What makes you happy?

Published on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 22:24 - Written by


WHO: Stephine Reagh, yoga instructor, Tyler


WHAT: “The Partly Cloudy Patriot,” by Sarah Vowell.


WHY: : Sarah Vowell is smart and funny, and this is a book of short essays that reread well and don't require a lot of commitment. Ms. Vowell is passionate about history and patriotism, and examines these through a sharp, wry, comedic eye. The audiobook version is also brilliant, employing different actors to voice historical figures, and a special soundtrack by They Might Be Giants, including one of my all time favorite songs.



WHO: Beth Walker


WHAT: “Boy with the Moon & Stars,” by Cat Stevens


WHY: This story is so beautiful, if a little shocking. I like to think it was meant for times long ago and unfortunately forgotten. The melody is uplifting and absolutely beautiful. Music is so important to me and to my joy and peace of mind.



WHO: Jennifer Smith Cook,

manager, Adams Cherokee

Storage, Tyler


WHAT: John Chance


WHY: John Chance inspires me, encourages me and helps me be a better person. He has such a good, kind, giving nature and sets such an awesome example of what a human being should be that it inspires me to be the same. Always there to encourage me in any endeavor I take on, he helps me pack a sack lunch if that is what is needed, makes sure I have sunscreen, water or the right shoes for the job. I am who I am because he is a part of my life. I have become a better person because he is the person he is. I met him volunteering for the Junior Chamber and we have been volunteering together ever since, making a great team.



WHO: Lynne Wilson Haas, PRN

pediatric home health nurse at EpicHealth Services and ER Nurse at Good Shepherd Medical Center, Tyler


WHAT: Dark chocolate


WHY: The feel-good, silky, melting sensation when eaten. The knowledge that this delightfulness is also a healthy, good-for-you treat that is unparalled! (Except maybe by edamame. LOL.)



WHO: Michael Kennedy, landman, Bullard


WHAT: Mornings


WHY:I can just get up and start my morning without a second thought, bounding out of bed without an alarm and singing as I get ready for work. Getting motivated in the morning can be a challenge, and it often takes a little bit of extra oomph to roll out of bed and start the day.