Supreme Court abortion ruling may not open doors for new Texas clinics soon

Abortion providers celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court striking down major Texas abortion restrictions Monday also begrudgingly acknowledged a daunting reality: The damage is done, and no time soon are women likely to see new clinics replacing about 20 abortion facilities lost since 2013. The restrictions that justices toppled

Police: Houston mom killed by police after she shot her two daughters to death

When police pulled up to the manicured Houston subdivision Friday evening, after a flood of 911 calls directing them there, they found two young women lying in the street, their bodies bleeding from bullet wounds. Nearby stood their mother, 42-year-old Christy Sheats. In her hand she held a gun. Authorities demanded she drop her weapon,

Houston Zoo llama, Fiesta, loves the leafblower Video

A llama named Fiesta at Houston Children's Zoo enjoys the breeze when zookeepers do a daily clean of the stalls. Zookeepers say Fiesta runs right up to the keepers as they turn on the leafblower and then enjoys standing in the air gusts. Video of the animal was posted on social media Tuesday with the hashtag '#butfirstllamatakeaselfie'.

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