Some home gardening insecticides may lure bees and butterflies to their deaths

Many homeowners want to throw a lifeline to beleaguered bees and butterflies by planting pollinator gardens that will provide sustenance and habitat, but the unwitting use of insecticides may lure these beloved insects to their doom. The worry is that a common type of pesticide known as neonicotinoids, or neonics, will poison honeybees,…

Squash: Tiny is trendy, but big is good, too

Somewhere between the giant pumpkin and the tiny Sweet Dumpling squash there is a happy medium, though it's not always easy to find. Judging by what's in the catalogues this year, small is increasingly beautiful in the eyes of gardeners, and that's understandable, up to a point. We are a more urban country than we used to be, with small yards. We

Shiitakepalooza helps Vermont mushroom growers and hopefuls

Spring in Vermont means muddy roads, the return of green to the landscape, farmers planting crops ... and Shiitakepalooza. At least 100 people are expected to gather at the Eddy Farm in Middlebury on Saturday to help two mushroom growers prepare logs for next year's crop and to learn how to grow their own shiitakes. At the

Having trouble with your flowers? Try Ornamental Salvia

I have spent the past two years trying to establish a modest but charming hedge of rosemary, not the waist-high, architectural walls of clipped rosemary that I once saw in the south of France, but a row of small, billowing evergreen herbs. You have to set your rosemary sights lower in a town with unpredictable winters and muggy summers. Rosemary

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Azalea gall can affect neighboring bushes

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service As a horticulturist, it might surprise some that I had never even seen an azalea before moving to Tyler. I had spent all of my life in Central Texas and the Panhandle, and…

19 May 2016 [12:17 PM]
NIH: Health benefits from gardening

Is there anything more delicious and nutritious than vine-ripened tomatoes, just-harvested peaches and corn, or fresh herbs and spices? Growing your own…

11 April 2016 [12:13 PM]
Herbs are great for container gardens

Ever since I started gardening, I have been addicted to growing plants - especially edible plants. When I first got started, I had a 13-by-10-foot space to grow in. Before I started planting, I had multiple sheets of graph paper…

23 March 2016 [10:18 PM]
Rose Garden set for improvements and rose bush replacements

In 2014, a hard freeze killed more than 60 percent of the roses in the Tyler Rose Garden. Over the last two years, restoration efforts have been made with half of the rose bushes being replaced. Tyler Parks and Recreation…

11 March 2016 [01:10 PM]
Take measures to promote healthy turfgrass

While I get lots of emails and phone calls concerning plant issues, the issue I’ve had the most questions about involve diseased turf grass. While there are a number of fungicides that you can apply for infections such as take-all…

02 March 2016 [06:11 PM]
Need a shade-tolerant groundcover? Try Ajuga

Ajuga, a shade tolerant groundcover. Most gardeners will eventually have the issue of too much shade in their gardens, whether it’s from their ornamental shade trees or the pines towering overhead. One of the most common questions I’ve been asked…

24 February 2016 [09:14 PM]
Chickens are rewarding companions in the garden

There are few things as satisfying as prepar-ing foods made with ingredients grown in our own backyards. When people think of these ingredients, most often images of perfectly ripe tomatoes and handfuls of basil come to mind, but gardeners all…

10 February 2016 [09:15 PM]
Learn some new things at the Garden Lecture Series

The East Texas Garden Lecture Series is a six-lecture educational program sponsored by the Tyler Water Department, Smith County Environmental Horticulture Committee and the Smith County Master Gardener Association. All but one lecture will be at the Tyler Rose Garden…

27 January 2016 [11:01 PM]
Master Naturalist East Texas Chapter to offer 2016 classes

The East Texas Chapter of Master Naturalist, a nonprofit organization, will have its 2016 classes beginning Jan. 19, the chapter announced. Classes will be from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Tyler Nature Center, 11942 Farm-to-Market Road 848 in Tyler.…

16 December 2015 [09:43 PM]
It'd hard to top the holiday sparkle of poinsettias

Holiday plants bring much needed “sunshine” into our homes during winter. Poinsettias - perhaps the most popular Christmas plants - provide so much color for so little. I love getting some to put in a large basket on my fireplace.…

16 December 2015 [09:43 PM]
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