Something better than winning the jackpot

Published on Friday, 27 December 2013 22:13 - Written by By Lorri Allen KYTX CBS 19

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I do not want to get my hopes up; I may be disappointed.

With my luck, something bad will happen.

Cross your fingers and knock on wood!

Did you get as depressed reading those sentences as I just did writing them?

Fortunately, I have good news for you! We serve a God of happy endings. You can exhale. … That shoe does not have to drop. Go ahead, get your hopes up! There are worse situations in life than being disappointed, such as never getting excited about anything. Jesus calls us to be the salt and light … not the oatmeal and the wax.

As Christians who believe in a Lord who can do anything, we don’t need to cross our fingers, find the four-leaf clover, pet the rabbit’s foot or avoid black cats.

Adults do live happily ever after. Men and women do find their soul mates. A few folks are wildly successful, beyond their craziest dreams. Let’s practice telling ourselves, “I might as well be one of those people!”

Yes, bad things do happen. I cover them on the news every day.

Then there are the stories that do not always make the headlines. We conquer devastating illness. We laugh again after horrible tragedy. We survive and thrive after crippling financial setbacks.

The human spirit is resilient. The Holy Spirit is resplendent. The combination is victorious.

It is no coincidence, no accident, or no idle stroke of luck that you are here, doing what you do with the people you are doing it with.

God has a purpose and a plan for you. He is no game show host, dispensing your fate based on the curtain you choose. Oh, you have the power of choice all right. But it is pretty simple… choose him and you win.

Choosing him affects the words I will tell myself and others. Instead of superstitious hand-me-downs, I resolve to say these more in the New Year:

God bless you.

Please keep me in your prayers.

God always protects me.

If God is for me, who can be against me?

With God, something good always happens.

Choosing Jesus won’t win us the state lottery, but a more meaningful one. The prize? Eternal life.

Lorri Allen is news director for KYTX CBS19.