Shout Outs: From our readers to those who matter most to them, October 17

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Isn't it fantastic when you actually enjoy your significant other? And look forward to doing sweet things for them? Like cobbler?

— Lisa Marie Bennett, Tyler



Although he retired from his dental practice 10 years ago, MercyShips volunteer Dr. Michael Walker hasn’t stopped working. During the past decade, he has visited numerous countries — including Ethiopia, Cambodia, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru — and provided free dental services to people most in need. Walker, 65, recently returned from a three-week mission trip to the Republic of the Congo, where he provided dental care to hundreds of people, including many who had never before received it.

— Mercy Ships



Every time I look at Lynnlee's room, I think of the song “Daddy's Hands.” I don't brag on Matt enough, but he made the "rustic gate" I requested for Baby R's room. He spent countless hours burning each letter in the wood and scraping piece after piece of cedar. What a beautiful reminder for Lynnlee of how much love is in her daddy's hands.

— Brooke Langston Ranshaw, Troup



Circle Star Pet Resort wishes to congratulate Chloie on completion of our 30 Day Obedience Program. Great job, Chloie!

— Circle Star Pet Resort



I experienced a touching and rewarding experience at the East Texas Symphony’s opening concert of the season. Sitting next to a couple we did not know, my husband, Steve, and I introduced ourselves and learned the two were mother, JoAnn Dodi, and her son. The son volunteered that he had brought his mother to the concert in celebration of her 81st birthday. We congratulated JoAnn, asking if she regularly attends our symphony concerts. She revealed that it was her very first concert!

I commented out of all the wonderful ways she could celebrate her birthday, it was an honor to select the concert as the special occasion. We added that she was in for a real treat, with ETSO’s new energetic maestro, Richard Lee, and the evening’s guest artist —noted violinist James Ehnes.

During intermission, I visited with James Ehnes as he was signing CDs, and he autographed my program. Returning to my seat, I asked JoAnn to exchange programs with me. She was delighted to see that the violinist had written on her program “to JoAnn, Happy Birthday! James Ehnes.”

She added, “I will never forget this evening.”

How fortunate our community is to attract fantastic talent and entertainment through our East Texas Symphony Orchestra. Our experience with JoAnn made that evening even more special for us, too.

— Tricia Wiggs, Tyler



Shout out to all of the sponsors and volunteers who assisted in making our “Conference of Champions: Imagine This — Learning Through Creative Play!” a huge success! Three hundred educators/caregivers representing about 3,600 area pre-school children received valuable training in the link between creative play and brain development. A special shout out to our keynote speaker, Anissa Centers, for her inspiring presentation. Volunteers came to us from Kohl’s and Robert E. Lee Southern Belles! Our sponsors included: Mentoring Minds, Southside Bank, Brookshire’s Grocery Company, Kids Kitchen, Hibbs, Hallmark and Company, Hibbs Family Foundation, Bancorp South, Barnes and Noble, Kohl’s and Tyler Junior College.

— Smith County Champions for Children, Inc.



A big thank you to Rebecca Hoeffner and the Tyler Morning Telegraph for the articles about the St. Paul Children's Foundation luncheon. It was a huge success, and all of the money raised will be used to help those in need. Following the luncheon, a little girl handed me an envelope containing some money for St. Paul. She had come with her grandmother who is a caregiver for one of the ladies who attended. After hearing Laura Schroff speak about her book, "The Invisible Thread," and learning about St. Paul, she wanted to donate. The number of people with needs in our area is growing daily. This child's donation and the contributions of others will enable us to help more children and their families with food, clothing, pediatric medical care and dental care. Thanks for your part in helping us to serve the growing needs of the East Texas area. The coverage of the event in your newspaper was much appreciated.

— Patsy Lewis, St. Paul Children's Foundation board member



A big thank you to LouAnn and Robert Arnett for being our faithful fans of the Robert E. Lee Lady Raider Varsity Volleyball Team.

— Sarah Starr, Tyler



It was good to see an informative article about ragweed in the Tyler paper Oct. 9. It is a clear statement of the symptoms of allergies from the plant.

It offers helpful hints to minimize its effects.

— Richard Hurzeler, Tyler



After seeing the work ethic, selfless attitude and big smiles on the faces of some Robert E. Lee high school students on an early Saturday morning recently, I had to write and publicly say “Thank you” to each one of them. At the recent Cystic Fibrosis Walk, 25 hard-working REL students from the Health Occupations Students Organization came out to serve this wonderful cause in very practical ways. They arrived early, were enthusiastic and willing to do whatever we asked of them, and were exemplary representatives not only of HOSA but of their high school campus as well. Mrs. Robinson, their HOSA sponsor, seems to be educating her students well about the power of "hands-on" learning, and perhaps, how doing something for others is an education all in itself. And parents, you are obviously encouraging your teen-agers to give back to the community where they live — a life lesson that will have a positive impact far into the future. Thank you, students, for reminding us that sometimes we can make an impact just by showing up. You were a fantastic example and encouragement. And your contribution to CF is appreciated more than words can say!

— Amy Lively, Tyler



I am submitting a rose to Sally Shanks and her team at The UPS Store 5437 in Tyler. I recently completed a book and lacked the technology to submit it in the appropriate form for the publisher.

Even though what I requested was not among the advertised services of this store, Sally encouraged me to bring my book files to the business. I knew that she had the software and capability to accomplish the task. She and her team compiled the book with excellent quality, for which I am very grateful, and provided the means to allow me to upload the book to my publisher.

In decades of using printing and shipping services, I have not seen such a commitment to customer service as is demonstrated at this business. It is a blessing to receive excellence in service and products, and to be greeted with sincere concern about my business needs, with genuine smiles. It is a blessing to know I can trust the team at this store.

I submit this rose to thank them for outstanding service.

— Jan Hughes, Tyler



I just want to give a shout out to my best friend, Laura Katz, for sharing 60-plus years of excellent friendship with me. She is closer to me than my sister, unfailingly stands beside me and has my back in all situations, plus has the same off-kilter sense of humor and a very real devotion to her family. Our lengthy shared history means so much to both of us and we intend to continue making memories for many more years! Kudos, Laura — love you!

— Judith Warnick Highsmith, Tyler



Thanks to Coshandra Dillard for highlighting the need to focus on health over appearance in the last Fit City section. It is a desperately needed message in a fat-shaming society.

— Samantha Dwight,



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We saw the front page won Newseum's Today's Top 10! Congratulations! This is great publicity for the paper and the community. We are very proud of you guys! Keep up the good work!

— Holli Conley, Tyler

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