Hughey home welcomes noisiness

Published on Wednesday, 2 October 2013 22:59 - Written by By Dana Hughey Guest Columnist

It is LOUD in our home 365 days a year.

I mean Texas A&M 12th Man loud, the kind of loud where you can’t hear yourself think sometimes.

Of course, it’s the precious and precocious sounds of my three kids at play (and sometimes disagreeing).

All that noise might sound anything but harmonious to most of you — and, admittedly, even to me sometimes.

But then I stop, take a deep, cleansing breath and remember my promise to God more than five years ago.

It went something like this: “If you just heal them, let them live, let me hear them cry and make those sweet and not-so-sweet baby sounds other mothers get to hear, I will never whine or complain about putting up with their crying, fighting or loud voices as long as I live.”

Have I always lived up to that? I wish I could say, “YES.”

But sometimes, in the moment, when I say, “Kids quiet down, mommy’s on the phone,” I sound and feel a little frustrated.

And then without fail, that prayer — that promise — to God floods my conscious. I am suddenly thrust back into Cook Children’s NICU and by Ford and Hayden’s bedside. The only sounds I heard back than were breathing machines, monitors and the whispers from God telling me to believe in HIM.

Forty-five days: That’s how long I prayed to hear Hayden cry.

Ninety days: That’s how long I yearned to hear even a whimper from Ford.

Most of our time as parents we’re praying for “peace and quiet.”

But there is a magic to the music of our children. Every word spoken by Ford is a loud one, but it also screams with imagination — the rocket ships that are taking off in his childhood fantasies, the fires he’s fighting in his favorite firefighter costume and even talk about some “Beak” that he’s obsessed with on “Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel”

There is harmony in Hayden’s superhero scenes and rock-star renditions.

Hampton’s re-enactments of the Fresh Beat Band and the “Teen Beach” movie heal my soul after a long day.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for noise, but the Hughey house accepts it with open ears.

Dana Dixon Hughey is a morning anchor for KYTX CBS19.