Bulbs are miraculous

Look what I found blooming already! Narcissus “Galilee” is one of the older varieties of narcissus known as Paperwhites. During the Victorian era, people would force them to bloom inside their houses during winter. Of course, you know how our grandparents and great-grandparents were — nothing was just tossed. They planted the bulbs outside a…

Yule Tide camellia faithfully showing Christmas blooms

Camellias provide our most brilliant color during winter. Take a look at this beauty, Camellia sasanqua, variety Yule Tide.

Proper procedures can keep holiday season plants beautiful

Although artificial trees have become quite common, having a fresh-cut tree for the holidays is still quite popular. A question we sometimes get is, “What special solution is best for keeping my Christmas tree green?” The answer is good old plain water! Research done at North Carolina State University a few years ago compared several

Sugar maples provide beautiful color to East Texas landscape, but probably no syrup

I just had to let you see this wonderful native maple in all of its fall splendor. All maples are beautiful trees, and this sugar maple (Acer barbatum) is no exception.

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Bulbs are miraculous

Look what I found blooming already! Narcissus “Galilee” is one of the older varieties of narcissus known as Paperwhites. During the Victorian…

17 December 2014 [10:26 PM]
Planning effective windbreak

A cold, blustery winter wind can make a chilly day very miserable. In heavily wooded areas the effects of wind are minimized by the trees, and in cities buildings affect the wind. But larger suburban and rural properties often have…

17 December 2014 [08:02 PM]
Favorite shrubs of the IDEA Garden

Punica granatum, “Nana” or dwarf pomegranate is one of our very favorite shrubs in the IDEA Garden. Evergreen in warmer years, deciduous…

19 November 2014 [08:19 PM]
Time to start thinking about a Spring garden

This is the time of year to put your flower and vegetable garden to bed, and start getting ready for your spring garden. Now that we’ve had some hard freezes, annual flowers and warm-season vegetables are finished and can be…

19 November 2014 [08:17 PM]
Bishop Dahlia thrives in the heat

I know I have written about this beauty in the past, but it is so pretty right now, I thought you might…

05 November 2014 [08:21 PM]
Preparing flower beds for winter

In Texas, with its lovely fall weather, it is hard to think of preparing our flower beds and gardens for winter. However, it is easier to start now than doing it on a cold day or even trying to do…

05 November 2014 [08:19 PM]
Trees are important to our daily life

Trees do many things for us. They provide shade and structure, add aesthetic value to our property and provide oxygen for us daily. Trees are hardy but can sometimes be affected by disease and insect damage. The best defense for…

01 November 2014 [07:04 PM]
Camellias bring color through winter season

I was not familiar with camellias until moving to East Texas. I quickly gained an appreciation for them with their elegant glossy evergreen foliage and their stunning blooms. But I was more impressed that they begin to bloom in the…

29 October 2014 [07:08 PM]
The East Texas Garden Lecture Series continues today

The East Texas Garden Lecture Series continues today, with Greg Grant making a presentation on “Forgotten and Under-utilized Plants for East Texas.” Registration for the lecture opens at 8:30 a.m., with the program beginning at 9 a.m. This is the…

24 October 2014 [08:56 PM]
Master Gardener program seeking applicants for service

It’s that time year again when the Smith County Master Gardener program is seeking applicants to become part of a highly trained core of volunteers who assist the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to conduct gardening educational programs and projects…

15 October 2014 [09:30 PM]
East Texas Lecture Series set to start Saturday

Smith County Master Gardeners begins its East Texas Lecture Series on Saturday with a presentation by David Gary, the organization announced. Gary continues gardening despite that muscular dystrophy has restricted him to a wheelchair. His garden, which he designed,…

10 September 2014 [11:22 PM]
Cardinal flower 101

Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) a Texas native plant flourishes in moist areas in full sun to part…

10 September 2014 [11:17 PM]