Forever family keeps siblings together

It was December 2013 when we first introduced you to a group of siblings in East Texas waiting for a forever family. Chris, Kiley, Cassidy and Kalob had one wish - to be adopted together. After almost three years in foster care, they wondered if that wish would ever come true. Just a few weeks ago, it did! …

Artist Ellie Taylor captures the quiet scenes of the state she loves

Ellie Taylor relishes the beauty in things most people don’t give a second thought to: large round bales of hay in the summer sun, lazy goats in the middle of a grassy field, an old barn that has seen better days. By her own estimate, Ellie has painted thousands of images that preserve some of the

Daughter encourages parents to adopt

By the age of 6, Danica Wet-more had only lived inside a Ukrainian or-phanage. In all that time, Thom and Tami Wetmore were the only ones who visited her. “It’s just, you felt it in your heart. We knew, as soon as I saw her. I knew, in my spirit, ‘Go get your daughter,’” Tami Wetmore said.

Couple applies newfound wealth to helping kids

More than 18 million Americans make their living from home through direct sales, and many of them are right here in East Texas. Direct selling involves a variety of products such as cookware, makeup, energy or vitamins. While some do it for the flexibility and work-life balance, others have found it has afforded them the opportunity to help

Recent News

Let Thanksgiving inspire new generations of giving gratitude

Remember Thanksgiving? The national holiday - uniquely American - set aside for us to give thanks for all the blessings of our lives? Today, for many people, the spirit of Thanksgiving is almost lost, with its role of kick-starting the…

21 November 2015 [07:35 PM]
Gluten-free dishes that don't sacrifice taste

As we gather around the holiday table to enjoy this season of giving, my gift is empowering you with tools to learn the art of gluten-free living. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and possibly oats. Physicians…

21 November 2015 [07:26 PM]
Daughter encourages parents to adopt

By the age of 6, Danica Wet-more had only lived inside a Ukrainian or-phanage. In all that time, Thom and Tami Wetmore…

14 November 2015 [08:18 PM]
Year's end brings incentives to give

It is hard to believe that the middle of Novem-ber is here. Where did the year go? The stores are all in full holiday mode, and The Salvation Army bell ringers are shining their bells to begin their annual Red…

14 November 2015 [08:18 PM]
Let respect and trust guide your giving during hectic season

As the end-of-year activities grow, it’s hard to have time to deal with giving decisions. From the what, where and how of a gift to what source to give from - your bank account, funds from your IRA, a donor-advised…

07 November 2015 [08:58 PM]
Bright, polite teen needs loving home

Donald is a resilient young man who’s spent about five years in foster care. “I’m really confident. I’m sometimes fastidious and I…

25 October 2015 [05:41 AM]
Give Well: Endowment funds help communities

Shickley, Nebraska, is a town of 341 residents with a clear understanding of the importance of community endowments. The town currently has an unrestricted endowment of more than $1 million, with plans to build it to more than $8 million…

24 October 2015 [01:54 PM]
Give Well: A giving ladder that matters

In 36 years of working with nonprofit organizations, I have seen many different donors. Very early in my career at the East Texas Crisis Center, we found ourselves unexpectedly short of funding due to a grant cut short. We were…

18 October 2015 [12:03 PM]
Children serve as rose queen’s attendants

During the coronation and other Texas Rose Festival events, Rose Queen Madeline Shirley Wynne will be accompanied by young attendants. The festival,…

04 October 2015 [04:09 AM]
Coronation costumes geared to theme

The well-anticipated Texas Rose Festival Coronation is set for Oct. 16 and will flow into The University of Texas at Tyler’s Cowan…

04 October 2015 [04:01 AM]
Business owner says every big dream starts with one small step

Do things that scare you.” That is just one of the messages of Liz Forkin Bohannon, the founder of Sseko Designs, an ethical fashion brand that works to educate and empower women. When Liz completed a master’s degree in journalism…

19 September 2015 [09:29 PM]
40 young ladies to participate in Rose Festival

The Texas Rose Festival Rose Queen’s Court includes dozens of young women who participate as out-of-town duchesses. These women are from families with ties to the Rose City. They will be featured in the Queen’s Coronation and Rose Parade.…

19 September 2015 [09:16 PM]
The Queen And Her Ladies

Young women from Tylerarea families are taking on the roles of rose queen, rose duchess and ladies-in-waiting in the Texas Rose Festival.…

13 September 2015 [07:36 AM]
Giving gifts of real estate and minerals

The sprayground at Faulkner Park is alive with the sights and sounds of splashing water and children’s laughter. No one loves the sound of children’s laughter or the pop of a tennis ball at the nearby tennis courts more than…

01 August 2015 [08:25 PM]
9-year-old girl needs forever family

This week’s Children are a Gift foster child is a 9-year-old girl who needs guidance and attention to help her overcome some…

01 August 2015 [08:24 PM]
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