Co.Work offers collaborative space, community for freelancers and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Blake Moser knew he couldn’t be the only one, when he was having trouble making a home office work for him. What with the distractions and social isolation, others must be having the same difficulty, he reasoned. “I worked out of my home office for 10 years,” he said. “It never made sense for me to have a big, dedicated

White House demands make-or-break health vote

WASHINGTON - Abandoning negotiations, President Donald Trump demanded a make-or-break vote on health care legislation in the House, threatening to leave “Obamacare” in place and move on to other issues if Friday’s vote fails. The risky move, part gamble and part threat, was presented to GOP lawmakers behind closed doors Thursday night after

Tyler ISD hosts high school renovations bond discussion, releases new renderings

Tyler ISD kicked off a series of meetings Thursday to help sell its $198 million bond package. The bond package would see total renovations coming to Robert E. Lee and John Tyler high schools. Tyler ISD is home to 18,130 students and about 2,700 staff members. Lee has 2,500 students and John Tyler has an enrollment of 2,200. John Tyler is

Pet experts warn pet owners fleas will be a problem this spring

Spring has arrived in East Texas. That means flowers, allergies, warmer weather and - for pet owners especially - fleas. And with such a mild winter, experts say fleas could become a problem this year earlier than usual. “This warmer weather could give fleas a head start in your yard,” said Dr. Mike Merchant, an urban etymologist with the

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