Margaret Feinberg returns to Tyler for women's conference

Published on Saturday, 18 January 2014 00:05 - Written by From Staff Reports

Margaret Feinberg will return to Tyler to speak at a women’s conference at Marvin United Methodist Church.

“Marvin UMC offers activities and opportunities for women of all ages who are seeking to discover Christ more fully and grow in their faith. Margaret’s message supports this mission, and we are pleased to offer her teaching to other women in our community,” said the Rev. Stephanie Hughes, pastor of discipleship with Marvin United Methodist Church, in the written release.

The conference will be held Jan. 24 and 25. The Jan. 24 session runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and includes dinner.

The Jan 25 session runs from 9 until 11:30 a.m. and includes continental breakfast.

Those interested can register online at or buy tickets at the welcome center at Marvin Church. Tickets are $25.

Childcare will be provided but only by request, before the conference.

For more information about the conference, contact Carol Lott at 903-530-8148 or Sally Coker 903-372-6034.

Mrs. Feinberg will teach on recapturing wonder.

“You were created and designed to experience wonder,” she said in the written release. “Woven into the fabric of our humanity is an innate ability and desire for the wonder of God. It’s felt in the moments when you watch the sun melt behind the horizon, when you reach out to cradle a baby and smell the sweet scent of new life, when you can’t help but smile as you witness two wrinkled souls renew their vows to each other. Such moments remind us we were made for something more than deadlines and debt, carpools and coffee breaks.”