Extraordinary women make Tyler a better community

Published on Friday, 10 January 2014 23:21 - Written by By Rebecca Hoeffner rhoeffner@tylerpaper.com

As Judith Guthrie was talking about the women who were nominated by Women In Tyler to be honored for their commitment to the community, she offhandedly mentioned so-mething interesting about each of their presentations.

“You know, they all said something a-bout God sending them this way and that,” she said.

And it’s a good thing they listened; our community is better for it.

This year’s nominees are Beverly Brooks, Jennifer Carson, Jean Coleman, Verna Hall, Irma Rodriguez and Rebecca Taylor.

Mrs. Brooks has spent her adult years working for the improvement of civil rights for women and minorities.

The death of Mrs. Carson’s infant led her to create a positive place for those who have lost children by creating The Children’s Park.

Mrs. Coleman was an award-winning nurse and worked to increase the number of minority nurses in the area

Mrs. Hall has supported, raised money for, been president of or on the board of many good causes throughout the many years she has lived in Tyler.

Mrs. Rodriguez is the executive assistant at the East Texas Food Bank and volunteers with Hispanic organizations and other nonprofits that focus on health, education and humanitarianism.

Mrs. Taylor has served in a nursing capacity for many years before moving into the administrative end at East Texas Medical Center in the human resources department. In November, when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, she volunteered with MercyWorks and traveled to her homeland to render medical care to the thousands in need.

It is a powerful thing when a woman listens to God speak like these women have and acts on His direction. He can do wonderful things through us, even when we’re unsure. Many women in the Bible were unsure of the direction God was taking them and had to take huge steps of faith. Sarah, when God promised her a son in her old age; Rebekah, when she was sent with a stranger to marry a man she’d never met; Esther, when she asked the king to spare her people, and Mary, when she was told she’d give birth to the Savior. Yet they all followed God’s will, and changed the face of history. And God is still using women to change history today.