Irises make annual appearance in April

April is iris time! Meet this beauty, Joyce Terry. You will find her blooming in the Heritage Rose Garden. Joyce is like a spark of sunshine on a cloudy day. I knew a wonderful lady named Joyce Terry, and have often wondered if this lovely iris was named for her. If so, it couldn’t be more perfect, for she was a ray…

Not all crabapple varieties are crabby

Crabapple branches drenched in white, pink or red blossoms are a strong enticement to go out and buy one of these trees. First, however, put a little thought into which variety you plant. There are about 900 varieties on the market, and planting a crabapple is a decision that lasts for dec-ades. To begin with, think beyond just the blossoms. For

Wet weather can make plant leaf diseases more prevalent

April showers bring May flowers,” and all kinds of leaf spot fungal diseases. It has been a great spring for plant growth, and also ideal weather for infecting plant leaves (if you’re a fungal organism). Many plant leaf diseases flourish in mild and rainy weather which is ideal for germinating fungal spores.

Root vegetables: no flash, but tasty appeal

Pity the root vegetable. Tomatoes and peppers are the stars of the summer garden. They’re flashy — big, purple heirloom tomatoes, or vines weighed down by softball-size fruit, or tall plants loaded with brightly colored peppers — and they sit out there in the sunshine for all to ogle. Root vegetables — carrots,

Recent News

Palestine woman named President of Texas Garden Clubs

(TNS) -- Gardeners across the state will soon know the name of Carol Moore as Texas Garden Clubs' newest president. Though she will not take office until June, Moore was installed in April and will be the second woman from…

01 May 2015 [02:17 PM]
Japanese plum yew great groundcover

I’d like to introduce you to a different kind of evergreen groundcover that may fill a niche in your landscape. If you…

22 April 2015 [11:23 PM]
Group to meet Sunday on chartering local iris society

The American Iris Society is scheduled to charter a new group in East Texas at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Purple Pig Restaurant, 19785 Frankston Highway, south of Noonday Hardware, organizers announced. Those attending will receive an iris plant, and…

15 April 2015 [09:36 PM]
Baits good way of treating fire ants

With the recent warmer, rainy weather, fire ant mounds have begun popping up again. This is an ideal time to treat fire…

15 April 2015 [09:12 PM]
Fall in love with Chinese snowball

There are so many beautiful shrubs and trees blooming right now, not to mention all the lovely bulbs and flowers, making it…

08 April 2015 [08:01 PM]
Mistletoe usually just weakens trees

Dear Neil: Is it possible that all of this mistletoe (see photo attached) will kill my old red oak tree? A. Mistletoe is a parasite, so it’s not a good thing to have on your trees, but it usually just…

18 March 2015 [09:40 PM]
'A carnival of orchids' coming to Tyler

East Texans may be surprised to know orchids have substantial use other than just being pretty to look at. Although there is not much economic value to the orchid plant, other countries find orchids plenty useful when it comes to…

16 March 2015 [04:08 PM]
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