VIDEO: Tanaka, Welker and Sherman, oh my!

Published on Thursday, 23 January 2014 14:52 - Written by from Associated Press articles

Masahiro Tanaka says he chose to play for the New York Yankees because they appreciated him the most.

After agreeing to a $155 million, seven-year deal with the Yankees, Tanaka said, "They gave me the highest evaluation and are a world-famous team."

He said he was "relieved" the deal was done and looked forward to standing on the mound at Yankee Stadium.

Asked what his goal will be, Tanaka responded: "To become World Champions."


The NFL has cleared Wes Welker of any wrongdoing for his hit that knocked Aqib Talib out of Sunday's game.

VP of Officiating Dean Blandino said "It was a legal hit."

Bill Belichick blasted Welker for the hit, calling it "one of the worst plays" he'd seen in nearly four decades of coaching.


Richard Sherman wonders if he came to the NFL too late, since his swagger might have fit better decades ago when an unfiltered tongue was more accepted.

He said "I studied the old school game more than I studied the new school game, and I play it that way. It rubs a lot of people the wrong way."

After the decisive play, Sherman’s remarks were directed at Michael Crabtree, but his intense, shouting delivery took people aback.

Sherman said the reaction that followed left him a little stunned as well.