Funky Fresh: Reporter gets feet wet in world of pedicures

Published on Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:54 - Written by Kenneth Dean, Staff Writer

My grandfather used to preach the old adage to never say never, because you always will wind up doing something you said you would not.

Well as it turns out, he might have been onto something, because I swore I would never get a pedicure.

Nope, No way. No how.

Chasing fires and tornadoes, or suiting up and training with a SWAT team was more up my alley.

A pedicure?

Here’s the point where I say, the crow was eaten, and there is some, albeit small as to protect my man card, admittance that the experience was OK.

OK. It felt amazing, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Recently, I went to the Nail Club at 2109 S. Broadway after I was assigned to do a story out of my comfort zone.

And boy, a pedicure is out of most men’s comfort zone.

Or are more men treating themselves to foot pampering today than in decades past?

Tommy Trun, manager of the establishment, said the Nail Club has a lot of male clientele, and they seem to enjoy it as much as the women.

“Some come in with their wives, but others just come alone and are regulars,” he said.

But sitting there I wondered, if a guy would ever admit he was a regular in a nail salon where the smells of nail polish fill the air, elevator type music is played and wine is served.

Almost as soon as the thought developed, the chimes on the front door chimed.

“Real men get pedicures,” said 72-year-old Lynn Moore, who had just strolled in with his wife Nancy to get a pedicure.

Moore, who classified his occupation as pleasing his wife or “retired,” said he had his first pedicure a year earlier and he absolutely loved them.

When asked why he went the first time, his answer was quick.

“My wife said it would be a good idea and I listened to her. If you don’t (listen), you know what happens,” he said.

With her hands on her hips, his wife of 51 years said their marriage never had a dull moment, and Moore was a lively character.

“You just feel great after getting one. It puts a little pep in my step,” he said.

Porsha Foster, who was in the Nail Shop with her mother, said her husband Darryl regularly gets pedicures, and he was also told by his wife it would be a good thing.

“Oh he loves it now,” she said. “You have to take care of your feet, because you don’t get another set,”

Her words are oh so true, because if you have ever had a foot ailment then you know how painful walking can be.

The laughter filled the salon as all joked about my experience in the salon, which coupled with the massaging chair and foot massage, was taking its toll on me.

I sunk deeper into the massaging chair and relaxed.

Tyler Morning Telegraph Publisher Nelson Clyde said he has been going to get pedicures for several years and even makes it a father and daughter treat when his daughters are in town.

“My wife talked me into doing it, because she said I had ugly and unkempt toe nails, but the first time I went, I was converted,” he said.

Clyde was one of the people I had told pedicures were not manly.

In fact, I think I told him that if I had one I’m afraid I’d have to give up my man card, to which he only replied, “try it.”

When the idea circulated in the newsroom of reporters doing something out of their comfort zone, well that is when the editors and some reporters gave me my assignment.

“You should get a pedicure. That would be funny,” one of my co-workers said.

Clyde summed up his pedicures by saying, “Getting a leg massage at the same time as your feet being massaged is a decadent treat. It’s like getting a box of chocolates.”

After the pedicure my feet felt alive and my girlfriend said it was a huge improvement over my normal runner’s feet, which are usually covered in calluses and an occasional blister or black toe nail after a long run.

Yes, I liked the pedicure and the conversation in the salon was rather humorous, making it a pretty pleasurable experience and one I might partake in again.

But to answer a question a female co-worker asked me today. No, I did not get French tips.