A miracle is on-high tech beyond the nuts and bolts of invention

Published on Friday, 6 June 2014 22:38 - Written by Lorri Allen KYTX CBS 19

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and tomorrow and forever.”Hebrews 13:8


“Technology is amazing. I didn’t have to talk to even one human,” Mark exclaimed after ordering a pizza online for the first time in 2003.

Perhaps the first time our parents used a phone to dial in a request for food delivery, they were just as excited. Dad tells the story of his high school buddies sitting at Dairy Queen, staring at a machine, fascinated every time a cone was filled. They couldn’t believe ice cream came out automatically.

God is full of wonders. What technology will beam food right to our plates in another generation?

The father of fascination, the author of awe, the king of creation is not surprised by 21st century technology.

It’s my guess that before he arrived in Bethlehem, Jesus knew about the Internet and Google Glass.

The crowned prince of heaven preferred donkey-time over warp speed as he rode into Jerusalem. The Alpha and Omega talked mansions long before HGTV producers came up with the Dream Home Giveaway.

What is amazing is that Jesus didn’t have to die on the cross. If anyone could change the rules, he could.

But Jesus suffered to please God and to save us. Suffering seems so crude, so low-tech. Even so, the resulting grace may be the most advanced, miraculous, on-high tech ever invented.

By the way, the online-ordered pizza tastes just as good as the old-fashioned, called-in kind. My husband did have to talk to a human in the process that nigh; the delivery person asked Mark to sign the credit card slip. Some things never change.

Lorri Allen is news director for KYTX CBS19.