Smith County NWTF Banquet Friday to help Turkey, Quail in Texas

If there ever was a time for East Texans to seriously get behind the fundraising efforts of a conservation organization, this would be it. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is making another serious push toward re-establishing eastern wild turkeys. Partnering with the department to get the birds from other states to Texas is the National Wild …

Texas hog hunter becomes pig lover

VICTORIA, Texas (AP) — Before Courtney Taylor met Hooey, she was an avid hog hunter. Taylor, 28, of Victoria County, was on a hunting trip near Edna with her ex-boyfriend a year ago when she met the then 5-pound piglet.

Wildlife biologist counts antler inches instead of deer on hunt

As a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wildlife biologist, Corey Mason has spent more time over the years looking at other people’s deer than having the chance to spot one he wanted to hunt. One exception for the Tyler-based Wildlife Division regional director has been his annual pilgrimage to West Texas each winter to hunt mule deer wit

Disappointing duck season comes to an end

It was a gadwall kind of year for a lot East Texas duck hunters. Others loaded up on widgeons and even a few were heavy into the mallards, but they had to be creative.

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Speed to talk to anglers in Tyler

Fishermen interested in traveling to Mexico to chase big numbers and big bass or to Brazil to battle with trophy peacock bass have a chance to learn the ins and outs from outfitter Ron Speed Jr., Feb. 10 at Tyler’s…

28 January 2015 [08:09 PM]
Texas hog hunter becomes pig lover

VICTORIA, Texas (AP) — Before Courtney Taylor met Hooey, she was an avid hog hunter. Taylor, 28, of Victoria County, was on…

28 January 2015 [09:46 AM]
Last day for contest entries

Turn out the lights, the party’s over. At least it is for the 35th TylerPaper Big Buck Contest. Hunters have through today to submit any final entries taken in the last week. As it currently stands, Randy Hunt, Tyler,…

24 January 2015 [08:42 PM]
Quiet week as North Texas season ends

With the regular season over in North Texas and winding down in South Texas, last week was the first quiet week in almost a month for the 35th TylerPaper Big Buck Contest. No new entries were brought into the contest,…

17 January 2015 [07:47 PM]
Holiday hunts shake up contest leaders

After a slow start to the Texas white-tailed deer hunting season, things picked up over the Christmas holidays. That meant leadership changes…

03 January 2015 [08:57 PM]
Two rainbow trout fishing events at The Nature Center

The East Texas Woods and Waters Foundation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will host two special rainbow trout fishing events beginning Saturday. Two thousand rainbow trout will be stocked into The Nature Center pond to provide a free…

31 December 2014 [07:29 PM]
Hunter shot, killed by friend who slipped in mud

LOGAN, Utah (AP) — Authorities say a 57-year-old hunter is dead after one of his companions slipped in the mud and accidentally shot him in the back in northern Utah. Cache County deputies say the man was shot about 2…

17 December 2014 [11:38 AM]
No changes in Big Buck Contest leaders

When it comes to finding mature bucks, Texas hunters had an unusually slow Thanksgiving holidays. Good mast crops and fall forbs across…

13 December 2014 [10:27 PM]