Positive Perspectives: Helping; Get out there and volunteer

Published on Thursday, 31 October 2013 00:28 - Written by By Jennifer Smith Cook Guest Columnist

It might sound sort of selfish and self-centered, but if you don’t look out for you, no one else will, either.

There has been research that volunteering extends your life and gives you an endorphin rush and all that.

Well I am proof that volunteering does a person good.

I feel that volunteering has given me a purpose in life, a better attitude and a deeper understanding of my fellow human race.

Volunteering has provided invaluable contacts, enormous networking opportunities, confidence, inhanced patience, travel, a small view into world issues and a vast amount of new experiences with great people. 

You may think volunteering isn’t for you, that you don’t have time, you don’t have skills.

Maybe you have kids, you have family, you have school and a job and the list of excuses goes on and on.

You are wrong!

People make time for what is important to them all the time.

There are 24 hours in every single day, and we make them work for us. 

Many successful people in life work, raise a family, continue their education and volunteer.

They make it work because they feel it is important to theirr well-being and goals in a successful life.

I challenge you to give it a try, and I guarantee that you will not walk away empty-handed or feeling you wasted your valuable time. 

First, figure out what you are passionate about.

Got it?


Second, find an outlet for that passion.

There are many volunteer groups out there that cover an array of needs.

Third, do your research on those groups you think might be a good fit for your passion and time.

Fourth, go to a meeting and meet the group.

Fifth, start volunteering!

If nothing else moves you to volunteer, then do it for your mental and physical health.

It can still be all about you!

I am a Jaycee, and I love the organization.

I am also a Chili Pod member and love the Chiliheads. I’m also a Parrot Head.

That being said, I would love for you to entertain joining one of my favorites, but I really don’t care where you volunteer, just that you do volunteer!

It’s good for you and fun!

Help yourself by helping others!


Jennifer Smith Cook is a Tyler resident and manager at Adams Cherokee Storage. Would you like to write a column for YES!? Just send it to yes@tylerpaper.com.