Tips to make a good day great

Published on Wednesday, 8 January 2014 22:49 - Written by By Joyce Buford Guest Columnist

The 1970s brought us the happy face and around that time, people began saying to one another: “Have a nice day.”

And nice is, well, nice.

But what about having a great day? One of those days where things go so right, when we accomplish something that makes us feel really good about ourselves, and we connect with people in meaningful ways. A great day is a day we experience joy.

Of course, not every day can be a great day, but the following 10 tips can transform what might be an ordinary day into something that verges on great:


1. Start off with a plan.

Ask yourself what one thing you can do that will build toward creating a great day.

I often encourage my clients to write down the five things they want to accomplish the next day.

By completing this list the night before, allows your brain to focus. Then, the day will go smoothly.


2. Be mindful.

Throughout the day, be present in all that you do.


3. Prioritize.

Do the most important things first. Many times this may be tackling the least favorite item first so it gets done.


4. Spend time with those you love.

If you can’t be together in person, call or write a letter or email. Connect.


5. Lighten up!

Find time to play and enjoy yourself.

What is it that you feel a little “wicked” about taking time to do?

This is exactly what you need to do. Take that very important time to reward yourself for just being you.


6. Give yourself something nice.

Eat something you love for lunch. Gift yourself with a bunch of flowers or a massage. Take a walk in the sun.


7. Learn something new.

That new thing could be read a couple chapters in a book of value, taking a painting class, attending a new exercise group.


8. Complete one thing.

Do something you’ve been meaning to do, finish a project or a task.

Completing one thing can be breaking it down into bite size chunks. Hugh projects can be so overwhelming that it stops you before you even get started. Completing one part of the overall project can be such a great step.


9. Do something good, or give something to someone, anonymously.


10. Be, instead of Do.

Allow yourself time without needing to fill it. Be a human Be-ing, rather than a human Do-ing.


Have a Great Day!


Tyler resident Joyce Buford is a life coach and founder and CEO of SecondWind Speaking, Training and Coaching.