U.S. Senator: Probe billboards using cellphone data to track shoppers

A U.S. senator is calling for a federal investigation into an outdoor advertising company's latest effort to target billboard ads to specific consumers. New York Sen. Charles Schumer has dubbed Clear Channel Outdoor Americas' so-called RADAR program "spying billboards," warning the service may violate privacy rights by tracking…

Food fight with Cuba may mean trouble for big Florida crops like sugar cane, oranges and organic foods

Florida citrus farmer Dan Richey is worried about a Cuban fruit invasion. "They have a better climate than us and the same growing season," said Richey, who farms 4,000 acres of mostly grapefruit near Vero Beach. "They could become the low-cost competitor, right at our doorstep." While a diplomatic thaw is just beginning, President Barack Obama

Privacy concerns rise after Dallas Police publish personal information about victims online

The Dallas Police Department made public the names, ages and home addresses of some alleged sexual assault victims on an official website, an incident that highlights how the push to put more police records online may also be inadvertently leaving victims exposed. Dallas police are not alone in revealing the personal data of crime victims on the

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Man's best friend? Speaker Lou Holtz narrows it down

Lou Holtz was in town Friday night to talk about life and leadership. He is a very entertaining speaker. For those who don’t know much about the man, Holtz is one of the more successful college football coaches of the…

01 May 2016 [10:45 AM]
Reader supports John Nix for Tyler City Council seat

In last Sunday’s paper, City Council District 6 candidates explained their platforms. Clark Hampe Jr. opposes combining fire stations in a way that will not impact response times. He claims that the proposal ignores Tyler traffic congestion, oblivious to the…

30 April 2016 [11:59 PM]
Property tax reform should be a priority

Smith County property owners will be receiving their appraisal notices in coming days; perhaps now is a good time to revisit something Texas voters feel strongly about - property tax reform. It was just a few weeks ago they demonstrated…

30 April 2016 [11:56 PM]
Ore City woman dies after hitting fallen tree

ORE CITY - A 49-year-old Ore City woman was killed when her sport utillity vehicle struck a tree which had fallen across Farm-to-Market Road 1649 near this city early Saturday, said Upshur County Pct. 3 Justice of the Peace Rhonda…

30 April 2016 [12:56 PM]
Drilling Report for May 1, 2016

(For activity April 17-23) DEVELOPMENTAL (County; Operator; Lease/Well; Field; Survey; Type; Depth; Location) Cherokee: Tanos Exploration II, LLC; McElroy 'A'-Murray (Alloc)…

30 April 2016 [07:29 AM]
Pet of the Week 5-1

The Humane Society’s Pets Fur in Tyler has a 4-month-old male Alaskan Husky mix puppy, Simba, available for adoption. This big, beautiful…

30 April 2016 [02:24 AM]
A convention must unite Republicans

What are political conventions for? If you’ve ever been to one, you might think the purpose is for attendees to schmooze, drink…

29 April 2016 [09:20 PM]
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