Shout Outs: From us to the people that matter most to us

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After dropping off my friend’s child at Rice Elementary this morning, I was waiting to pull my car onto Old Bullard Road.  I noticed the crossing guard bundled up in many layers of clothes to keep warm in this 25-degree morning.  I then noticed a woman get out of her white SUV with a steaming cup of coffee and hand it to the guard.  I could see that he was grateful for the kind gesture.  Few, if any, words were exchanged from what I could tell.  Just probably a “good morning” and “enjoy this hot cup of coffee” or something like that.  My heart was warmed to see this act of kindness.  What a happier place this would be if we all reached out to even just one person a day and intentionally did something to brighten someone’s day.

Connie Conaway, Tyler

I love that my son’s favorite word is hello! He says it and sings it 100 different ways and all of them with a huge smile on his face. How nice to be greeted so sweetly about every 10 minutes. He keeps me smiling all day long!

Lindy Vaughan Everson, Tyler

Proud of our local gal, Kacey Musgraves.

Daphne Roehr Hatcher

Debbie Kowalikhope you have a great day. Thank you for your friendship.

Kandi Hilliard, Tyler

My thought of the day: There is nothing in this world more precious and special than loving and being loved. Thank you to the love of my life, Judith Johnson SmithCathy Utley-HiveleyDan L Hiveley Sr.) all my family and friends for your love. I love each and every one of you with my heart and soul. Blessed is them that are blessed, and you all bless me. More importantly, God blesses us all.

Dan Hiveley, Bullard

Thanks for all of the great birthday wishes! I am truly blessed and had a wonderful day!

Karolyn Davis, Tyler

The Smith County Habitat staff wishes to congratulate and thank their boss and CEO, Jack Wilson, on the completion of six years at our Habitat affiliate. Under Jack's leadership, we have expanded our work to include a much-needed critical repair program. Thank you, Jack! We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Habitat for Humanity of Smith County

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