Many plants bursting forth to color your springtime

A riot of colors springing up as winter slips away is the sure sign springtime has arrived. Daffodils of all types begin teasing us, starting as early as January and February. And, of course, the bursting forth of azaleas is a familiar sight for Tylerites. Although daffodils and azaleas are some of the bigger stars…

Georgia Blue welcomes spring flowers

We are starved for sunshine and life in the garden this year for sure. It’s time to welcome blue skies and spring flowers. Blue skies are mirrored in this lovely little spreading veronica called Georgia Blue, growing in the Heritage and IDEA gardens. Georgia Blue makes such a sweet little groundcover in late March and early April.

East Texas soils, climate well suited for growing azaleas

Despite the recent cold and cloudy weather slowing down the start of our azalea blooming season, the Tyler Azalea and Spring Flower Trail will kick off Friday, with the opening ceremonies and ribbon cutting Sunday at the Pyrons’ lovely garden on Dobbs Street.

Cold weather a major concern for East Texas farmers

BY FIELD SUTTON, KYTX CBS19   The cold has been a hot topic for the last few weeks, at least for most people. For farmers, it’s been a major concern, based on the weather’s ability to make or break certain crops. Noonday onions and Jacksonville tomatoes join a long list of produce items that keep East Texas farmers in business.

Recent News

Mistletoe usually just weakens trees

Dear Neil: Is it possible that all of this mistletoe (see photo attached) will kill my old red oak tree? A. Mistletoe is a parasite, so it’s not a good thing to have on your trees, but it usually just…

18 March 2015 [09:40 PM]
'A carnival of orchids' coming to Tyler

East Texans may be surprised to know orchids have substantial use other than just being pretty to look at. Although there is not much economic value to the orchid plant, other countries find orchids plenty useful when it comes to…

16 March 2015 [04:08 PM]
Fruit and vegetable conference Feb. 24

The East Texas Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Conference is set for Feb. 24 at the Nacogdoches County Exposition Center, 3805 NW Stallings Drive in Nacogdoches. The event will cover fruit and vegetable production practices. The multi-county program, which is open…

07 February 2015 [08:25 PM]
Mystery plant makes beautiful shrub

Dear Neil: I ran into this tree with this unusual fruit late last fall. The tree is now bare, but I’ve had no luck in getting it identified so I could buy one myself. The seeds are like olive pits,…

04 February 2015 [11:33 PM]
Gardening lecture series begins Monday

Staff reports Starting Monday, the Tyler Public Library will present a weekly series of three gardening lectures to help residents get a head start on the spring growing season. Each lecture will take place in the Taylor Auditorium from 11…

03 February 2015 [02:09 PM]
The health of the plants begins with the soil

A cold winter’s day is the perfect time to cuddle up in your favorite chair with flower and vegetable garden seed catalogs. To sketch an order, a spiral notebook always works well, as there never seem to be enough lines…

14 January 2015 [08:48 PM]
Dormant Oil Sprays

Winter time is prime time to apply, if needed, a dormant oil spray to deciduous fruit, nut and certain landscape trees and…

14 January 2015 [07:48 PM]
Pansies bring hope

Pansies, the little faces of spring, give us hope in winter and early spring. We gardeners need lots of hope during the…

14 January 2015 [07:44 PM]
10 habits that can damage your eyes

Certain habits can cause stress, strain and even permanent damage to your eyes. Ask yourself if you are guilty of any of these: -You wear old glasses/contacts. If your lens prescription is outdated, it could cause eyestrain, sore eyes and…

23 December 2014 [10:39 PM]
Azaleas blooming at Christmas

Who would have ever thought we could have azaleas blooming at Christmas? Introduced by Flowerwood Nursery in Mobile, Alabama, the Encore series…

23 December 2014 [09:09 PM]
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