What makes you happy? September 12

Published on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 23:22 - Written by


WHO: Debbie Lee Townsend

WHO: Castalia Bella Barron (my granddaughter)

WHY: Two years ago, at the age of 6, Castalia was diagnosed with leukemia. Watching her fight this fight has put many things in perspective for me.

She is, as her name translates, “Pure Beauty,” and she is my hero!

Her current cancer fight song is Demi Lovato's “Skyscraper,” and it says it all.

You can follow her on Facebook at Castalia’s Crewsade.



WHO: Sarah Rutherford Starr, Tyler

WHAT: Family vacation

WHY: Our family went on vacation this summer to the beach. And it was a happy week! One evening we started our nightly board game time, and my 12-year-old son chose Uno.

So, the others of us thought we’d play a quick game of Uno and then start something more serious and competitive. No one said that, but we were all thinking that. Well, over two hours later we finished the Uno game and were all too tired to start another game.

We talked about the never-ending card game all week and laughed at the many comments about how to end the game and the many times we read the rules to see if we’d missed something that would end the misery.

It is a priceless memory for me … those I love most in the world sitting around the table, arguing, laughing, playing, talking and being silly all together! Joy!



WHO: Stephanie Dawson Thompson

WHO: “Three Little Birds,” by Bob Marley

WHY: “Three Little Birds” makes me happy! I sang it to my daughters when they were babies, and now they sing it with me.



WHO: Mechele Agbayani Mills, Tyler

WHAT: “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale

WHY: An oldie but a goodie!



WHO: Allison Boney McKinney

WHAT: Pumpkin bagels

WHY: Because they taste like fall. It means “sweater weather” is right around the corner.