Reader Responses, March 16, 2014

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Lt. Gen. Fish’s recent guest column concerning cost savings to be found in the U.S. military budget was right on target. The Obama administration has stated that it wants to cut the military to pre-WWII force levels, but it has neglected to include the most expensive part of military personnel expenses. All Department of Defense civilian employees are union members with close ties to Obama’s non-governmental union supporters (SEIU, NEA, UAW, Teamsters, AFL-CIO, etc.).

This is another group of untouchables in Obama’s world. Imagine how much more money could be saved if other, non-DOD, governmental union workers could be rebalanced and reassigned. This is another suggestion that could save tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars in spending, but this one will never see the light of day during Obama’s rein of economic terror on our country.

Richard Prouty



Senate Democrats have held an “overnight sleep-in” to talk about climate change (which they no longer call global warming). They do not have a bill to vote on so what are trying to do?

With the help of the left wing national media, they will try to divert the conversation away from things that are important to most Americans: Russia and Vladimir Putin, Obamacare, high unemployment, the targeting of conservatives by the IRS, “Fast & Furious,” and the general idea that President Obama is not leading the country in the right direction.

Why can’t people in this country not see all of this as smoke and mirrors?

David Carder



Thanks go to Lt. Gen. (Ret) Howard M. Fish for his guest commentary in the Tyler paper on March 10. It was insightful and straight to the point. All items were well thought-out and very ably expressed. You can tell he has had experience in this field. Again, I say “well done.”

William Jacque



In a recent story about the Azleway Charter School, a Texas Education Agency spokeswoman made a statement that needs a response. DeEtta Culbertson stated that “they (TEA) made sure there was no further avenue for improvement” for Azleway Charter School. The TEA is saying Azleway can never improve its academic performance or financial performance.

But the “substandard” academic performance rating was for the 2010-2011 school year. Azleway Charter School met the academic standard rating the previous year and has not had a substandard academic rating since the 2010-2011 school year.

And due to Texas Senate Bill 306 for schools that also serve students on residential treatment facilities, Azleway Charter School will never again have an academic substandard rating.

Concerning the “substandard” financial rating for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years, both the charter school and the charter holder have always paid their debts and will continue to pay their debts. Neither is in default for any debts and both have maintained debt to equity ratios above the TEA standard. Neither Azleway School nor the charter holder have ever been financially insolvent.

Azleway Charter School serves students who have severe emotional issues that hinders them attending classes in a regular ISD school. Azleway Charter School serves a 100 percent “at risk” population and has a 100 percent yearly student body turnover rate, due to the high mobility rate of children under Child Protective Services guardianship. Azleway Charter School offers many options to suspensions or expulsions that these students will not have in an ISD environment if Azleway Charter School is taken from them.

Ken Reynolds