Queen's court learns signature poses, bows for the coronation

Published on Saturday, 20 July 2013 23:48 - Written by By Coshandra Dillard cdillard@tylerpaper.com

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Lynn Ramey has been a staple of the Texas Rose Festival Coronation. As director and choreographer, she has showed girls how to properly present themselves to the public during the event. She tells them that it’s all about poise, elegance and beauty.

“You will never smile unless your teeth are showing,” she explained Wednesday during a summer rehearsal.

Soft, lengthened arms that form “tabletops” are a signature pose of the Rose Festival queen’s court. The distinctive bow is also a tradition.

“You melted like a stick of butter,” Mrs. Ramey said to the ladies who slowly crouched down into a bow. “Now you have to rise in reverse.”

Court members, who are entering their sophomore year in college, learned the stage movements and bows to the audience they will perform during the coronation shows this fall. They have a short window of opportunity to get every step and pose together, as well as getting the finishing touches on costumes ahead of the Oct. 18 event at The University of Texas at Tyler Cowan Center. Summer rehearsals also give the young Tyler women an opportunity to get to know out-of-town participants who will be featured as duchesses.

Themed “Raindrops on Roses and Other Favorite Things,” the festival will be held Oct. 17-19.

This year’s summer rehearsals brought together 15 ladies-in-waiting in addition to the queen, Rachel Vanderpool Clyde, and duchess of the rose growers, Taylor Brooke Carroll.


Texas Rose Festival ladies-in-waiting are:

Miss Catherine Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of Ms. Mary Holland Zorn; Miss Blakely Elizabeth Braughton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Braughton; Miss Caroline Blanche Brookshire, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Britton Parker Brookshire; Miss Catherine Ruth Butschi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brett Alan Stratton and Mr. Brian Scott Butschi; Miss Courtney Carr Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott Davis; Miss Elise Helene Gerard, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Roy Dupuy Gerard Jr.; Miss Hannah Blythe Greenberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Greenberg; Miss Hannah Elizabeth Hightower, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Russell Hightower; Miss Rachel LaRae Johnston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ray Johnston; Miss Alex Lipscomb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Lipscomb; Miss Kerrill Lauren Mueller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dana Mueller; Miss Kathryn Ann Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brett Eric Nelson; Miss Hanna Renea Riley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wilson Riley and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wayne Wright; Miss Regan Brooke Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Glen Smith; Miss Taylor Dawn Tillson, daughter of Ms. Rebecca Ann Snider Tillson and Mr. Lee Tolbert Tillson.