Dreams let you live life to the fullest

Published on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 23:10 - Written by DEBBIE LEE TOWNSEND Guest Columnist

Several months ago, I wrote about the need for people to have a bucket list and for all of us to become part of each other’s Bucket List Brigade.

I spoke to the fact that, without dreams and goals, a bucket list, our very heart and soul will shrivel up and die.

I referred to a quote by American poet Langston Hughes, who said, “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”

I did a little research about mending broken wings and found that broken wings can often be mended and birds can fly again if certain steps are followed. The first step is to “bring the bird to safety.”

As I read back over my writing, I was especially struck by the word “safety.” Many times people don’t make a bucket list or don’t share it with others because they are embarrassed or afraid; they don’t feel “safe.”

I’ve read many books on the topic of success and been to many seminars on the subject. Always, sharing what you desire with someone is part of the steps to reaching a goal or fulfilling a dream.

Supposedly, some sort of magic happens when a person simply puts the idea out there. As important as it is to be a cheerleader for the bucket lists of others, it is also critical we become a safe place for them to share that list. People need a secure place to dream and to hydrate when the day-to-day tries to suck the life out of their dreams.

What we all need are more Dream Hydration Stations.

I decided to test the idea that voicing items on a bucket list started some special force to work, making things fall into place to achieve goals.

As the opportunity presented itself, I randomly told friends and family about things that were on my bucket list. I also started posting things occasionally on my Facebook page.

There is not room here to tell you how the pieces fell into place as check marks started to appear next to items on my list. It was amazing!

After each post regarding a bucket list item, I immediately received private messages from people wanting to help me check something off my list.

I took a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas, which included a luxury hotel stay, a stretch limousine and an insane rollercoaster ride. I went to a beer tasting, a wine tasting, cheered my favorite driver at an Indy race, bought a one-of-a-kind piece of art and read at a poetry slam.

And I’m scheduled to attend my first horse race this month. People came out of the woodwork to hydrate my dreams and help me bring them to fruition.

I used to work with young people in the heat of the day on an extremely strenuous ropes course. One of my fellow course directors, a former Marine, used to yell several times a day in his best drill instructor voice, “Hydrate or die!”

That is what happens to our dreams: They hydrate or die. What our dreams need is for us to surround ourselves with people who are safe places for us to share and nurture them.

That means we all need to surround ourselves with and strive to be Dream Hydration Stations. May your every dream find hydration and may you find yourself surrounded by Dream Hydration Stations. Namaste’.


Debbie Lee Townsend is a Hawkins resident and frequent YES! contributor.