Shout Outs: From our readers to those who matter most to them

Published on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 23:25 - Written by


I am the luckiest guy in the world and have never been more in love with (Mrs. Krista Lambert)! She is my best friend and the most important woman in my life! She truly is my gift from God!

— Nate Lambert,




It’s funny how a simple little sleepy smile in the morning can make a person’s entire day. Thanks, Jennifer Piazza.

— Kenneth Dean,




I had no idea you were such an astute journalist! I loved the article in today’s paper. Kudos to you, Mr. Kennedy.

I’m giving you a virtual pat on the back right now.

— Kyna Adams,




Looking forward to another AWESOME day at work, with Hope Mya Roach, James Motlagh and Ashley Ivy Mabry.

— Tonya Cain,




Dear Tyler ISD Bus Drivers:

I have been watching. This morning, I saw you stop at the railroad tracks and activate your flashers even though there was no one around and your bus was empty. I have seen you at our elementary schools.

You smile at the children when they get on. You help them stay safe as they ride the bus. I have watched your eyes as you slowly drove around the middle school. They darted from side to side, mirror to mirror and back to the front. You glanced at every car, student, sidewalk and intersection.

You were attentive but calm, even though I could hear the excitement on the bus through the open windows. I have ridden with you on countless trips for swimming, band and field trips. You cheer our teams on. You beam with pride as you watch our kids do well and congratulate them when they get back on the bus. You remain calm in Dallas traffic.

I have seen you park buses in tight spots like you had all the room in the world. I have seen you work in tandem with other drivers, making sure everyone gets to the destination safely.

This is our family’s 20th consecutive year in Tyler ISD, and I have been watching. I just wanted you to know that I really like what I see. Thank for the pride you take in your work.

— Anna Cousineau,




We had the best Robert E. Lee PTA meeting yesterday! We heard a great and informative report from Mr. Brown and so much more. If you want to be in the know, join the REL PTA today.

— Sarah Rutherford Starr, Tyler



Congratulations, Karen!! On behalf of the folks at Carter BloodCare and the lives you helped save, THANK YOU for your donation! Bet you won’t forget THAT donation!

— Bob Mauldin,




A special thanks to Lynn Groom for singing … this past weekend. What a sweetheart and such fun. Thanks for making me smile.

— Judi Ann Wright,




It’s three weeks until my birthday, and who is already dropping gifts by? The queen of birthdays herself, Jennifer Smith Cook!

— Meredith Hogue

Watson, Jacksonville




Shout Out to my daughter-in-law, Summer Barron, who married my son under extreme circumstances between his two tours in Iraq, gave birth to their first child while he was overseas, lives daily with the challenges of his PTSD and disabilities, survived the trauma of his near-death motorcycle wreck that further disabled him while she took care of their newborn son, and with a smile on her face cares for a little girl with leukemia, a little boy as wild as his daddy, and my son every day. You truly are Wonder Woman!

— Debbie Lee Townsend, Hawkins



Way to go PATH! Great lunch today. Shout out to Kyna Adams, Greg Grubb and the whole PATH gang for their awesome community work!

— Brian Pearson,




A shout out thank you to the talented cast and crew and the community for the wonderful response to the Edom Civic Theatre’s production of “Christmas Belles” Labor Day weekend. The Futrelle sisters in the fictional town of Fayro, Texas, pulled a full house both nights. That’s 120 seats per night, and the Edom population is only 332. Edom Theatre will present a third Fayro, Texas, play, “Southern Hospitality,” on Nov. 15-16, concluding the 2013 season. The theatre is in its 17th year and made up entirely of volunteers from the community. This includes the actors who are sometimes shocked to find they really are performing on the stage at the Old Edom School House, now a community center. And this group presents $500 scholarships annually to a drama student from both Van and Brownsboro schools. As one of the directors of “Belles” and the theatre’s president, it is with delight that I thank the cast and crew for a remarkable, fun, entertaining production. Thanks to Linda, Lloyd, Vickie, Jim, Texas, Diann, Mary Ann, Gracie, Eddie, Lee, Jamie, Murlene, Max, Eric, Sherry, and Mike. You made it possible for all of us to laugh out loud!

— Mary Scott,