Award-winning musician to play at Brook Hill

Published on Friday, 11 October 2013 19:21 - Written by By Rebecca Hoeffner

Award-winning Christian musician Michael W. Smith will perform in concert at The Brook Hill School on Monday to celebrate Founder’s Day.

“The East Texas community has been good to us over the last 16 years, and we want to give something back,” said Brook Hill headmaster Rod Fletcher in the written release.

Some tickets will be sold — mostly in case of rain.

“If it rains, we will have to move the concert indoors,” Laurie Humphries, Brook

Hill’s development director, said. “The easiest way to decide who gets those seats is to have some paid seats. Our sponsors really wanted the entire event free — we just needed a way to control crowds if it rains.”

Brook Hill’s Founder Steve Dement said he listened to Michael W. Smith’s music as inspiration during the formative stages of the school.

“Michael W. Smith has a consistently Christian message, and he appeals to a broad range of listeners,” Dement said.

With a 30-year music career, Michael W. Smith is known around the globe for his Christian and pop-crossover songs. He’s worked with both Christian artists like Amy Grant as well as popular secular names including The Jonas Brothers, Sean Hannity and Jeff Foxworthy.

“We strive for a similar balance at The Brook Hill School,” Dement said. “We appeal to Christian families as well as non-Christian families who want a strong college prep education.”

Michael W. Smith is also known for his focus on international missions. He has visited numerous countries, spoken on behalf of Compassion International and held countless benefit concerts for worldwide mission efforts.

“Therefore, Michael W. Smith is a perfect choice for our Founder’s Day event,” Ms. Humphries said.

Each Founder’s Day, the school recognizes individuals who have had a significant impact upon the school. This year, the honorees are the first Board of Trustees.

“These individuals risked their reputations and invested their time on an idea with uncertain outcome,” Dement said. “Their commitment made possible the strong foundation upon which Brook Hill rests.”

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