Don't get caught in the 'net'

Published on Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:21 - Written by Christine Baker Powell, Guest Columnist

Using social media, texting or Facebook messaging to communicate is not only impersonal but can cause loneliness and separation.

And from personal experience, it also can hurt someone unintentionally.

For me, this is not how I want to get to know someone or resolve issues.

We should spend more of our time being with people, talking to them.

Look that person in the eye to see how they are really doing.

Interaction gives us a more accurate view of the person’s feelings.

There are days I want the world to know my hurts and pains, but do I dare share that with most that really don’t care?

It’s hard not to compare your own life to the highly edited versions of other people’s lives that you see on Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t accurately represent the lives of your “friends.”

Every item posted by the site’s millions upon millions of users — from highbrow articles to flattering photos — is a choice, made to paint themselves in the most positive light. (And the unflattering ones? Un-tagged.)

So, yes, that would be me, untag please!

I prefer getting to know the real person opposed to the edited version.

Social media can be fun and keep us connected, but don’t miss out on life.

There is true beauty all around and friends yet to be made.

Christine Baker Powell is a Tyler resident who works for Brookshire’s.