Shout Outs: From our readers to those who matter most to them

Published on Wednesday, 18 September 2013 23:14 - Written by


Thank you (Brian Pearson) for your kind words. We appreciate your support. The (Literacy Council of Tyler Spelling Bee) would not be where it is today without the Tyler Morning Telegraph. We are already looking forward to next year’s bee. Hope to see you there.

— Nancy Crawford

Literacy Council

of Tyler



To the Arellano girls: Mitzi, Nidia, Nancy and, of course, me. Four butterflies for four sisters. See you today as we release butterflies to remember our loved ones who are in heaven. Love you!

Irma Rodriguez,




Happiness is the unexpected gift of time.

Tonight it came in the form of a homemade meal (featuring a scrumptious beef stroganoff) from the kitchen of Beth Lytle.

On an evening devoid of any real opportunity for Team Hawk to make our own meal, this piece of heaven on Earth came through and is a ginormously important part of Denise's and my heaven. Thank you Beth!

— Ken Hawk



I love all the people I work with, but a special thank you to Deja D. Rollins, Jennifer Heathcock and Justin Earley for helping me get through what could have been a stressful night.

— Anthony Austin,




More importantly, the best call of the day was from my best friend Michael Kennedy!

— Von Johnson,




Thank you to Sarah Rutherford Starr for the hand-me-downs. I love passing along Beau's clothes to other friends, but it's been a long time since we've been on the receiving end. We’ll really use these uniform shorts and spirit shirt. Thank you!

— Beth Lytle,




Get home after another tough day and LaDawn Fletcher has made “milk n cookies.” I say “milk n cookies” — of course — in my Bernie Mack voice.

— Cedric Fletcher,




Love that the wonderful Ninos de Promesa is on the front cover of the newspaper today! Now that is the way to start the week!

— Sarah Rutherford Starr, Tyler



I’d like to give a shout-out to Jack Thompson and his crew, from Thompson Movers, which also represents Red Ball Moving for long-distance moves. I want to thank them for handling my recent move from my old home just outside Tyler, storing my possessions temporarily and then delivering them all to my new home here in Tyler over this past weekend.

They were quick, efficient and had great attention to detail as they worked. They also were very entertaining, to a person on the crew, which made a difficult process go much more easily than it might have. Great guys!

— Judith Warnick Highsmith, Tyler



Kudos to everyone involved in the All Star Showcase. It was a wonderful day for the arts. Loved the live painting accompanied by live music. More please!

— Debbie Lee Townsend, Hawkins



Way to go, Steven Day! It's easy to run down public schools; quite another to have the dedication, perseverance and compassion it takes to be a teacher. Oh, and too many people think it was so much better back in the “good old days.” It really wasn't. Far fewer kids had the opportunities to learn that most kids have today. It was a different time, and dedicated teachers did the best they could then, just as they do today.

— Anntoinette Moore, Tyler



To my son, Sharn: Happy 27th Birthday!! So proud of you for all your hard work and your great accomplishments as you are about to finish Chiropractic school. Keep up the good work! Love you!!

— Pieter DeWet,