The the magical way Facebook is celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter

 (KYTX) Here's one way to forget that, yes, the beloved Harry Potter series is 20 years old: go to Facebook. The social network is offering a simple yet magical tribute to J.K. Rowling's epic tale whenever you share a status update including "Harry Potter." It also works if you type any one of the houses in Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff,…

State says Tiede can't argue guilt on appeal; on 99 year sentence

Bernie Tiede cannot re-try elements of his 1999 murder conviction in appealing the 99-year sentence a jury gave him in April 2016, the state argues in response to the former Carthage funeral home assistant director's appeal of his punishment. Prosecutors for the Texas Attorney General's Office also argue that issues arising

Review: Back from the past, TLC still sounds great on new CD

TLC, the iconic '90s-era girl group, is back after 15 years away and these women are clearly not wasting anymore time. "We don't need no introduction," they boast on the first song of their new self-titled CD. "No, we don't need no instructions/We already paved the way." They're right. For those of you who have no idea whom TLC is, we'll wait

Kind act spreads to 167 drivers at McDonald's

Associated Press SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (AP) - A customer's act of kindness at a southern Indiana McDonald's sparked a chain reaction of niceness in its drive-thru line. Hunter Hostetler is a cashier at a McDonald's in Scottsburg, about 50 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky. He says an older woman waiting in the restaurant's drive-thru Sunday decided

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