DreamWorks wants to help Tyler kids find 'Home'

A young girl from Tyler was recently named the runner up in DreamWorks Animations and Good Morning America’s “Bring Home to your Hometown” contest. Caroline Wells, an 11-year-old All Saints Episcopal School student, submitted a short video to the studio’s contest and was selected to attend the red carpet premiere of the movie “Home.”

Local couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

A Tyler husband and wife who prided themselves on the joys of family life and community involvement are celebrating 70 years of marriage.

An engagement ring's 11 year, 1100 mile journey home

More than a decade ago, in February 2004, Susan Webber, of Bullard, lost her engagement ring. As she sat in her husband Don Welling’s 2001 Chevrolet Silverado and touched up her makeup before a job interview with Cumberland Academy, she noticed lint on her jacket and went to brush it away.

Young girls win 34th Rose City Chili Cookoff

Five little cooks all under the age of twleve took home the first place people's choice award during the The 34th Rose City Chili Cookoff. The chili cookoff was held Saturday, March 7 behind Gander Mountain in Tyler. The team of girls, "Longino's Bail Out Chili", range in age from 3 to 11. The team members are Caitlyn Pickett 11, Jolie McChesney

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Everyone matters

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UT Tyler student fighting for sight

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22 October 2014 [09:18 PM]
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