Of auto and soul recalls

Published on Friday, 16 May 2014 22:48 - Written by Lorri Allen KYTX CBS 19

You might get a sick feeling in your stomach when you hear your car has been recalled.

And you breathe a sigh of relief when you hear next that it’s something minor you can get fixed the next time you go into the dealership for routine maintenance.

But recall announcements were big news when I worked for the Automotive Satellite Television Network.

A recall involving 500,000 units was big news.

If it were a recall of a new model on which the automaker has been bragging about quality, that was a big story, too, even if the number of units affected was small.

A recall can be for a defect as insignificant as “an interior bulb inside the glove compartment that might fail.”

Or it can be for a problem as serious as the Ford-Firestone tire incident that led to about 200 deaths and 700 injuries.

Then, there is the secret recall. This happens when the manufacturer agrees to fix the problem if an owner complains loudly enough.

We have all been recalled by the Great Manufacturer.

We are flawed by sins, some seemingly insignificant, some fatally serious.

The good news is that the recalls are not secret.

We just have to call on his name, no loud complaining necessary.

Jesus the technician invites us all into the shop for an instant overhaul or routine maintenance.

There is no waiting and no huge bill.

The payoff: Your heart will idle at a happy hum and when people look under your hood, they will say, “What a beautiful engine. That classic is destined for eternity!”

Lorri Allen is news director for KYTX CBS19.