What makes you happy? October 24

Published on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 22:27 - Written by


WHO: Justin Earley, CBS19 anchor

WHICH: “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

WHY: : This Oscar Wilde classic is as much a cautionary tale to me now as it was when I first read it at the age of 17. People may not see the things you do wrong but those acts can still turn your heart ugly.

Do right and keep your soul as bright and kind as the external image you hope to project.



WHO: Jaime Gerik, CBS19 anchor, reporter

WHAT: Pho Vietnamese soup

WHY: I'm a soup fanatic, and this noodle concoction pretty much takes the cake. I order the thinly sliced brisket and meatballs, which is paired with white onions, bean sprouts, parsley and some lime in a hearty broth. It seems simple but is so addictive. If I don’t have it after a week, I got into withdrawals. One bite and I’m instantly in a happy place.



WHO: Kyna Adams

WHO: My sister, Dara Gamble

WHY: She always finds a way to remain positive throughout all of the difficult times in her life. Plus, she always finds the time to be a great big sister by giving advance and lending an ear.



WHO: Susan Seaberry Wells, Tyler

WHAT: “Roar,” by Katy Perry

WHY: It is a song my daughter and I both listen to and love. A song of empowerment: "I stood for nothing so I feel for everything. I went from a zero to a hero " Everyone has days that they feel beaten down, but you listen to that song, and it won't be long before you are laughing and singing out loud. Think I am going to turn it up loud on this rainy and see what I can accomplish today!



WHO: Brian Pearson

WHAT: Coming home

WHY: It’s the classic dad-comes-home celebration, just like we celebrated my dad coming home from work. He’d always make a big entrance, sometimes bringing what he called an “S,” which stood for surprise. When I was a boy, that S might be a Hot Wheels car. As a teen, it might be a Led Zeppelin album. These days, I come home to what I call The Welcome Wagon. The dogs go nuts and barely let me in the gate and block my path to the door as they pine for attention. Sometimes they get so excited that they play fight. I walk in the door, and my wife, Beth, usually is in the kitchen. We exchange affections, and then the boys roll out, and we exchange hugs. I look it forward to it every work day. I’m thinking about it right now as I write this.