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Get To Know Your Social Security

Social Security touches the lives of nearly every American. We’ve been with you from day one, when your parents applied for your…

19 October 2017 [03:33 PM]
Would you please pass the wisdom?

Several bits of sage advice have come my way lately. If you keep your eye on what is happening in our community…

14 October 2017 [11:36 PM]
Honor Roll First Six Weeks

West Rusk Junior High Sixth Grade A: Noah Haffner, Natalia Mata, Gabriela Ramimirez, Luis Sanchez, Faith Sanders, and Drew Tyra A/B: Baylee…

11 October 2017 [02:47 PM]
Columnist John Moore: Long live the bacon

I was rummaging through the freezer when something caught my eye. Bacon. But, this wasn’t just any bacon, this was fully-cooked bacon.…

07 October 2017 [06:15 PM]
Family Matters: Praying for Revival

The news has been filled with tragedy and devastation lately. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Bombings. Mass shootings. Every story represents unimaginable sorrow and suffering,…

04 October 2017 [11:43 AM]
Columnist John Moore: I'll do it myself

I understand that people have to make a living, but sometimes, the markup on repair services borders on ridiculous. Case in point:…

30 September 2017 [08:07 PM]
Watch out for bogus pet sellers

MECHELLE AGBAYANI MILLS, Better Business Bureau If you are looking to add a pet to your family, be on the lookout for dishonest sellers. As more consumers turn to the internet to find new pets, more scams are popping up…

29 September 2017 [05:42 PM]
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