorable for plants of all kinds in the woods and in our gardens. We have not needed to water as often due to timely rains and milder temperatures. Of course, that can quickly change during the next couple of months. VEGGIES If you have never…

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Garden phlox beautiful native plant

Garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) bloom in summer when so many spring things have given up to the heat. This phlox is a…

16 July 2014 [11:16 PM]
Cleome's spidery flowers draw attention

An old-fashioned granny plant, cleome (Cleome hasslerana) is a fascinating summer bloomer. Reseeding in the gardens, cleome is welcomed as a tried…

10 July 2014 [12:01 AM]
Butterfly weed showy summer wildflower

While traveling in Arkansas last week, we came across a lot of this beautiful native wildflower blooming all along the roadsides. Butterfly…

03 July 2014 [12:20 AM]
Licensed irrigator to speak Saturday

Brad McCullough, licensed irrigator with Ewing Irrigation, is scheduled to present “Saving water with Drip — Drip Irrigation Basics and Applications” for the fourth East Texas Garden Lecture Series workshop Saturday at the Tyler Rose Garden, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension…

14 May 2014 [09:55 PM]
When, how long to water keys to quality landscape

Summertime weather conditions are arriving soon as the temperature steadily climbs a few degrees every day or two. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be going into summer on the dry side. That means we will need to water our landscape…

07 May 2014 [11:44 PM]
Cool spring beckons gardening season

It seems like our spring is similar to this time last year — very cool. Overnight temperatures in the 40s and mild…

01 May 2014 [12:27 AM]
Stanley to present First Tuesday in the Garden on May 6

Nelda Stanley will present “Hummingbirds and Butterflies” May 6 in the IDEA Garden to kick off the 2014 First Tuesday in the Garden series, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension service announced. Ms. Stanley has been a Smith County Master Gardener since…

23 April 2014 [11:39 PM]