Church ends broadcast service after 49 years

Published on Friday, 4 April 2014 23:18 - Written by Rebecca Hoeffner

After 49 years on the air, the last broadcast of the First Baptist Church of Tyler’s worship service will be April 27.

“We’ve been on the air 49 years; maybe the first church in Tyler on TV,” said First Baptist’s senior pastor, Pike Wisner. “The good news for Tyler and East Texas is that there are still other good churches on the air.”

April 27 will be the last airing. The service is aired a week after it takes place, so the last service to be broadcast will be the Easter service.

“If you could pick a service to go out on, it would be the resurrection,” he said.

The church will send letters to its members who are homebound or in nursing homes who regularly watch the program.

“We will bring them DVDs or CDs if they would like, and the service will continue to be put on our website,” he said. “We wish it hadn’t happened this way, but we were grateful to have been on the air for 49 years, showing the grace and joy of following our Lord Jesus Christ.”