Reader Responses, March 23, 2014

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It looks like our foreign policy has become a joke and the world is watching — and watching Russian President Vladimir Putin rebuild a Soviet empire.

The United States acts like foreign policy is a pillow fight. The only problem is, we’re showing up with a soft pillow, and Putin is showing up with his boxing gloves on. He is watching the U.S. reduce its military forces, and watching us cowardly backing away from our superpower standing.

We are shutting down NASA and giving away the internet we developed. Our NATO allies are holding back as we drown in a lake of fear. We can’t even hope they’ll throw us a life-line before we go down a third time.

I’m sure Poland is remembering the time that Hitler and Stalin raped their country in 1939. Putin has taken a page out of Hitler’s play book to take over his neighbors one at a time.

Putin’s Russia needs Crimea so they can have a warm water port. It was from this port that ships loaded with missiles moved to Cuba.

Isn’t it interesting that Russian ships are now showing up in Havana harbor again?

Cyber attacks could be conducted from these intelligence-gathering ships just miles away from our soft southern Gulf states’ borders.

John Cole



As a Tea Party activist, I feel your recent editorial “Atmosphere right for third-party run” is spot on. I have been involved in the movement since first attending the protest rally which was held on the square in Tyler in April of 2009.

Every grassroots and Tea Party group which I have been associated with over this length of time has stated it has no intentions of starting a third party.

This would indeed give the election advantage to the liberals — i.e. Democrats.

The platform of the Republican Party is a conservative’s dream — however, the trouble is many of those who are elected as Republicans forget that platform.

That is why the Republican establishment had best get use to us Tea Party activists.

Dwayne “Doc” Collins


Edom TEA Party


Who in government says we do or don’t have inflation? I hope they check not only prices, but also quantities and weights.

What is the holdup with the Keystone XL pipeline? You would think the president would want to get it done so his subjects could have cheaper gasoline prices. I hope we aren’t shipping fuel to China.

Also, I read in the newspaper that the price of milk would go up if we didn’t pass the Farm Bill. We passed the Farm Bill, and milk prices went up. Figure that.

Bo Bachman



Young people should wake up. President Barack Obama is bent on destroying the internet.

Seems he doesn’t understand that the internet is our best protection to preserve our liberty and freedom by ensuring access to the truth — rather than just political lies. Or maybe he does understand that!

Yes, he is giving up control to big business or possibly even a foreign government.

Surely young people know that likely means big taxes and permits and lots of red tape and registration to get and keep an internet connection.

Oh, by the way, young people can expect censorship and political correctness to follow, as push comes to shove by the powers that be.

I guess young people could call their members of Congress and complain.

A more effective response might be to call the White House and complain to the source of the problems — or better yet pledge to vote against anyone who dares to threatens our current internet system.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Harry Bergman