Changes coming to Longview’s summer blues festival

Longview will continue to host a summer blues festival but it will no longer be called the T-Bone Walker Blues Festival. It is now the Big Pines Blues Festival. “This change will allow the board and other volunteers more flexibility in programming the festival so we can better honor the region’s broader blues music heritage, and to meet the…

Love and loss leads family to adopt special-needs kids

A family broken by grief has found strength that lead to the greatest blessing of all - family. Trying to make sense of deeply rooted sorrow, Brenda and Gary Gorman have had quite a life journey, and it’s not over yet. In 2007, the Gorman family had already adopted one child and Brenda and Gary were in the process of adding a second daughter

Family Matters: Test your knowledge of facial hair facts

If the Family Feud game show were to ask 100 people, “Name a holiday that falls in February,” I’m guessing the most popular survey responses would be “Valentine’s Day,” “President’s Day” or possibly even “Groundhog Day.” If a contestant buzzed in with “Fake Mustache Day,” it would most likely count as a strike against

John Moore: The cat on the mat

After living in the city my entire life, in 2003, we decided to give country living a try. The transition wasn’t too different from Eddie Albert’s Manhattan to Hooterville move on the TV show, “Green Acres.” The only difference was that I wasn’t a wealthy New York attorney and our move was from Tyler to south of Whitehouse. Other than

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John Moore: The cat on the mat

After living in the city my entire life, in 2003, we decided to give country living a try. The transition wasn’t too…

18 February 2017 [07:43 PM]
John Moore: The Dream Car

It was the car I’d always wanted. A 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible. I found it one morning while cruising (pun intended)…

04 February 2017 [07:23 PM]
If we connect and collaborate, anything is possible

KRISTEN SEEBER, Women’s Fund of Smith County Now that our boys are grown and gone - one a college graduate working in Austin, the other a junior at the University of Arkansas - our house feels very different. While…

31 January 2017 [03:58 PM]
Our changing world

In my youth, there was a defining adage in business, “The customer is always right.” Fast-forward to our post-modern world and you…

29 January 2017 [12:34 AM]
Tax change may impact your giving

In the early 1980s, as a very young nonprofit executive director, I experienced the impact of political change, or rather the impact of the predictions of change. On Jan. 20, 1981, President Reagan was inaugurated. Tax reform winds were…

22 January 2017 [01:23 AM]
There's always next year

There was a faint hope this time last week that the Cowboys could make the Super Bowl. Speculation was rampant about how…

22 January 2017 [01:05 AM]
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