What Makes You Happy?

Published on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 22:30 - Written by


WHO: Terrence Ates, Tyler

WHAT: “Endurance”

WHY: “Endurance” is the story of Ernest Shackelton and his crew surviving against all odds in Antarctica. After reading this book, you will realize that our perspective of what constitutes a bad day is nothing compared to the accounts told in this book.


WHO: Leslie Wilson Watson, Tyler

WHAT: Kraft macaroni and cheese

WHY: Whenever I was sick as a child, my mom would always whip up some Kraft macaroni and cheese to make me feel better. In college it was a staple for our condo as bank accounts got low by the end of the month. My mom, who was a Julia Child fan before it was cool to like Julia, started whipping up homemade macaroni and cheese, and my dad and I still preferred Kraft - used to drive her crazy. The mac and cheese tradition carries on today with Emma, who prefers shapes, especially the seasonal Halloween box most of all.


WHO: Stephen Boothe, Tyler

WHAT: My father

WHY: My inspiration is my father. He wasn't flashy, he wasn't fancy, but he showed me how to be a hard-working honest person. He showed me how to care about others without losing sight of myself. He showed me how to love and he showed me how to live.


WHO: Tonika Crockett, Tyler

WHAT: “Carmen Jones”

WHY: I’m really into musicals. I love the singing and the dancing, and the women look so elegant in their costumes. It was made in 1954. I used to watch it with my mom. I could — I have — watched it over and over.


WHO: Maurice E. Peterson, Tyler

WHO: My run

WHY: When I go for a run. It's just me and my music. I love it!


WHO: Judith Highsmith, Tyler

WHAT: Always Delbert McClinton

WHY: I cannot sit still when I hear him - have to get up and move! I even listen to Delbert when I clean house, because I get it done in much less time. I've been dancing to Delbert for 55 years now and don't see that stopping anytime soon.