Big names at Cowan Center during 2015-16 season

The Cowan Center is promising that its 2015-2016 season will be full of splashy shows, contests and big talent. Billed as “Lighting Up East Texas! Big Names, Big Shows,” the season includes Broadway musicals, shows inspired by popular television shows and movies and headliners from music, dance and comedy. “We have lots of great talent in store,” Susan Thomae-Morphew says in the season’s brochure.…

Give well: Family stories spark giving

Stories bind us, one generation to another. From parent to child, grandparent to grandchild, children learn what’s important to a family through stories. Our stories pass values from one generation to the next. They are the highlighted passages of our family narrative. I often hear questions about what the next generation will do when giving is in their hands.

Sweet young lady, 10, needs loving home, family

This week’s Children are a Gift foster child is an active 10-year-old who enjoys making friends, so iJump in Tyler was the perfect outing. “I’m happy and I’m a little hyper,” Caitlin said with a big grin. Bouncing from trampoline to trampoline, Caitlin had a blast while mindful of others around

12-year-old has simple wish: A committed family

This week’s Child-ren are a Gift foster child likes adventure, animals and fast cars. In fact, becoming the next Jeff Gordon would be a dream come true. Carter is a smart, polite and easygoing 12-year-old. “I’m pretty nice most of the time,” he said. “Surprises make me happy and I like going to the

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Give well: Family stories spark giving

Stories bind us, one generation to another. From parent to child, grandparent to grandchild, children learn what’s important to a family through…

04 July 2015 [05:31 PM]
Collisions of light, love define philanthropy's impact

Impact — the force of two things colliding — is strikingly illustrated in the solar system. Any star might be involved in a “stellar collision” which occurs when the force of gravity pulls two stars together into one larger unit.…

27 June 2015 [11:37 PM]
Father's gift to sons is lesson in generosity

Father’s Day is an opportune time to reflect on good times we have had with our fathers. While thinking about the influence of fathers on this special day, I remembered a story told by Tim Brookshire about his fath-er. Tim…

20 June 2015 [08:22 PM]
Great givers look for problems that break their hearts

What breaks your heart?” That was the question posed by Andy Stan-ley during the opening session of “Leadercast,” a one-day leadership event that was broadcast live on May 8 to a worldwide audience. Stanley, a communicator, author and pastor, used…

06 June 2015 [07:52 PM]
Secret Murals of Smith County

Sometimes murals are found where least expected — inside the children’s area of a small-town public library, strategically placed inside a school…

30 May 2015 [08:25 PM]
Family businesses very philanthropic

Since East Texas Communities Foundation was established in 1989, the organization has served to support the philanthropic interests of local business owners. Our region is full of hard-working business owners who have built enterprises that serve the needs of people…

30 May 2015 [08:12 PM]
Gratuity philanthropy's driving force

On May 7, members of The Women’s Fund of Smith County and their guests joined in celebrating inspirational women at the organization’s second annual Mother’s Day Luncheon. The program included a deeply emotional new video, in which local Women’s Fund…

16 May 2015 [09:14 PM]
Local boutique helping foster girls

Fashion, friendship and faith continue in East Texas at a unique shop called Keeps Boutique. The name comes from Genesis 28:15 in…

16 May 2015 [09:12 PM]

Smith County Master Gardeners will present four properties on its annual Home Garden Tour designed to showcase the best of…

16 May 2015 [08:46 PM]
The Women's Fund honors mothers, inspiring women

Every day, wo-men inspire us. And “everyday” women inspire us. That woman may be your mother, a grandmother, a business colleague, a sister, a mentor or a friend. Inspiring wo-men share their stories with us. They help us learn about…

25 April 2015 [08:55 PM]
Does real giving need private foundation? It depends on objectives

Does real giving require you to establish a private foundation? As president of a community foundation, it would be real easy to answer, “Absolutely Not!” and encourage donors to establish a donor-advised fund at the community foundation. But the truthful…

18 April 2015 [10:45 PM]
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