There's always next year

There was a faint hope this time last week that the Cowboys could make the Super Bowl. Speculation was rampant about how many thousands of dollars the cheap seats would cost in Houston if the ‘Boys made it. I almost took the bait. But then Aaron Rodgers proved he is the hottest player in the league by hijacking the game with a miraculous pass…

Columnist John Moore: A canning quest for mom

Forty-five years ago, my mother began collecting a series of antique canning jars. I can’t remember why this happened, but my best guess is that she came across one that was unique, she liked it, and she bought it. This purchase would start a chain reaction and a multi-year search for my family. Specifically, she sought green Atlas jars with

Children are a Gift: Talkative teen needs forever family

Spend some time with Jairius and it's pretty easy to tell what he likes to do.“I'm a video gamer. If you put me in front of a game I'll just look at it, and then play it all day," said the 15-year-old with a smile. This handsome young man also enjoys watching sports and is very outgoing. "I talk a lot. That's what people tell me."And nothing

Kathy Mattea set for concert March 11 at Liberty Hall

DANNY MOGLE, Kathy Mattea, the Grammy-winning singer, has added Tyler to her “The Acoustic Living Room” national tour. She will perform with Bill Cooley, her longtime guitarist and music arranger, on March 11 at Liberty Hall. She will be singing music from her latest release “Calling Me Home” and some of her earlier

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Tax change may impact your giving

In the early 1980s, as a very young nonprofit executive director, I experienced the impact of political change, or rather the impact of the predictions of change. On Jan. 20, 1981, President Reagan was inaugurated. Tax reform winds were…

22 January 2017 [01:23 AM]
There's always next year

There was a faint hope this time last week that the Cowboys could make the Super Bowl. Speculation was rampant about how…

22 January 2017 [01:05 AM]
12 year old needs forever family

Levi is your typical 12-year-old boy who enjoys being outside. “I like to play football and play with animals,” he said, chasing…

13 January 2017 [01:19 AM]
Shy teenager needs forever family

As the new year approaches, many are thinking about New Year’s resolutions. But the only change one east Texas girl hopes for…

21 December 2016 [02:56 PM]
How to raise confident children

Willis-Knighton Health System It takes confidence to be a kid. Whether going to a new school or stepping up to bat…

21 December 2016 [02:31 PM]
Helping children handle worries

Willis-Knighton Health System Kids don’t have to pay bills, cook dinners or manage carpools. But, just like adults, they have their share…

14 December 2016 [02:40 PM]
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