Don't forget to thank Mom on the 100th Mother's Day

Published on Friday, 9 May 2014 23:22 - Written by Rebecca Hoeffner

What would you say if someone described a job that was incredibly rewarding, but in this position you would be required to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Not only that, but you would be required to be on your feet all day, your clients were guaranteed to be extremely childish, and they often looked to you to solve all their problems.

This position would require nights and weekends, and you would be under contract so you couldn’t quit once you accepted the job. Your clients would often take your hard work for granted.

It is arguably the most important job on the planet. There are extensive responsibilities, it requires high stamina, and you can only have lunch when your clients are done eating theirs. It requires excellent negotiation skills. There are no holidays off. And, if you’re going to take on this job, you need a good attitude through it all.

What’s the job title?


That’s the premise of a recent viral video put out by the greeting card company, Cardstore.

Mom’s are great, aren’t they? Tomorrow, on the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, let’s be sure to thank the women who kissed our scraped knees, took us on adventures, put up with our tantrums, explained the world to us, disciplined us so we would understand consequences, stayed up with us when we were sick, comforted us when we were brokenhearted, cooked us countless meals, listened to our problems, and are our biggest cheerleaders.

Thanks Mom. We couldn’t do it without you.