For these LARPers, the more the merrier

Nerd, geek and dork are some of the words that passersby shout, 18-year-old Lexie Carr said of the time she and her friends spend at Rose Rudman Park on the weekends. “It doesn’t bother me,” the home-schooled student from Tyler said. “Whatever those people think, I have fun.” But what exactly raises the ire of…

Couple's son performing tonight with The Lettermen Video

One could say Charlie and Fran Tea, residents of Meadow Lake Retirement Community in Tyler, know a little bit about international fame. Donovan Tea, the couple’s eldest son, is one of three male vocalists of the internationally known group, The Lettermen, which first organized in the ’60s.

A picture's worth...

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$65,000 in donations help restore fire truck Video

After five years and an estimated $65,000 in donations, the Lindale Fire Department’s first fire truck, a 1945 Ford Seagrave, has been completely restored. “They decided a little over five years ago that they wanted to do a restoration on the truck and bring it back to life,” said Shawn Houston, owner of Great American

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A picture's worth...

FocusInOn.Me is a feature on showcasing hundreds of photos taken at Tyler-area events by our local freelance photographers. We've got you…

18 February 2015 [11:15 PM]
How to interrupt negative patterns

When undesirable situations, actions and emotional conflicts happen again and again in your life — same scene, different characters — there’s a good chance you are expressing a negative “pattern.” Some examples: picking the wrong lovers or partners, constant conflict…

04 February 2015 [10:32 PM]
Seniors work on float for parade

CANTON — Retired teacher Ilene Brown, 89, swirled glue on a circular red piece of cardboard and doused it in holiday glitter…

10 December 2014 [10:11 PM]
Pickleball: a favorite pastime

Retired businessman Stephen Smith, 67, moved to the Whitehouse area from California several months ago to be closer to family, swapping sun…

19 November 2014 [09:01 PM]
Woman, 90, fulfills some life-long goals

As LaVerna Verheyden approached her 90th birthday, she decided the time was right to fulfill two longtime dreams. First, she wanted to…

05 November 2014 [08:42 PM]
Everyone matters

When this year’s convocation speaker finished, every teacher in the audience had two things on their mind: First: “My classroom is nowhere near ready.” Second: “What are we having for lunch?” Neither of which had anything to do with her…

22 October 2014 [11:40 PM]
UT Tyler student fighting for sight

Three years ago, University of Texas at Tyler student Candyce Lane Henwood was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease. She was…

22 October 2014 [09:18 PM]
Don't worry about the past

As the author of more than 30 books, including the bestselling series Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Dr. Richard Carlson helped millions…

01 October 2014 [11:15 PM]
Zipping by

CHEROKEE COUNTY — Aeriel Holte stood on a platform 16-feet in the air, hooked to a zip line. With a push she was…

24 September 2014 [10:22 PM]