Entrepreneur rises above domestic violence

After years of abuse, Crimson Duran had accepted the title of victim. But her story is one of survival and overcoming. This week, Ms. Duran is celebrating one year of stepping out of the shadows and opening Fabulous You Spa & Beauty in Lindale. She said people who know her are blown away by the changes she has made. “And it’s be…

Peace gets a chance, group erects monument

With hands clasped and voices raised, a small group of East Texans in the Tyler Rose Garden sang, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.” The song marked the completion of the dedication of a Peace Pole, one of many activities taking place this week as part of the Fourth Annual Art of Peace Festival in Tyler.

John Tyler, Robert E. Lee fight for food donations

Students at John Tyler and Robert E. Lee high schools together collected over a million pounds of food during the past 23 years in a friendly competition to see which school can raise the most food for the needy.

Can Do Canning

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but was afraid. What if it doesn’t work and I give someone food poisoning? How can I keep everything sterilized? What if the recipe I am using is unreliable and all this food and time is wasted? Throughout the years I’d made a lot of excuses about why I didn’t have the courage

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Rotary donates to Moore tornado relief fund

A local donation to the Moore, Oklahoma community in the wake of a devastating tornado is reaping benefits. The South Tyler Rotary Club donated $1,000 as a relief gift to the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City for the victims…

10 September 2014 [11:50 PM]
Can Do Canning

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but was afraid. What if it doesn’t work and I give someone food poisoning? How…

04 September 2014 [01:14 AM]
Give yourself some props

I consider myself a yogi. That self-proclaimed title has been a long time coming, and I want to share with you the journey that led to being comfortable with such a public statement. The truth is, I have been practicing…

14 August 2014 [10:29 AM]
Putting her best foot forward

Born with a clubfoot that required numerous surgeries, culminating in amputation, life has not been easy for Whitney Hemphill, whose family relocated…

13 August 2014 [10:59 PM]
A mile in her hijab

Editor’s note: Tyler Morning Telegraph news staffers in June were tasked with doing something they’ve never done before as part of the…

07 August 2014 [12:02 AM]
Keep the Karma coming

I was trying to make up my mind what to order when a flight attendant came up behind me with a somewhat frantic look on her face. She asked if I was in line, and I could tell by the…

31 July 2014 [12:18 AM]
Play is an important part of life

How do you use your leisure time? Fewer unstructured “play” hours seem to be in our lives! This is a serious threat to our health and happiness. Did you know: * The average married couple works 26 percent longer each…

31 July 2014 [12:08 AM]
Knights of The Realm

One by one, the campers who could, knelt down on one knee. With a sword in hand, Dustin Stephens tapped their right…

31 July 2014 [12:04 AM]
Learning life lessons on family vacation

My family recently packed up the fifth wheel with kids, the dog and half our house and left for an epic, two-week vacation. The plan was to stop to explore a new destination every day until we reached Monterey, California,…

17 July 2014 [12:02 AM]
There’s someone out there for everyone

Today, I had several moments of introspection that I feel are worth sharing. On my way to one of my cleaning jobs, I was listening to a country music station, and I thought about how much I miss dancing. As…

17 July 2014 [12:01 AM]
Registration open for Ride for the Cure

Registration is open for the Fourth annual Susan G. Komen Tyler Ride for the Cure. This year’s event, which is in memory of Jim Tarrant Sr., features live music, lunch, games, trail rides and a silent auction. It will take…

10 July 2014 [12:31 AM]
What will your story say about you?

Have you ever heard the tale of when first meeting Saint Peter at the pearly gates? He asks, “What would you do differently, if you could redo your life?” All too often, the answer is not focused on what you…

10 July 2014 [12:30 AM]
The nurse who helped me

Having my baby was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. There were times during my 19 hours of labor that I didn’t think I could take anymore. Throughout the process, there were several nurses at Mother…

03 July 2014 [01:02 AM]
Have you hugged a service member?

I would like to talk with you about something that should mean so much to us as Americans and Texans. It’s the Texas Wounded Warrior. How many soldiers volunteer freely, to fight for the rights we so take for granted…

03 July 2014 [12:54 AM]