Reader Responses, February 15, 2014

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Recently Mr. Schaefer, the incumbent running for re-election to the Texas House of Representatives for District 6, issued a letter implying his challenger, Skip Ogle had a “track record with law enforcement” when he asked Mr. Ogle if he had ever pled guilty to a serious crime.

As a 24-year veteran of law enforcement and the director of legislative affairs for the largest police association in Texas, I was naturally curious to know the answer to this burning question.

We looked into the incident that Mr. Schaefer was referencing and not only did it occur 20 years ago, it was a misdemeanor arrest and the charges were subsequently dismissed.

As far as we are concerned, that is a non-issue.

TMPA is proud of our endorsement of Skip Ogle. The ongoing behavior of the incumbent only furthers our commitment to our endorsement.

Lon Craft

Legislative Affairs

Texas Municipal

Police Association



On February 9, a letter to the editor from Kenneth Threlkeld questioned how State Rep. Matt Schaefer would manage carrying bills that would protect East Texas water resources.

Anyone wanting to see what issues Schaefer has worked on should start by checking the official Texas House records online. Two bills authored by Schaefer, House Bill 1776 and House Bill 1780, were aimed at protecting water rights holders.

Officials from the city of Tyler contacted Schaefer because they were concerned about whether our water rights would be protected during times of drought. Current law allows bureaucrats in Austin to define what constitutes a drought, and their definition is very loose. Current law also allows the executive director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to suspend or divert water rights in times of an emergency, and a drought is considered to be an emergency.

City officials were right to be concerned. Schaefer took action by proposing that state law clearly define what exactly constitutes a drought, utilizing a recognized rather than arbitrary standard, and that water rights holders be guaranteed due process before rights are suspended or diverted. Schaefer rightfully believes the criteria for defining a drought “emergency” should be based on scientific evidence and not left to the whims of bureaucrats in Austin.

Schaefer has a proven record of being responsive to our community, fighting bureaucracy, and standing up for our water rights. Let’s re-elect him.

Janet Baber




I am writing to lend my support to Skip Ogle, Republican running for the Texas House of Representatives District 6.

Skip is highly qualified to represent our district. Over the years Skip has worked with East Texans, who hold a wide range of viewpoints, and he’s helped create coalitions to improve our region. Skip is also a businessman with a master’s degree in city and regional planning, who understands our issues.

Skip is a solid conservative and a Christian. While some might try to paint him otherwise, he’s solidly on the right. Skip is pro-life, a defender of the Second Amendment, against Obamacare and for securing our border. Skip respects the importance of individuals taking personal responsibility for their actions and will work to reduce the size of government.

Skip is a person of integrity who works well with others. He is highly principled but also pragmatic. Skip can work with those holding opposing viewpoints to create positive change. His stance is refreshing and unique in today’s world of polarized personalities and special interests that inhibit compromise and mutual respect. Skip is running a positive campaign focused on issues, not personal accusations, and I like that as well.

If you know Skip Ogle, you know he’s running for the right reason — to make a difference. He takes the issues very seriously, but Skip is also a humble man who doesn’t take himself that seriously. I think that speaks volumes about his character.

Carroll Rogé