Reader Responses, March 7, 2014

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The Tyler paper has lately printed several columns by syndicated columnists slamming Sen. Ted Cruz that I would like to put in a few words in his defense. The concern expressed by these writers is that he fights battles that he cannot hope to win; that he is splitting the Republican Party; and that he should just cool it until the Republicans get control of the Senate and the White House. Then the Republicans will straighten things out and put America back on the right path.

These columnists correctly point out that, controlling only the House, there is only one way the Republicans can exert power and that is by cutting spending. But, they say, anything done in that direction will cause either a financial downturn or shut down the government, and the liberal press will blame all the ensuing damage on the Republicans, causing them to fail to win a majority in the Senate and the next presidential election.

The trouble with this argument is that getting more Republicans elected should not be the goal. The proper goal is to save the nation from socialism and eventual financial collapse. We had under G.W. Bush a Republican president, Senate, and House. And yet the government got bigger and the debt kept climbing. There is no better way to predict Republican behavior in the future than by looking at the past. The Republican leadership and their approved candidates, even if successful, will not change the direction in which the nation is pursuing; they will at best only slow the pace. Establishment Republicans in control? We’ve been there and done that. It doesn’t work

As the national debt gets bigger, curbing it will become a bigger jolt to the economy. The higher it climbs the harder it will fall. If it is allowed to grow it will eventually bring about default on the debt or such drastic inflation as to turn our money into useless scraps of paper. The House Republicans have had the power for many years to bring about a balanced budget simply by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. They get about two chances every year to do this. They could balance the budget, not over ten or twenty years as the leadership constantly proposes, but instantly. They don’t do it because it would hurt their chances of being re-elected.

And this brings us to the real difference between the establishment Republicans and Sen. Cruz. They want what’s best for the party; he wants what’s best for the country. Our only hope is to replace the Republican leadership like people like him.

Charles Hayes




The way to solve the minimum wage question is not to establish a new higher entry level wage but create a robust economy that has jobs available.

There is an oil and gas boom out in West Texas and my son reports that the minimum wage at fast food restaurants is over $12 per hour. That is almost double the current minimum and about 18 percent higher than what the Obama administration is asking for in new legislation. It is easy to see that a robust economy is a lot better at creating jobs than huge stimulus programs that only waste taxpayer money and increase the deficit. Capitalism works and socialism is a long slow road to the Poorhouse.

Our current administration hasn’t produced any significant increase in jobs. They only put out information that is a bunch of “smoke and mirrors” such as “jobs saved” and unemployment numbers that now leave out people that have quit looking for jobs out of frustration, but are still unemployed. (On second thought this administration has shown a lot of talent when it comes to “smoke screens”.)

There are a lot of things that can be done to create jobs and improve the economy, but this president chooses to do nothing.

Charlie Goff